Player Information

Name: Jamie

Candidate Nabel

Name: Nabel
Pronunciation: na-bell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.02.2742
Craft: Smithcraft
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Nabel stands at 6í2Ē tall and expecting to grow a little taller. He has dark blue eyes with arched eyebrows set above them. Black straight hair falls to his shoulders framing his face when he has it down. His hair is most often up in a runnerís tail or in a type of bun when he is working. With a body built from working as a smith he does not lack a good body. He does like to work out though since he does take pride in his appearance though he isnít built like a rider. A noticeable feature people usually see is his smile which is usually on his face since he tries to love life. He does have a few scars on his arms from burns and such from his craft.


There's nothing deceitful about Nabel, he's happy and helpful, sporting none of the arrogance that you might expect from someone of his station. Once he's given his word on something you can expect him to see any task through, just because he hates letting people down. He's eager to please and puts himself forward for things but without being too pushy. Deeply romantic at heart he tries to keep that side of him hidden a little as he's concerned that someone else might choose to try and exploit it. But he does know that when he finds the right woman to fall for, there will be no other as long as he lives. He's quick to forgive any wrongdoing against him as long as the other person has some good justification for their actions. If there's anything amiss about this young man, it's that he's all too easily persuaded into lack of confidence in himself. It only takes a few thoughtless words to crush his self-worth and he retreats into a hurt shell, from which he takes some time to emerge. He loves to smile though he can normally be found not smiling when he is smithing since he is concentrating so much. He isnít the most patient of people and can be found trying to rush things that canít be rushed.


Mother: Nalira
Father: Tambel

Nabel was born at Crom to his crafting parents. His mother is a Senior Journeyman Smith and his father is a Senior Journeyman Miner. He didnít have much contact with his parents while he was younger since his parents where always working on their crafts. Other than not seeing his parents much he had a pretty normal child hood until he turned 12. When he turned 12 he went to look at the crafts. He watched his fatherís mining craft and he didnít think he liked it so he looked at his motherís and found that she made things that had so much use. He decided to become an apprentice for smithing and started the slow work of learning. He was making good head way when he was searched by a Telgar searchrider at the age of 15. He accepted the search and gathered his few things and went to Telgar Weyr. When he got there a clutch was on the sands. He stood for the clutch but he didnít impress. He decided he wanted to go to a different weyr. He applied for a transfer to another weyr thinking he could try his luck somewhere else and maybe working with different people who are smiths. He headed down there thinking that at the least he could see if there metals were different than Cromís. He decided that he liked it there at Eastern and he liked the warmth. He has been at the weyr for a while and is now 17 turns old.

Name after Impression: N'bel
Family for Hatching: Nalira/Tambel (both at Crom)

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Bronze,Brown,Blue