Player Information

Name: Jamie

Wingrider Karna

Name: Karna
Pronunciation: Karn sounds like darn-then ah
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 04.03.2741
Craft: Healer
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Karna has dark brown hair that has streaks of lighter colored hair in it. It has giant ringlets that fall just below her shoulders. She really doesn’t like her hair and has started to just tie it up to get it out of her face. Her face is lightly tanned that stays that way no matter how much she is in the sun. Her eyes are a light brown, with nicely arced eyebrows above them that really give her eyes personality. On her right eye brow she has a slice of the hair missing from a scar when she had fallen when she was first learning how to walk and hit her eye brow on a step and it has left a small sliver of hair missing in her eye brow. Her cheek bones are high with nicely sloped cheeks that go into a small chin. Her lips are big, though she really doesn’t like them. Her body is slim and trim. Her waist is small. She has nice legs that arc beautifully into her body. Her legs are long and graceful. She has been working on her running and has found that she isn’t so bad at it. She has strong arms though she hates that the veins are starting to stick out on her hands. Her feet are big for her size and it is hard to wear shoes that are not wide enough or tall enough for her feet.


Karna is average when it comes to talking since she likes to be quiet at times and others where people have trouble shutting her up. She would rather observe first then act. She does have a very strong will and has used it in arguments with others. She isn’t against speaking her mind when it comes to her opinion. She is respectful though. She loves to draw dragons which she has become good at though she will not admit it since she thinks she has no talent for it though she secretly would like to learn more about the craft. She loves to learn about things in general though healing is her main thing. She likes picking up tidbits of information and tell other people about it. She learns from her bad experiences and others’ experiences. She is always trying to be very positive about everything. She likes boys but will not try to throw herself at them to get them to drool over her, but she likes the attention. She loves having her stuff organized and clean. She can often be found cleaning around the infirmary. She likes healing since she likes to help others out. She does not suffer fools lightly, and is not above telling somebody they are being a jerk or an idiot in as many words, to their face. She does how ever hate beyond hate when men get in the way of her craft because of her looks. She has a touch of Claustrophobia when it comes to being surrounded by large crowds. She doesn’t go crazy fast and has been trying to get over but she usually tries to get out of crowded places as soon as she can. She is ok with smaller rooms but it is the crowds that set off her phobia. She is willing to run errands for people. She enjoys working with healers. She doesn’t like crawlers and tries to avoid being near one when she finds one. She sometimes works so hard, and gets into her work, that she becomes unaware of other people that she has been known to jump when someone finally gets her attention. She hates her laugh since she feels like she is cackling which has gotten her some weird looks.


Karna was born at Southern Weyr though she never knew her parents though she always secretly hoped they were riders. She grew up with the other weyrbrats though most of them knew their parents. It bugged her a bit since no one had ever stepped forward and claimed her as theirs. She grew up hiding that she didn’t care that she didn’t know her parents. She was searched one day while she was drawing dragons and decided to enter candidacy, and has stood for a few turns though she has never been picked from the sands by a dragon. Now at 17 she is working in the craft of healing hoping that a dragon would pick her soon. She ended up asking if she could go to Eastern Weyr to help out in the infirmary and see if her life mate was in one of their clutches. So she was allowed and she packed her things and went to Eastern Weyr.

Green Ihirith

Name: Ihirith
Color: Green
Size: 25.5
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

Ihirith is a creature who is certainly pretty, and perhaps even beautiful – and part of that has nothing at all to do with her shape or her hide. There is an inescapable femininity to the way that this green holds herself, something to the tilt to her well-sculpted face, the lift of her chin, the curve of her neck – you could paint her blue and not believably mistake her for male, and it won’t take her long to mature from a playful hatchling clumsiness into an elegant, feline grace of movement. But if part of her charisma is in her bearing, the rest of her physical aspects certainly don’t hurt the situation. Her form is long and slender but powerful, with a broad-shouldered build stretching to twenty-five-and-a-half feet when she’s grown, and she will easily acquire a complimentary layer of sleek, hard muscle tone. Most of her shapely length is stained a dark, lush emerald green, but one noticeable exception is apparent even from quite a distance: her underbelly is ghostly pale and fogged with slightly darker clouds of tea green, stretching from shoulder to haunch and wide over her ribs so that the marking appears nearly circular when viewed from below. Upon closer inspection, this isn’t her only pattern – Ihirith’s headknobs are dipped with a dark, gleaming pine, the same color that sweeps, bands, dots, and criss-crosses over the underside of her wingsails, an inexplicable pattern both intricate and decorative.


At first glance and a lot of the time, Ihirith embodies many of the classic qualities of a green dragon – she is friendly, warm, feminine, flirty, and confident. The type to side-step neatly into the spotlight at first opportunity rather than hog it outright, she enjoys being the center of attention but doesn’t require it to have a good time. That being said, when she DOES either find or appoint herself in charge of a social setting, she makes it her business to ensure everyone’s having fun, striving to be attentive and personable to all. This outgoing, extroverted warmth of her demeanor might make it surprising to some that the roots of Ihirith's social motivations actually tend to be rather practical: she wants to be around others, and so her goal of being liked is almost a matter of convenience - if others like her, then they'll want to be around her too, and that's obviously the best solution for everyone, right? Her approach to others is similarly rather sensible beneath the layer of feminine flirt - she rarely bothers to push her luck without good reason when someone doesn't want the pleasure of her company, but she usually assumes that if someone’s being a grouch or not having a good time, then they probably could use her help. If they don’t want it, that’s fine, but it’s their loss - because they're clearly not doing it right on their own. A bit of a hedonist, Ihirith very much enjoys a few very basic pleasures in life: big shiny bronzes, naps in the sun, mating flights, and eating. As a hatchling her rider will need to be sure that she doesn’t overstuff herself to the point of thicktail, and she will rise to mate early and often.

