Player Information

Name: Jena

Weyrling Shifra

Name: Shifra
Pronunciation: SHEE-fra
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 01.10.2745
Craft: Farmcraft (Apprentice)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

At 100 lbs and 5’, Shifra is a small girl. Though she is thin, she isn’t scrawny and more often than not she is looking up at those around her. Because of this she sincerely hopes that the next few years will give her at least a few more inches. She is a pretty little girl but in a plain manner. Her hair in a plain brown and it’s a little wavy and reaches her shoulder blades. She has bright blue eyes but they are nothing special and between those eyes is a nose. It’s a nice nose but really it's just a nose; a plain, straight nose that is rounded at the end. Her eyebrows are plain and normal, more straight than curved. Her lips are thin and pink and often spread in a nice enough smile that reveals straight teeth. All these features that are rather plain when looked at alone do, in fact, combine in a rather pleasing manner. So she may not be beautiful but Shifra is pretty.

She may be 15 already but Shifra has not been blessed when it comes to womanly curves; another factor than she hopes will change at least a little in the coming years. Her breasts are not big and her hips are not wide and because of this her figure is more reminiscent of a board than an hourglass. This is, however, something that she has accepted and if she doesn’t grow in any way before she becomes an adult, she will not be crushed.

For a southern girl, Shifra is actually quite pale and she doesn’t tan, not really; she burns, red as a lobster. And to add insult to injury after the burn goes away, she doesn’t remain tan. So in the sunnier months the light clothing that she wears usually serves to protect her skin as best she can from the sun and is far more function than form. She wears clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in. She doesn’t wear pretty clothing, she wears clothes that are much more suited for being outside and getting dirty in. Lately though, she has been able to get the slightest bit of a tan, though barely noticeable to anyone who doesn’t know her she is still very excited about this especially since she is also finding that she doesn’t burn as bad.


Shifra is not usually a quiet girl as one might expect a girl from a small cothold to be. Perhaps she is overcompensating for her small stature but she has quite the big personality. In fact, sometimes she is so loud that it borders on obnoxious but usually she is only loud around close friends so they tend to not mind as much. Sometimes she doesn’t have to be loud though, she talks enough to be a bit obnoxious at times. She is more than willing to walk up to a complete stranger to talk their ear off.

She is happy more often than not but when she is angry she sulks or yells. She tends to overreact and be a little oversensitive, even when it is someone close to her who is merely teasing. She knows that she overreacts and because of this she also has a tendency to heap the blame onto herself, even if she isn’t truly deserving of blame. She got upset because her emotions are volatile not because someone else upset her. That other person didn’t deserve her outburst, she was just overreacting.

She is for the most part extremely cheerful, confident, and social but when she gets to the point of upset where she blames herself, she sets herself on a very self-destructive path. She can’t stop thinking why everything that she has just done or is doing is wrong.

Shifra also has a tendency to be extremely gullible. She will believe next to anything that someone says to her until she finds information that says otherwise. This often is a result of her naivety because if she doesn’t know much about something she will believe what she is told regarding the subject.

Shifra is entirely too nice and trusting of those she considers friends. Someone whom she trusts may stab her in the back and while she will be angry for a short amount of time, ultimately she will forgive them and give them multiple ‘second chances.’ This said, after a few chances she will come to her senses as long as someone else points out that she shouldn’t continue to be friends with such a person.

Having grown until in a small cothold, where she was fairly sheltered, she can be a bit naive at times. This is a part of her that she is rather sensitive about. If her naivety is pointed out she will likely become angry. She is trying to become less naďve but it is very much a part of who she is and with her gullibility and trusting attitude she will most likely never get rid of this part of herself.

When she is alone or around family, Soifra is usually far more quiet and calm than when she is with friends or those she doesn’t know. However, if they are doing something active or fun, she is just as loud around family. She does have the ability to be quieter around friends but unless the situation calls for seriousness she doesn’t bother with it.

Shifra can also sometimes be a bit reckless. She never really looks for the danger in a situation and can therefore back herself into some pretty tight corners. She is very headstrong and thinks that she can handle just about anything. She doesn’t see the reason to be scared until that reason smacks her in the face.

For all her flaws, Shifra is exceedingly kind and caring. She is a very sweet girl and she very easily makes friends when she is in the right mind to do so. She is a very likeable person and she will be friends with anyone, which can sometimes lead to some of her trust issues if she falls in with the wrong crowd or befriends the wrong person.

