Player Information

Name: Kaitlyn

Wingrider Kara

Name: Kara
Pronunciation: Kah-ra
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 01.16.2740
Craft: Smithcraft (Sr. Apprentice) - Jewelcraft
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Kara is a fairly tall woman at her age, standing at a more than fair 5' 9.5". She has a slender body that can be considered hit or miss - some like that she doesn't have too much meat on her bones, while others would prefer to see her gain a little more weight. Her chest is quite small, and her hips continue the trend of slenderness, being small, and she doesn't have much of an ass either. She has dark brown hair with even darker eyes, and often has a bright smile on her face. Her skin is tanned naturally, as she was born and raised in the southern continent, and her family has in fact been there for a few generations.

Despite being raised in the heat of the South, she keeps her hair long - down to around mid-back. Because of this she often has to wash her hair every day, or else it takes on a greasy appearance from sweat and dirt.

There are scars along her hips and on the back of her neck from childhood, when she was attacked by a feline.


Kara is a veritable bubble of happiness. Sometimes. She tends to be of good cheer, loving to have a good time and not having to worry over things. She does, however, have a temper. And a frighteningly explosive one at that.

Her temper tends to be on a slow simmer, however, so it can take a bit of poking to get to her. But when it boils over, it can be all the scarier, despite the slow buildup. She absolutely rages, though it's incredibly rare for her to get violent. Instead she'll pace and yell and rant. Usually to her friends. She dislikes public displays of temper, and does her best to keep a lid on it.

Beyond that, she's quite friendly towards those she knows and those she doesn't. She enjoys being around people, and personally feels that if you aren't enjoying life, you're doing it wrong. This has caused her to get into trouble from time to time as she might not think things through, but she never really means to do anything to upset people.

Seeing her down in the dumps is a bit rare - Kara's the kind of girl that prefers to keep negative emotions under lock and key, for exploring at later times, and it often seems there isn't an insecure bone in her body. However, after a few years of being left standing on the sands, she has begun to doubt her ability to Impress. Her real insecurity, however, are in her scars. She's incredibly sensitive about them and tends to pull away when they are noticed.

After three years in Southern Weyr, she has adjusted well to weyrlife, however has not yet developed the confidence required to flight moth, still more than a little uncertain about that.


Kara was born the third child to a couple in a minor hold - more like a trading and hunting outpost, really. It was dangerous, but her parents loved it. Her father was a leather crafter, while her mother was a jewelcrafter, both of her parents capable of creating things of great beauty. Her father also often took part in hunts, enjoying gathering his own materials, rather than depending on others to bring them to him.

For the most part, Kara was a happy, playful girl and lived in a good household. She was mischievous, of course, and often ran off with her friends without a word to her parents, going searching for firelizard nests.

It was one time when she was going searching on her own, without any of her usual partners in crime, that she wandered too far. By the time she realized she was heading right towards a wild feline it was too late. She turned, trying to run and kicked the beasts prey drive on. She found herself tackled to the ground, screaming in fear and in pain while sharp, strong back claws dug into her hip, tearing deep gouges into the skin. Meanwhile, its teeth were starting to dig into the back of her neck as it sought a fast kill.

Kara was lucky. Her screams were heard by a nearby hunting party, and the feline was killed before it could kill her. She was trapped in her bed for some time afterward as healers and her parents fussed over her.

She was fairly strong and adaptive however, even then. It took her some time, but she bounced back from the attack. However, to this day she will not go into woods by herself without some sort of weapon. Preferably shot by someone else who is with her.

When she was old enough, she apprenticed to jewelcrafters like her mother. By the age of 15 she had been searched by Southern Weyr.

Now a senior apprentice and faced with three years of failure on the Southern sands, she has opted for a change of pace, and transferred to Eastern shortly before the goldflight to determine Weyrwoman. She has left a number of friends behind, but she feels it is a small price to pay if she does indeed Impress at Eastern.