While usually successful at faithfully exuding the warm, sensuous confidence of a girl who’s got it all together, Ihirith is nevertheless on the verge of an emotional snap or breakdown… well, just about all the time, really. Easily hurt and determined not to show it, this green is genuinely irrational in her fear of rejection, seeing veiled insults to her character within simple friendly teasing or assuming huge deficits of personality from her inability to maintain the attentions of a certain male. Unfortunately, it's rather hard to see this insecurity for what it is, because Ihirith disguises her fits of anxious self-doubt with retaliatory snipes of haughtiness, anger, or just plain meanness. She will become instantly defensive and barb-tongued when made into the butt of a joke, no matter how harmless the intention, and anyone wanting to befriend her will learn quickly that no, Ihirith CANNOT laugh at herself. Just as problematic is her approach to relationships - her crushes will tend toward extreme and melodramatic as her overactive imagination runs away with her, her habit of spinning tales of ever-lasting love and romance in her head, sometimes based on as little as a single flirtatious conversation, inevitably leading to letdown. While she never wants to admit to foolishly having gotten her hopes so high, her disappointment will be hard for her to bear, and will often result in a furious, angst-ridden, and genuinely heartbroken green dragon… well, for today, at least. Once she’s caused her scene she WILL need a lot of comforting from her rider if she’s to perk up as soon as possible, but there’s also always the option of just waiting a day or two until Ihirith has processed the emotion (which she will always do with relative promptness, despite her tantrums up until that point) and just gone silent on the issue. Many will think that this means she’s forgotten about the incident, but really she’s just decided that it’s something not to be discussed – after all, how stupid, bringing up old news like that!


Name: Galt
Species: Flit (Brown)

What a brawny little fellow! Impressively large for his color, this brown possesses a rather strikingly sturdy appearance, an impression that has primarily to do with the shape of him – specifically, the surprising breadth and bulk of his shoulders. It may be an odd place to be big-boned, but that's just how this flit is built, his tapered waist and haunches set in contrast against broad ribs leading up to the shrug of thickly-layered muscle which pads the joints of his slightly stout neck and powerful forelimbs. The base of his wings are similarly burly, well-equipped to support the broad expanse of those aerial appendages that happen to be the second most eye-catching thing about this brown's appearance. While everything else on this brown from nose to tailtip is hued a mild toffee, his wings are a riot of pattern – a swathe of near-white paleness forms the first layer, dusting his back between each wing but contained by the border of his ribs and shoulders. A similar splash of that icily frosted hue can be found on the very tip of each wing, a small portion stretched furthest from his body when extended. Between those two pallid poles, an even hue of a shadowed, green-tinted brown is broken up by bursts of mottled tan, splotches of color grouped against each other and apart in haphazard patterns. These lighter markings stand in stark contrast to their darker backdrop, and the patterns of saturation over each shape form imaginary landscapes, another distinction from the flat hue they are set against. His posture will forever hold a bit of a hunch to the rounded breadth of his massive shoulders, and his pace will be slow and lumbering on the ground, and clearly favoring stamina over agility in the air.

This brown clearly has the world on his shoulders. An apparent glutton for both responsibility and the punishment that tends to come with it, this little fellow just can't seem to help himself – he may not go *looking* for new self-appointed duties and obligations, but he does notice when something needs doing, and if nobody's doing it, well, then he just tend to assume that it must be *his* job. Why? Well, because no one else is doing it, and doesn't it need to be done, even if nobody wants to? And as far as he's concerned, it doesn't matter if *he* doesn't want to either – because it needs to be done, so he will do his best to see that it is, because someone has to do it. And yes, it *will* take him a very long time to put those spilled papers into a pile, given the fact that he's only a flit, but he'll spend as long as it takes anyway, and no, he might *not* understand why that girl weeping in the storeroom as so upset, but he'll sit with her and nuzzle her cheek until she feels well enough to stop crying, stand up, and get *out* of the closet. Because that means she's better, right? Well, close enough. You see, this brown isn't necessarily the brightest or the most classically empathetic creature around – he's certainly not stupid and he does care for others, but he is extremely practical, and his demeanor tends to be subdued and sometimes even a bit dour. Given to the occasional bout of mild grumpiness over his own self-appointed duties, even on good days his friendly instincts tend to read as contentedly tolerant rather than bright or chipper, and even the affection he feels towards his pet will be gruff and honest rather than soft or sentimental. But he does love his pet, of that you may be sure, and on the occasion that he *doesn't* happen to see anything in the immediate vicinity that needs his resigned attention, his favorite place in the world to be will be on her shoulder.