Shifra adores dragons and absolutely loves being able to be in the Weyr. She is very humble and level headed about being able to live with dragons and dragon riders and simply cherishes every moment she gets to spend with a dragon. She would be thrilled to impress her own dragon but she would be happy if she just got to be around dragons for now.

Trait snapshot: loud, talkative, gullible, oversensitive, over-trusting, reckless, kind, caring, sweet


Shifra was born the second and last child of two minor cotholders. Her parents had set up near East Bay Hold. Her birth had been difficult for her mother. However, had her mother still been able to bear children after Shifra was born, she probably would have had at least a few more siblings. However, as it is, Shifra’s mother was unable to conceive after she birthed Shifra. The healers always thought it was due in part to the difficulties faced when Shifra was birthed. Her father and mother always held she and her elder brother dear and her family was always very affectionate. She grew up happy and healthy.

Her mother made sure she knew how to read and write but it was her brother her taught her the most about figuring numbers. She always adored her older brother and followed him everywhere that she could; he didn’t seem to mind. As soon as she was old enough, she was out with her father and brother tending to fields and crops though this shouldn‘t have been the role that she learned to play. She very much enjoyed being outdoors, despite being prone to looking like a lobster after a day in the sun, with her father and brother working the earth. Early on her mother had tried to keep her indoors and teach her how to run the hold and attract a husband but Shifra resisted and eventually got what she wanted. She was a hard worker and her parent decided that it was best if she was happy, everything would work out in the end.

When her fifteenth birthday approached, her parents then decided that she needed to focus more on the proper feminine role of being a wife and running the household. Never being a truly girly person, Shifra hated this and the few months she spent working toward this goal were torture. However, the day that the search dragon arrived came. Having always loved dragons but never really being able to see one up close, she was the first to greet the rider and dragon. It was just her luck that the dragon thought that she would be perfect to stand for the next clutch. If she had stayed she most likely would have been married by now but with or without the prospect of marriage she was ecstatic to be able to go to the Weyr.

Green Norapath

Name: Norapath
Color: Green
Size: 19.6
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 0

Norapath is a darling, from the moment that she first breaks shell. With a hide the bright, healthy shade of freshly-watered spring grass and a slender, delicate build that will grow to an average length of twenty-four-and-a-half feet, she might at first be mistaken for just another pretty green - but that would be only if you couldn’t see her face. A strangely beautiful illumination seems caught within her hide itself, a pale, lush glow that centers on her muzzle and casts its rays up towards her eyeridges. It seems almost as if she is always gazing into some wondrous light source... how odd, the contrast of the murky gloom mottles her wingsails. And yet there is some strange beauty to that pattern too - like the watery flow of moonlight over a cascade of dark silk. Blessed with a natural sense of grace and wide-eyed wonder with the world, Norapath is a dragon who simply likes to move, and when the time comes for her to learn to fly, she will delight in having so much more space to explore.


Norapath is a genuine sweetheart of a dragon - while some greens may play up their dainty femininity, put on a friendlier front, or cover up their ill feelings to be well-liked, with this girl it’s all genuine. She really *does* want everyone to be friends and be happy all the time, a goal that for her seems so obvious that even she doesn’t question it. Good feelings are good by definition, bad feelings are bad by definition, and you go from there! She can’t really figure out why some dragons want to make it so complicated... as for negative feelings, Norapath’s naturally cheerful demeanor and her tendency to have the biggest holes in her memory conveniently reserved for negative things combine to make that simply not much of an issue. She tends to be more startled and confused than hurt when insulted herself, and more apt to sternly lecture on meanness and lies than to become angry with a bully.

Of course, no dragon is perfect, and it’s lucky that being a sweetheart has a lot of forgiveness in it. Most obviously, Norapath talks WAY too much and has trouble not immediately satiating her curiosity, which is hungry indeed. Questions occur to her all the time, it seems, and she’ll have to learn to silently ask them of her rider if she doesn’t want to get scolded for always disrupting class with her legitimate-but-often-beside-the-point-at-hand inquiries. It could be said by some that Norapath isn’t particularly bright... but those individuals would be cursed with a rather limited view of intelligence. Norapath’s naivety often allows her to see straight to the heart of matters, and while some of her questions may seem to have obvious answers, some are genuinely profound. That being said, those who prefer more cerebral conversations will find themselves likely frustrated with her, whether they want to be or not - because despite this green’s talent for taking nothing for granted and seeing past assumptions, highly abstract concepts just aren’t for her... which doesn’t mean that she doesn’t TRY to understand, of course. She’s quite sure that she can if she could please ask just a few more questions - only ten. Maybe twenty, but that’s not many, is it? Wait, where are you going?