Player Information

Name: Jamie

Wingrider Talira

Name: Talira
Pronunciation: tah-lyr-a
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 11.20.2739
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Talira is tall and graceful. She is 5í11Ē tall. She weighs around 145 with no extra fat on her. Her hair is fire red and almost orange. It comes to her mid back in curls. Her hair is a bother in the heat so she has become good at putting it up off of her neck. She loves her long hair and it reminds her of her mothers long red hair so she has kept it long like her mothers use to be. She has fair skin that burns easy. Her face is full of freckles but moles are rare on her face and she has intense blue eyes. She has eyebrows that curve nicely over her eyes. Her face is angled and sharp. Her nose is small and delicate. Her lips are a nice pink and are always showing her emotions even when she doesnít mean to show them. She has a graceful walk. When she does run she is also graceful. She loves to run and keep her body fit and trim. She loves to spar and sometimes ends up with bruises from sparring with men. She wears dresses and shirts and pants equally. Her preference it dresses are bright or earthy colors and come down to her knees. When she does wear longer dresses it usually at gathers or hatchings. The pants she usually wear are tight and dark since she likes to show off her form. Her shirts can usually be tight or loose depending on what she is doing. She has a thread score on her leg that hit her knee so she sometimes has problems with it that makes her wince in pain in the mornings.


Talira is a strong-minded person and likes to keep her mind sharp. She doesnít like kids but she isnít on teas since the constant betweening takes care of the problem. She can have a mean temper when she gets aggravated or proddy. She does like poetry and will sometimes sit in her weyr and write poems. She loves being active though and spars often and enjoys a person that makes her think through the fight. Talira doesnít like that some women choose to not know how to fight since it can save them from situations they might get into. Talira is a grump when she isnít active and like most riders hate being hurt except for the fact of not moving around. Her love to flirt can be a bit crazy but she can be found in the rider hall flirting with some of the younger riders. Talira loves having a dragon since her green keeps her busy. she and her green enjoy being crazy when they are flying for fun. She likes it when her green takes her threw twists and turns to just have fun.


Talira was born at High Reaches weyr to a pair of riders. She was loved and knew it. She grew up happy not really ever spending a lot of time in the Creche. She was devastated when her mother died from her straps snapping when her green changed directions in a training fall. Her father committed himself to her and her happiness. She was soon old enough to become a candidate and her father was happy that she wanted to try for it. He often worried though that if she impressed she could end up dieing like her mother but he thought the odds of her impressing were small since he had almost not impressed since he was almost to old to impress. He was caught off guard when she impressed at age 15 to a green. She was excited she was following her mother's path and was glad that her father didnít get in her way. She soon graduated from weyrling hood and was sent into a fighting wing, which nearly drove her father to between. She soon found that she wanted to transfer because of it being to cold and she wanted to get away from a troubling lover and her father didnít stand in her way as she betweened to Eastern weyr. She is now living happily in the warmer weather that she likes better then the cold climate that was High Reaches.

Green Farlith

Name: Farlith
Color: Green
Size: 25
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: High Reaches
Age: 7

Farlith is a sleek green that is fit and tone. She is a jade green color that seems to darken as it gets further to her limbs except for her head. She is medium sized about 25 feet. Farlith is fast. She can turn with great speed but she doesnít have a very good stamina.


Farlith is a flirtatious green and loves to cuddle with males as much as she can. She has yet to get a mate that will stay with her and hers but she knows that it is only time before she does. She is very grumpy like her rider when she is hurt. She is a little nuts when it comes to doing air stunts when hers wants to do them and enjoys it. She gets very protective of hers when Talira gets hurt during thread but she does fight with herself and lets Talira out of her site. She really isnít a level headed green and needs Talira to be her counter balance. Farlith is a ditz and sometimes has to be reminded of reality.