Player Information

Name: Kaitlyn

Candidate Mairin

Name: Mairin
Pronunciation: May-rin
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 08.27.2741
Craft: Tanner (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

At a glance, Mairin is not exactly what one would call intimidating. She's short, having to look up to most of the people she meets, including her own partner, and rather petite in appearance. Based on first impression, most people no doubt think Mairin is little more than a pretty little blonde. The fact that she is somewhat slight in build does not help. First impressions based on appearance alone is wrong in Mairin's case. She takes good care of her body, and has plenty of toned muscle and tends to work out quite a bit. She's a little on the paler side - not overly so, but her skin isn't the sort that easily tans. Her blonde hair is kept a bit on the longer side, generally a bit past her shoulders.

Mairin has a few scars on her body - mostly from working with knives and leather and needles. She doesn't really hide them, but generally doesn't speak on them too much either. Others are just from childhood carelessness. She also tends to have a few bruises on a fairly regular basis. Some are from sparring with her brothers (who ensured she knew how to defend herself), and some are from nightmares and restless nights that lead to her limbs hitting the walls near her bed.

Over all, her dress tends to be simplistic and to the point. She doesn't keep up with trends, and instead of looking at clothes based on whether or not they're useful - whether they'll last, how long they'll last, how well she can move in them. Skirts are, generally, completely out of the question, and you're more likely to see her in boots than heels.

Mairin is light and quick on her feet, due to a mix of her own natural small build, as well as her brothers and even father teaching her how to fight.


Impressions based on how she looks... are definitely off the mark with Mairin. This is not an easy woman to get along with. A lot of women can use their looks or natural charm to their own advantage. But Mairin... well, it seems she skipped that particular life lesson. It's not that she's overly cruel... but she has a strong sarcastic streak, and her humor is dry and often biting. It isn't something that tends to endear her to people. The fact that this humor is, at times, directed at others, is not really something that tends to help.

She's naturally introverted, a little cold and aloof. She isn't one to show her emotions. It's not that Mairin is shy, persay. She isn't. She just tends to listen more than she speaks.

There is a playful side to Mairin. But good luck ever seeing it. It takes a lot of work to get close to Mairin, and a lot to get her comfortable enough to let you see it. Even then, it's something dry and a little bit biting and sarcastic. She isn't really one to try and be playful or funny. Sometimes it happens, other times not so much - either way she shrugs it off.

This isn't exactly the most trusting woman, either. She'll constantly question the motives of others - she's been burned, and seen others burned, too many times to trust people. It causes her to constantly hold them at arms length, and the second she learns something that shakes her trust, she drops them... Or attempts to.

See, she is loyal. And for all that she claims to dislike people, it's fairly clear that while she may not like dealing with them, she still cares about them - otherwise she picked some rather odd professions. You'd never guess it looking at her - particularly with children (she's always awkward around them) - but there's a fierce, almost maternal, protective instinct about her. You do NOT mess with the people she cares about. Or she will destroy you. Needless to say, there's a temper there. She tries to keep it out of her dealings, but it can manifest in a bit of a heartless streak.

Somewhere hidden underneath all that cold, aloof calm, is an incredibly passionate woman. She's someone who knows what she wants and is incredibly driven - expect sleepless nights from Mairin and a stubborn refusal to give up.


This is a woman with a lot of familial history. Growing up in High Reaches Weyr, she's the daughter of a dragon rider who was the son of dragonriders who were the children of dragonriders... and it just seems to go on and on like that. Most of her family ended up dragonriders. Those who weren't usually (not always, but usually) ended up guards or smiths, or tanners.

Mairin grew up hearing grand tales of Dragonriders... often members of her own family. They were never anything too much less than the truth, never anything too prettied up - her family were warriors, after all, not harpers. But Mairin was still enraptured. She wanted to be like those people. Be a hero.

Through her childhood, she had one truly close friend - even then she wasn't exactly sociable - a young boy. The son of simple people - one a cook the other a drudge - he was relentless when it came to befriending her, and Mairin eventually relented.

It surprised no one when they started dating. By that time, she was a Candidate and he was helping out around the weyr while she also apprenticed to the Guards. Her brothers had taught her to fight a little, and she caught on quickly, despite her boyfriend's disapproval. He had refused a search, had tried to convince Mairin to stop standing.

Eventually, however, the pair of them split - another fight. Another disagreement. Before they could make up, the High Reaches candidate program had asked Mairin if she was willing to transfer to Eastern. She had already been Standing a number of years, and while she hated leaving her family, she also knew that as a Candidate, she technically did not have any loyalties to any weyr. If her lifemate was at Eastern, who was she to deny it?

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Gold


Name: Backup
Species: Canine

Backup is... definitely not a small dog. He's 27 inches at the shoulder, but it's not the height that's impressive on this dog. He's just simply built. Heavy boned and heavy muscled, he weighs a good 127 pounds, which makes him particularly good to have on your side.

Especially because Mairin has gone to quite a bit of trouble training him. Backup is well behaved, if spoiled by his owner. Not only does he know basic obedience commands, but she's gone a few steps further - he isn't named Backup for no reason. He's a guard dog through and through. He'll never attack outside of a command, or obvious danger to his owner, and is quite good at intimidation tactics. Particularly because Backup has also been trained to not genuinely hurt anyone. He might rip clothes, his barks and snarls and growls may be terrifying... but this dog will never break skin. He's smart, and knows exactly how to work the terrifying angle without actually hurting anyone.

When it comes to Mairin... well, she might not give him what she deems "people food" but she does spoil him - it won't be uncommon to see him go everywhere with her and if she thinks for half a second she can sneak him into the candidate barracks, you had better bet that he'll be sleeping on her feet.