Player Information

Name: Kaitlyn

Wingrider Anwen

Name: Anwen
Pronunciation: Ann-when
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 05.07.2739
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

The first thing truly noticeable about Anwen is her height - while she isn't exactly the tallest thing around, she does stand at a fair 5'9", which means she has spent most of her life taller than most of the other women she knew, even managing to grow a good four inches taller than her mother. She has deep brown hair that she lets hang around her collar bone, with dark brown eyes to match, and a friendly, bright smile.

Despite her height, she tends to be slightly slender, without being overly so. There are muscles visible, built over the years of Standing as a candidate, then over time as a weyrling, and now as a rider.


The first thing most people want to say on first meeting Anwen is that she's the stereotypical greenrider...but as you get to know her, she quickly reveals that isn't so at all. Never the less, Anwen is, very much so, a creature of pure and unadulterated emotion. Of course, this means that she's well known for acting on her emotions, as well as wearing them on her sleeve, so to speak.

This has shown itself to be both a good and bad thing - it means that because she's open, she makes friends quite easily...but on the other hand, because she's open, she's more prone to being hurt, even used, by others. Her temper tends to be extreme when she is truly riled, and, being a bit of a tomboy even now, she isn't exactly afraid to get into a fight.

Despite her openness with people, there are only a few whom she would call good, close friends, and those she protects with a fierceness to rival her temper, or her dragon's protective streak. She would do anything for those friends she holds dear, often showing a stubborn (often foolishly so) loyal streak.


Anwen was born in Ista Holding, to Wendi, a healer, and Andin, a harper. The middle child, she holds no resentment for it, despite her brother's occasionally cruel taunts and teases. After all, when he did that, she could just punch him, which would start an actual brawl between the two...and usually end with Anwen winning. Of course, she also protected her younger sister. But, despite the bruises and scrapes from their fights, she was always quite close with her siblings.

Once she reached the age of twelve, she had to decide between following in her mothers footsteps, and becoming a healer, or her fathers, and becoming a harper. Of course, at that age she had no doubt that she would do one or the other. Either that or she'd be swept away by a Search rider, to find a lifemate and one day fight thread. Unfortunately for Anwen, the searchriders didn't come - or, when they did, she was usually away.

More prone to giving bruises than fixing them, at least in the case of her brother, and holding a strong dislike for infirmaries, to Anwen the choice was pretty clear - harpering. She held an immediate fondness for the actual musical part, her strongest subject being vocals and violin.

It wasn't until she was fourteen turns old that her life were truly to make a large turn. She was at the gather with some friends, when a dragonrider approached her, first asking her for a dance...and then later informing her that his blue wanted her to go with them, to the Weyr, to stand for the recently-laid Clutch.

Overjoyed, Anwen, of course, accepted the Search, and only a few days later was taken to Ista Weyr. She didn't Impress during that clutch...or any other, for that matter. When she was nearing her seventeenth birthingday, however, she transfered to Southern, where she met Eiri and Harrett, becoming quick friends with the latter, and clashing quite often with the former.

Never the less, they all Impressed in the same clutch, Ei'ri getting his bronze, Har'ret a brown, both of whom she adores, and Anwen herself Impressing to a green. For Anwen, Weyrlinghood passed with little excitement (Well, except for the time that she and Ei'ri had apparently caused an Assistant Weyrlingmaster to step down from his, she still isn't quite sure of, to this very day.)

While Ei'ri and Har'ret transfered to Eastern, she was a bit slower to follow, having a dear friend there that she didn't want to abandon, yet torn by the urge to follow her other friends. But as the first threadfall fell over Southern, it became a moot point. The friend she had remained for died in his first fall. She finally requested a transfer to Eastern, a request that was thankfully granted.

Green Basteth

Name: Basteth
Color: Green
Size: 25.25
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Ista
Age: 5

A green that glows with pride in her colour, Basteth is elegantly built with a lithe frame and bold green hues. Her hide is a deep iridescent green, with yellowing green markings that accentuate her shape down the length of her body and reflect brightly in sunlight. Her face is slightly angular and she can twitch her head knobs slightly as an extension of her facial expressions, which makes it easier than most dragons to discern her mood once you understand how to read her. Her supple form indicates an agility that is better than an average green and now grown, she has the strength to match, making her able to turn on a pin point or push hard to catch a Thread.


Basteth is a happy dragon who is gentle and sensitive to her friends and rider. She is easy to get along with and likely to be a good friend to everyone. She seems almost docile at times, and her rider will be able to make her do anything if it pleases them. She is generous and loves to give what she can to others. This will be obvious through her flights as she will tend to pick a different catcher every time, and often one that is disadvantaged or seems honest enough for her to want him to succeed. She is likely to rise early and as often as she can as though the urge to procreate is strong in her. Her urges may be in vain, but each dragon who catches her will see a tender side to her character.

This green possesses a graceful stealth and a gentle charm, but don't be fooled. Any rider or dragon who gets on the wrong side of her will be in for a temper they would not have believed. She is strongly protective of those she loves and anything that threatens that will ignite her anger quickly. Aggressive and furious if threatened in any way, she will stand strong in the face of adversity. In her fight against Thread she will be devoted more than her rider might expect and offer an aggressive stance to the fight, but her stamina will let her down and force her to retire earlier than she would prefer.


Name: Wark
Species: Flit (Green)

This color of this green's hide is almost irritatingly perky, a bright, leafy shade that seems to have a slightly yellow cast. Her muzzle and the tips of her wings and tail are the only spots that vary from that bright hue, offering some peace as they darken to a cooler shade of green. There is an oddness about the way her spines, eye ridges, and headknobs are formed - they way they lie against the rest of her form is oddly swept back, making them appear almost feathery. And there is something else birdlike in the way she moves, with little inquisitive twitches rather than smooth or graceful movements. The impression is likely to only be reinforced when she opens her mouth, for the sounds that come out are almost never croons, but interesting variations of squawks, including an odd, throaty one which sounds suspiciously like, "Wark."

Innocence, energy, and an almost troublesome curiosity characterize this green. She will forever be poking her nose precisely where she doesn't belong, just wanting to see what's going on. After all, there could be the most interesting thing in the world inside of that shoe lying over there. She really should go check. It isn't that she doesn't *try* to sit still and be good when told. She really does, and will be surprisingly easy to train, learning things by conditioning and repetition and being rather proud of herself when she has. But unless she's being constantly stimulated - which, luckily for her owner can usually be done just by a simple petting - her attention span will flick to whatever catches her eye. Her memory will also never be the best, relying instead on instinct. The one thing that will stick in her memory, however, is fear, and she can be rather skittish. Loud noises or anything that seems violent will have her fleeing in a hurry, and she'll be distrustful of the source from then on. But when she decides she needs to get away good luck trying to catch her! She is fast as an arrow on the wing, destined to frustrate many a male in her mating flights.