Player Information

Name: Kaitlyn

Wingrider Waheila

Name: Waheila
Pronunciation: Wa-HIGH-la
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.06.2738
Craft: Harper (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Waheila has long, straight brown hair and an easy, shy smile. With dark brown eyes and a delicate nose, Waheila has slightly high cheek bones, and lips that are often described as 'kissable'.

That she takes good care of her body is clear - she's small built, but not without muscle. Though, at first glance she looks...frail, almost fragile. And in truth, her behavior does nothing to discourage this belief.

Her skin is rather pale, mostly because the only chance she ever got to exercise was during the night, when her mother was asleep...meaning that, beyond gathering food and, rarely, shopping, she very rarely got the chance to go out and explore.


Waheila (Or Ila, has her mother often called her) is, in truth, an almost painfully shy girl. She truly has no idea how to interact with people. After all, how can one interact with those they've never had to be around before? Never the less, she's kind, once she gets over those stuttering first few moments. It's just a matter of getting her past those first few moments. Or meetings.

In truth, people tend to scare her a little. Yet, even as they scare her, she's...envious. She wants to be like those people, those people who are open with their feelings, open with who and what they are. Those who can actually socialize without blushing like a moron or stuttering their speech.

It's easy to say that she has no mind of her own, because she doesn't speak out - but she is intelligent. With no craft, all she had to do was read whatever was available to her, one of the few luxuries she was permitted, things that required her to think, and she was blessed with an understanding and accepting Harper as her teacher. And it was because of him that she does have a bit of a stubborn streak, though it isn't something she often shows, much like her temper often lies hidden deep under the surface.

She hates to be trapped inside, or in small areas, but often sees no choice in the matter, despite the rising panic that often overtakes her in these situations.


Ila was raised on the Southern continent. Not that you can tell, with her delicate and pale skin. Her father died when she was very small, killed by a murderer who had been in the area, and something just...snapped in her mother. She became suddenly overprotective, overbearing, and...well, crazy is a good word for it. She didn't want to lose her daughter like she lost her husband!

After that, Ila wasn't allowed outside except for small amounts of time (and when she snuck out at night), and even then, always with her mother, and only long enough to find what they needed, and get back to where they were staying. People often took pity on the two, and allowed them to continue with the fact that they didn't help around the Hold at all. After all, they had plenty of help, and the poor woman...she wasn't quite right in the head, and she needed Ila to help her out.

The few times they tried to get Ila to help around the Hold sent the young girl into a panic, first making it to where she wouldn't speak and could hardly even work while around people...and then they put her in a store room to organize it, and shut the door behind her. After that, Ila was a complete mess - screaming and crying anytime anyone got her near such closed spaces. The walls were closing in on her! She couldn't breath in those...why did no one understand??? Didn't they feel the walls closing in?

They allowed Ila to continue to just help with her mother after that little incident, not wanting to risk something like that happening again. If the Lord Holder asked, Ila and her mother pulled their weight around the area, while in truth it was just the older women doing their share of the work as well.

Ila would often go out and exercise during the night, while her mother was asleep, in order to make sure she stayed trim looking. As she got older, her mother became more temperamental, never leaving their room. It was up to Ila to get everything they needed, but by this time "go out, grab things, get back in" was so harshly ingrained in her system, she didn't think to do differently.

It was after a particularly nasty case with her mother screaming at her that Ila went out to gather what they would need for the night that she saw it, something she had never actually seen before, only heard described by her Harper teacher, Lyotan. A dragon...a real dragon....A really real dragon. A really big dragon too (at least to her eyes). Looking right at her...Already angry with her mother, when they offered her the Search token, she accepted without a second thought.

Green Gwynsith

Name: Gwynsith
Color: Green
Size: 23.5
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Gwynsith is, by first appearance, a rather unremarkable looking green. It's not that she isn't pretty - she is, as a matter of fact, but the near-uniform hue of her hide just happens to fall almost exactly in the middle of the spectrum for her color, and that isn't particularly conducive to standing out. Her hide tends neither towards chartreuse nor teal, instead remaining staunchly *green* and nothing else, and while it is pleasantly bright and rich, it isn't particularly eye-catching. Her build, as well, will be pretty but ultimately unremarkable, slender enough to be feminine but with broad wings and powerful haunches that will lend her an impressive spring and tempers her slight slimness to lend her average stamina for a green of her size. She will grow to a final size of twenty-three and a half feet, comfortably below average but enjoying the maneuverability that comes with that mild diminutiveness. But there is one more thing about the way that this green looks, and it will be the only factor which *will* make her stand out as unique, a subtle but noticeable effects that lends her a rather unique bit of charm - this green has freckles. Small specks of dark forest green are sprinkled liberally but distinctly across her muzzle, cheeks, and the bridge of her nose, and are the one thing that will make her impossible to mistake for any other green.


