Player Information

Name: Jena

Candidate Talana

Name: Talana
Pronunciation: Tah-lah-nah
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.07.2740
Craft: Smithcraft (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Talana is 5'5" and about 125lbs. She has stormy blue eyes surrounded by thick black lashes and black medium-length hair that reaches her shoulder blades. She is slender but lightly muscled from working all those years in the Smithcrafthall. She has light intermediate skin. Her nose is a nice size for her face. Her ears are pierced, though she rarely wears earrings. Though she is short, she is well in proportion, none of her limbs too long or too short. Her hands are calloused from working with metals for years. Her lips are thin and her jaw line and chin are more rounded and not very prominent. She wears comfortable, flexible clothing as fits the craft hall, and her style is unlikely to change in the Weyr. She rarely wears dresses, she finds skirts inconvenient, and she only wears dresses on those occasions that require such, like banquets or gathers.


Talana is a bold person. She is rather blunt about things, as a result some people are turned off to her. She sometimes has a hard time with people as she only likes a hand full of people. She has a tendency to be over logical and to rationalize things. She openly dislikes people for a lack of common sense and this also tends to make people dislike her. She is a good person at heart and means well, though she can be harsh and mean. She is close to the people she likes and though there are a large amount of people who dislike her quirks she has a fair amount of friends. She has the potential to be very nice but she can be entirely to honest to seem nice. Though sometimes she wonders if it would be better if she weren’t as honest, she prefers to tell the truth rather than lie. So she lets the hostility of those who don’t like her roll over her shoulder. She tends to be an introvert but those close to her know how to bring out the best in her.


Born the first child of two to Gobán and Ainnir, into the Smithcrafthall, Talana had a fairly good life. She had a happy childhood and rarely wanted for much. Her father, Gobán, now a Master mason in the Smithcrafthall, was in an accident, as a Senior Journeyman, when she was young. While bricklaying, Talana's father, Gobán(Gub awn), fell when the plywood of the scaffolding he was standing on gave way. He survived that fall but landed on his left side and broke his left shoulder and arm because of how he landed. When he hit the ground the left side of his face smashed into a pile of debris, severely injuring his face and left eye. The injury left scarring on his face and her lost sight in his left eye, he also still has pain in his arm. Talana's mother, Ainnir (An nyeer), had her hands full with Talana's young brother and her injured husband. Ainnir is a Senior Journeywoman metalsmith. Talana started her apprenticeship as a metal smith as soon as she was old enough and she is now a Senior Apprentice. She was in a minor accident when she was 14 and still has a scar from her shoulder to her collar bone. While she was supposed to be working the bellows in the forges, Talana slipped away from her work to watch smiths working metal. She slipped closer to get a better look. Not paying attention she stepped far too close and was caught by the back swing of one of the workers hammers. The resulting injury left a scar along her shoulder to her collar bone. She immediately saw the stupidity of her actions and refrained from ever leaving her work before she was finish and remembered to always keep a safe distance between herself and a worker. She was nearly a Journeywoman when she was searched. She’d always thought it would be wonderful to impress a dragon but had been quite happy with her life. She is now ready to stand on the Hatching Grounds and hopes to impress a dragon.

Family for Hatching: father (Gobán), mother (Ainnir), brother (Ailill)

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Gold,Green


Name: Fina
Species: Flit (Green)

She is the bright green of clovers. She is long and sleek and of average size for a green firelizard. She is a well behaved firelizard, calm though she can be energetic at times. She tends to stick close to Talana but does on occasion wonder off for short periods of time, though never for too long.