Player Information

Name: Jamie

Candidate Aarsell

Name: Aarsell
Pronunciation: a-r-sell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 06.25.2742
Craft: Harper (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Aarsell has dark brown hair that comes down to just below his ears. His hair is fairly straight and it lies flat on his head. His eyes are a light blue. He is about 5'11" and is growing taller by the seven-day. He has the beginning of muscles on his chest and arms. He had abs starting from where he works out, since he likes being fit and trim. His arms arenít too big but they are not twigs. His weight does not stay the same so he does not care, since he is growing. He has a few scars on his hands, shoulders, and back from falls and other stuff kids do to themselves as they grow up. He has a nice tan though he doesnít burn.


Aarsell is an outspoken person who finds he often does extra chores. Aarsell loves to talk. Aarsell is one person who needs friends and those that he does have will have a great friend. When he has lovers he is very affectionate and loving. His one fault when it comes to lovers it that he is jealous. He has a quiet side but few get to see it. He is really quiet when he is looking out at dragons. He finds real peace watching them. Aarsell has a funny side that is always ready to make people laugh. If you are his friend you wonít be sad for long. Surprisingly he can really get a temper when he has his buttons pushed. Some of his triggers are arrogant people acting like they know everything, people yelling at him for something he didnít do, and having to say the same thing way to many times. He has no tolerance for bullies and has put himself at risk of becoming a target himself for helping his friends.

He is fairly good at singing and has tenor voice. Usually when he is doing chores he can be found humming a tune. Aarsell is really bad at making up songs but when one is made already he can usually sing it. He tries to be ambitious and motivated throughout his life and his studies. Aarsell is often found late to his meals which he hates doing but it canít be helped.

He does have his streaks of uncooperative moments and even inflexible times. He has found that he becomes uncooperative when it comes to trying to work with very young kids. He doesnít know why but kids annoy him greatly.

He is arrogant like a lot of guys and tries to show off when he is actually being stupid. He likes being involved in physical activities. His mature and courteous side comes out when he wants it to, and be especially be at the most impractical time. Surprisingly he is quiet mature when it comes to helping his friends with their problems.

Like most people he has his positive and negative days. Usually his negative days are when he does not feel well though he tries to be open-minded about the day and tries to make it a better day. His belief is that he has a high self-esteem and in truth he has a good self-esteem about himself.


Aarsell was born at Ista weyr living happily with his parents. His father is Aíell a bluerider and his mother Aarsa who is a journeywoman healer. Aarsell had a very boring childhood though he got to spend more time with his mother than his father but he did get to see his father often. As he grew up he did make quiet a few friends though out his life at Ista weyr. When his father got the chance he would take Aarsell flying around the weyr. Like all young children he learned to read, write, and figure numbers. He also learned simple songs. In the songs he showed promise in singing. The harper that was teaching the children recommended that he try to become a harper. He likes that idea but he wanted to try to be a rider like his father. He had many dreams of fighting thread and he knew the dangers from his father showing him and teaching him. He decided that even if he had to work hard he was going to be a candidate and learn the harpercraft. When he turned 12 he started his apprenticeship as a harper in the weyrs Harperhall. He found he was good at singing but he lacked at being able to make things that werenít pipes or drums. He made fair good pipes and learned to play them as soon as he made himself a set, but the drums he found he had bad rhythm. It wasnít long before he made it to age 15 he became a senior apprentice and he started his candidacy. He went though a few hatchings at Ista and found he was getting restless. His father also noticed and asked him if he wanted to change weyrs. He thought for a few days and decided that since he was 17 turns old he might like a change of scenery. He knew that if he didnít impress he could both stay at the weyr he chose and continue his harper training or he could return back to his parents. He packed his things after applying a transfer that was accepted and mounting behind his father and having kissed him mother he left to Eastern weyr.

Name after Impression: Aírsell
Family for Hatching: Aíell and Aarsa

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Bronze,Brown,Blue