Blue Wobenth

Name: Wobenth
Color: Blue
Size: 30
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Wobenth is a dragon who’d be easy to overlook until and unless he opened his wings… and at that point you might need to be reminded that it’s not nice to stare. While the majority of him is hued an even slate blue that’s almost wholly unremarkable, the underside of Wobenth’s wingsails is ANYTHING but ordinary. His wingsails, including internal wingbones, are covered in a thick pattern of vivid, cartoonish flowers, explosions of neon, navy, and ice blue easily tricking the eye into forming patterns of leaves and tropical blooms. When you get around to noticing anything else about his physical appearance, the rest is nowhere near as remarkable as his markings – he is a well-proportioned and semi-muscular blue, who will grow to a slightly larger-than-average size of 30 feet exactly.


A laid-back and generally light-hearted sort, Wobenth is a dragon who will quickly become known for both his relaxed and affable nature, and his characteristically dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Friendly unless given a good reason not to be, this blue is quite willing to strike up a conversation with just about anyone who seems to be willing, though the chances are excellent that any interaction with Wobenth won’t be exactly… normal. He has a distinctly playful side that will be hard to escape – voluntarily childish when there’s no work to be done, Wobenth possesses a boldly vivid imagination, a quick and waggish wit, and a deadpan sarcastic streak at least a dragonlength wide. Furthermore, almost nothing will be able to keep Wobenth from cracking jokes or making deliberately absurd comments – as long as he’s amusing himself, getting a laugh out of others just counts as bright and shiny bonus points.

One to shy away from dramatics unless they’re of the theatrical sort, Wobenth likes life best when the atmosphere around him is as casual and jovial as he himself usually is, and he’ll use his dry sense of humor to promote that kind of environment if he can. Often attempting to disperse growing tension or anger in a situation with a joke or a quip, this blue is quick to encourage others to calm down and be reasonable as soon as things seem to be getting out of line. Possessing a rather ineffective temper himself, he is cautious around those with more blaring senses of rage – though this instinct may not be necessary born out of fear, but rather out of a practical discomfort with the idea that someone in an irrational emotional state might have to make an important decision. This is one reason for his attempts to keep everyone calm and agreeable; Wobenth doesn’t want to be a leader, but he recognizes that things go more smoothly when everyone has a cool head, and he prefers things to go smoothly. In terms of his own reasoning, Wobenth doesn’t muddy his thought process down with too many layers – he sees things directly, objectively, and pragmatically, forming solutions that are often quick, cautious, and sensible, though he may occasionally have overlooked the more subtle aspects of a situation. That being said, he isn’t particularly defensive about his own mistakes, preferring to get things fixed and good to go again rather than waste time being sullen. He’ll sulk a little *later*. Just a little. Don’t tell anyone.

No stranger to fear and possessing a very healthy instinct for self-preservation, Wobenth tends to revert to his droll sense of humor in an attempt to keep his own nerves calm, and this will work out well for him – he’ll be a precise and effective flyer, even if he isn’t exactly thrilled to be there. He’ll do his duty and he won’t shirk it, but you can be sure that when Wobenth is in Threadfall, he’s really wishing he was anywhere else. Well, if he weren’t so busy not dying, and all. You know how it is. Uncomfortable with the darker realities of life in general, including Threadfall, Wobenth will often try to dodge discussion of these subjects – his dragon’s memory lets him forget the horrors of Thread, and he’s glad to. When he *isn’t* in Threadfall, however, this blue will be a dragon in love with the sky. While he enjoys lounging and long naps in the sun as much as any of his kind, Wobenth is ultimately happiest in the air, finding a sense of freedom, comfort, and thrill in the act of flight. More than anything, he will love flying at night – from a young age he will develop a fascination with the stars, and very privately harbors a romantic notion about wanting to soar as close to them as possible. High above Eastern, soaring through the vast, open shadow of the night sky, beneath a canopy of glittering stars… well, really, what else could a guy want?

Well, maybe a green. Wobenth isn’t exactly a “ladies’ blue,” – not much of a flirt in general, when a green *does* catch his eye this blue will be stubbornly hard to dissuade, doing everything he can to win over the object of his affection. Tending to fall for assertive greens, Wobenth usually tends to get a little chattier than usual when being around such a one pricks his sense of nerves, but he will be loyal and devoted once he selects a mate. Unfortunately for him, he will also expect the same from her, and will respond with much more jealousy than usual to a lost mating flight, interpreting the loss as a personal rejection or betrayal. Good thing for that ineffective temper…