Player Information

Name: Kaitlyn

Candidate Mihai

Name: Mihai
Pronunciation: Me-high
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.22.2738
Craft: Harper (Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Mihai has short(ish) blonde hair, the strands just brushing his shoulders. His grey-blue eyes usually have a devil-may-care sort of look, Avril Bitra's own wiseass smile. His features are soft, making him almost baby-faced. Mihai stands at an even 6'0" and is lithely built, more athletic than bulky.

He dresses well, for his social status - nothing so fancy as silks or velvets, but his clothes are well tailored. His movements betray an arrogant, even cocky manner, and he's not one to bow his head to anyone. On the rare occasion he does bow, there's something almost mocking in it, strong enough that it can be picked up on yet faint enough that they can't call him out on it.


Mihai is the kind of guy you love or hate - and often the two emotions switch though out the day. Or even in the midst of a conversation. Bluntly put, he's a brat and a bit of a jerk. While he's more than capable of filtering himself, he rarely does so, preferring to tell people exactly what he thinks of things. Needless to say, he's highly opinionated, and can be fairly easy to offend at times. The way he acts can sometimes give the impression that he thinks he's better than the person he's speaking to, but he doesn't really think he's better than everyone, just most everyone.

He's wild and reckless, not always stopping to think his actions through all the way. Oddly enough, he's quite good at planning, and can have something planned out and gone through with before he even considers the possible repercussions of his actions. It often seems as though the only time he considers the repercussions of his actions is when he's forced to face them - and even then it's used to find a way out of it.

Mihai can be quite the charmer. Usually when he wants something. Especially with women, he knows how to work his good looks and adorable smile. It's rare for him to get any sort of resistance. At least from those who he doesn't know. Most of those who do know him view him either with annoyed or amused exasperation.

He tries to be a good person sometimes - he truly does. He's capable of being calm and sensitive, but it's a side that only those closest to Mihai ever manage to see. For the most part, his good moods are coloured by silly and strange behavior and a rakish smile.


Mihai is the youngest son in a family of traders, and one that was, from the very moment he was born, a pain in everyone's neck. He was noisy, and messy, crying and laughing, and throwing food at his parents and older brother as he got older. His parents expected him to grow out of it, of course.

As if anticipating it, Mihai never did fully grow out of his attitude. Soon enough he was making noise in other ways. Listening to the adults play around the fires, he got it into his head to play as well, and soon enough their nightly music was joined by a cacophony of slamming pots and pans. His parents, weary of their own headaches - and the headaches their second born was giving everyone else - had him taught various instruments, which to their surprise he excelled at - as much as anyone not formally trained can, at least.

Of course, music wasn't the only thing Mihai excelled at. Not all traders are vagabonds, but there are some in every group. While other traders try and squash the belief that they're a bunch of no-good thieves, some are exactly that. Mihai, knowing that they needed to eat sometimes, became exactly that. He turned out to be quite the skilled pickpocket, and later on a genuine thief. It was one of the few times where he was genuinely silent.

So while others of the group peddled items and repaired other items, played music on the street and did "magic" tricks, telling fortunes, Mihai busied himself with both basic entertaining, and simple thievery.

Gathers are always a lucrative time for Mihai, and Eastern's gathers never have disappointed.

Name after Impression: M’hai
Family for Hatching: Father, mother, various brothers & sisters

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Bronze,Brown,Blue


Name: Namir
Species: Flit (Green)

There is a definite physicality about this green, a combination of her [relatively] large size and a certain sense of rough-and-tumble play that infuses the movements of streamlined but rather well-padded build. She isn’t pudgy, exactly, but her joints are well-rounded and she possesses no sharp angles to her face or her form – perhaps she simply looks as though she happens to pounce or roll around quite often with none of the discomfort that might have been felt by a bonier frame. Her coloration is rather lovely and surprisingly feminine; the majority of her hide is soaked in a rich, solid emerald, but a highlight of pale mint green washes up over her face (excluding her headknobs and a strip running from between them to down to her nose), before flowing down over her throat and pooling over the swell of her belly. Her talons are also tipped in this lighter hue, to an almost dainty, demure effect… don’t be fooled.

This green possesses a somewhat fickle quality to her personality, a certain way that she has of casually discarding a current mood or inclination for another one, based apparently upon nothing but her private whims. A social creature most of the time, there is nevertheless a certain straightforwardness about her interaction with others – either she wants to play or be petted, and she wants it now, or she wants to be left alone, and you are going to stop bothering her. Her level of current dignity will also tend to be rather hit-or-miss; one moment she will be preening as proudly and gracefully as a queen dragon, and the next she’ll be rolling around in the dust in battle with a trundlebug (which she’ll later eat, most likely, but she does like to play with her food). One thing that will be a constant is her curiosity – if anything is hoping to hold her attention for any significant period of time, then it had better be damn interesting, because as soon as something more interesting comes into view, she’s gone. That is, except when it comes to her pet, because regarding that relationship there is nothing changeable at all about this green. She is as devoted and loyal as they come, and while she’ll never like being told what to do and will probably consider running messages to be a bit beneath her, she’ll always listen to Mihai in the end. After all, he DOES give the best scritches.