Gwynsith isn't your typical green - far from flighty or distractedly emotional, this is a dragon both level-headed and spunky, reasonable and boldly girlish in a way that's just about as far from 'damsel in distress' as it's possible to get, yet still rather pleasantly feminine in her mannerisms both physical and behavioral. She knows she's female, and clearly enjoys that fact - she doesn't want to be 'one of the boys', but she IS certainly going to play with them, and keep right up. Gutsy and assertive, she has a natural streak of bravery and will be especially hard to intimidate or frighten, secure in her own sense of self-worth and too sensible to be easily startled. In large part because of these traits, she won't ever let her color get her down, and while she holds a reasonable respect for metallics for the respective functions that they serve, she sure as heck isn't going to be handing out any 'sir's and 'ma'am's unless it's a rank that the other dragon *earned*. She's more intelligent than average for her color, an effect mostly due to the fact that even when she's feeling emotional, those emotions almost never impede the deftly methodical function of her rather sensible thought process. Well-grounded and down-to-earth, she is a good source of advice, even though in her straightforward approach to life she does occasionally stick her nose where it's not wanted or needed in her efforts to fix a problem that she's observed. Dependable and empathetic in her own rather sensible way, she will be a loyal friend to all who earn her affections, and will always be willing to help when approached for assistance by siblings or wingmates. She understands her role as a fighting dragon, and is determined not only to enjoy her life but also do to her job capably and well.

But Gwynsith is indeed a feisty little thing, and anyone who ever thought that the word 'feisty' described a cute or appealing personality trait will likely revise their assessment after meeting this particular green. Despite her usual level-headedness and gutsy sense of empathy, Gwynsith has a temper on her, one that can spark to life quick and fast and surprisingly unforgiving. Ironically enough, it's usually out of good intentions that she actually gets frustrated enough to snap at whoever she is speaking with, but if there is one thing that Gwynsith is *not*, it is patient with people who she thinks are doing something wrong, or whose approach to problems she cannot understand. Gwynsith prefers to hash things out directly whenever there is even the slightest conflict, never one to bury her feelings but always ready and willing - perhaps too willing - to let another know if they have offended, bothered, or upset her. And should her frank and occasionally throw-down-the-gauntlet ways result in the matter coming down to a fighting match, Gwynsith will have a surprisingly thick hide and can trade insults with the best of them. To her credit, after she has informed the perpetrator of their crime and had it out with them if necessary, she never holds a grudge unless the matter was truly one of monumental importance. But this approach to conflict will make it almost impossible for the green to understand when another doesn't simply want to approach things her way, and she will get almost as frustrated at someone being cowed by her boldness as she will when someone tries to make a flimsy argument for their own point and refuse to admit that they were wrong, or - the unwisest choice of all - tries to argue back. It is only in the heat of a full-scale argument or passionate disapproval that Gwynsith will be capable of this, but her insults and her anger can be truly wounding, and she isn't afraid to hurt someone who genuinely deserves it and needs the lesson learned. Additionally, Gwynsith tends to be a bit passionate about some of her opinions, and it will be hard to change her mind once she's gotten an idea into her head, a stubborn streak rearing its head in her difficultly to admit when she is wrong. But ultimately, she is still a rather sensible creature for all of her quirks of emotionality and perspective, and can always be appealed to on the level of simple common sense.


Name: Jemi
Species: Flit (Bronze)

Jemi is predominantly hued a gleaming copper-bronze, but while that color alone might have made for a very handsome flit, it is strikingly broken by several markings which add a surprising, slightly jarring element to his appearance. It certainly does grab one's attention just how dark are the swatches of deep, shadowy bronze that coat his neck and chest, and the tip of his tail, and that murky hue stands in stark contrast to the paler, gold-washed bronze that smothers his belly and muzzle. But in truth, it isn't his coloring at all that anyone is likely to notice first - it is his build, for this bronze is not only small, but affirmatively scrawny, bony and lean and seemingly simply unable to keep much muscle on his form, all long limbs and gaunt joints. Perhaps this is why he moves as he does - Jemi does not walk, he slinks, something inherently vaguely suspect about his movements whether on the ground on in the air.

What? Oh, you want a *description*, do you? Uhhh well, alright. If you insist, who am I, so humble a sole to deny you do note the sarcasm, this joke really does rely on it.

It is that kind of snide, droll, and almost lazily vicious passive-aggressive attitude that will forever characterize Jemi's psyche and behavior. Jemi is a beta by necessity, but a *bronze* beta - he *wants* to be the alpha, but it is simply that he happens to be intelligent enough to recognize his own shortcomings, things that he will never seem to be able to overcome. He is quite aware of his small size and frail build, and both knows and sullenly resents that his place is destined to always be at the bottom of the hierarchy. What hierarchy, you ask? Why, the metallic hierarchy - there isn't any other one. For Jemi, his chromatic brethren may as well be an entirely different species - well, except when a green is mating, but Jemi always feels a little sullied by chasing them, and win or lose he will make a quick exit from their company with nary an acknowledgement of what may have transpired.

Jemi *wants* social power and influence but he isn't about to get it through good old fashioned hard work. Maybe if he had been especially good tempered, he might find more social acceptance, but this bronze has a chip on both shoulders - and likely a few more balanced on his wings and along his tail. He has been trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of bitter envy and defensive blame for so long that it has become all but who he is, someone who resents the world and the hand dealt to him because even though he IS bronze, even though he IS cared for shardit, it's just not good enough!