Player Information

Name: Graves

Wingrider Persepha

Name: Persepha
Pronunciation: Per-sef-ha
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.13.2736
Craft: Tailor (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

A tall and slender girl of pale complexion, Persepha could be called lovely to a discerning and appreciative eye. She isn't a classic beauty but an odd prettiness dominates her features. An oval shaped face is framed by wild ringlets of brown hair that seems to fight all constraints placed upon it. This hair tends to go somewhat red in the summer but its true color is brown. This cascade of ivy-like hair is usually pinned up and around as best keeps it out of her face. This is hardly a fashionable style but Persepha is somewhat recognizable from distance to do her unconventional hair arrangements. Persepha's skin, once a ghastly pale, seems to have gained a small blush of life due to the constant exposure to Eastern's sun over the last few Turns. The cascade of freckles down her back and shoulders has expanded some, matched with several moles along the back of her neck, To the young woman's delight, the acne that plagued her back and shoulders as a teenager as mostly regressed and the salt water of Eastern's ocean has healed her skin well. Though Persepha still has to wear a hat on the hottest of days, her body seemed to have thrived in this warm climate.

Persepha's eyes are a dark brown with no flecks or shading; a simple bistre. Goggles, a necessary part of dragon rider attire, have made the wearing of her makeup annoying at best and painful at worst. Persepha threw out the products one day in a fit of irritation. With a clean face, Persepha is actually a great deal more attractive than anyone would give her credit for. Persepha stands 5'9 and dragon life has made her body lean and muscular. The change from soft flesh to toned is of no large loss to Persepha; she was always thin through the hips with small breasts to go with it. No matter, however for Persepha has never given up her love of clothing and has improved upon her skill. She has saved every mark that comes her way to getting more fabrics in which to make her own clothing, which ranges from bizarre to lovely.


If ever there was an odd one, in Craft Hall or Weyr, it was the dear, dark-eyed Persepha. Soft spoken, but bold and with a burning curiosity, Persepha is rather ecentric. Persepha's sense of humor is dark and jeering, seeming to serve in only one regard. It is true that when Persepha first came to Eastern, she loved to shock people. It amused her to see their disquieted looks and hear them gasp. The expressions of outrage, the disbelief and surprise in which she was greeted did, at one point, please her head to toe. Whether it was the Impression of Awntreth or the four Turns of sparse human relationships, Persepha is a shade more mild than she was upon first coming to Eastern. She wouldn't rush to admit it but she's lonely. She wants friends and even a lover; Awntreth is a wonderful companion but the need for human contact is strong. Persepha cannot deny it but she tries to control it by throwing herself into her work. Approaching people has never been Persepha's probably, she considers herself very friendly. However, her smiles often come off as maniac and whatever poses she strikes, her confidence seems to translate as some manner of aggressive demand. Persepha sometimes doesn't realize that because of her former attitudes, she still bothers some people.

Persepha still makes clothing and lovely things at that. Well, most of the time she makes lovely things. Every so often some twisted little inspiration will come out of her mind and cause her to create something truly bizarre. Her mother always said 'morbidly artistic' and her father said nothing that could be repeated in polite conversation, about her or her work. However, any who looks can say that her work has improved along with her own physically appearance. As Awntreth is a fastidious dragon, many weyr folk chalk it up to the Impression. Her craft is her haven and she makes a few fine belts when she can find the time. The courteous person can find a suitable belt, shirt or dress for a decent price from Persepha. Especially if he or she is willing to suffer Persepha's quirks and curiosities.


Persepha was born at High Reaches Hold, the oldest of five daughters born to Drudge Palasia and Drudge Reseph. Persepha was always the weird child, who asked inappropriate questions, made messy, broken precious items and had a habit of poking dead things with a stick. She had few friends in her youth, but she stuck to her sister Reseia for the most part. Reseia was a turn younger than she and the two were hardly separated. As she grew, Persepha did develop one interest that was considered 'normal' by her family. She wanted to be a Tailor. At twelve turns old Persepha was apprenticed to Master Kiopalew of High Reaches. Tailor craft was one thing that satisfied her almost as much as shocking people did. With hard work, she became a good apprentice in her Craft.

Kiopalew did not mind his apprentice's odd questions as long as it didn't interfere with her training as a Tailor. He, along with other Tailors, were instrumental in teaching Persepha how to make belts, mend boots, mend her own clothing as well as make things such as pants and shirts. Kiopalew approved of Persepha's frugal use of material; she did not waste anything that could be reused. Persepha kept a bag of spare pieces of cloth that could be used later. The greatest garment she ever made for herself was a multi-colored, patch work skirt that was made from the majority of her scrap collection.

Reseia was Searched at the age of sixteen and taken to High Reaches Weyr to stand for a Queen Egg that had been laid. Persepha and her Master attended the hatching and Reseia walked off that day a dragonrider of Pern. However, she did not manage to Impress the Queen, but rather was bonded to a cerulean blue dragon named Kanaeth. Reseia went on to be a Weyrling and Persepha, after a tearful goodbye, went back to continue her craft. Two turns later, Persepha watched her seventeen turn old sister Parsala marry the twenty-two turn old Majakil, one of the younger nephews to the Lord Holder of High Reaches. Persepha returned back to her craft, away from the taunt remind of her mother that it should be her getting married, not Parsala.

Another turn went by and Persepha found with her Master going to Eastern Weyr for their most recent hatching. Persepha was surprised she was allowed to come along, as she had no relations standing for this clutch. To her utter shock, Persepha found herself Searched by an Eastern Weyr Search Dragon and remained at Eastern Weyr as a Candidate. Candidate life was full of work needed to be done but being Craft raised, Persepha had no voice of complaint. In truth she was utterly grateful when it came to being assigned laundry or sewing maintenance. It gave her ample opportunity to thrive in an area in which she was well skilled and loved, a boon that kept those skills sharp as needles. In candidacy, Persepha met many young men and woman and all where the hopeful waiting for a dragon to call their own. No one really warmed to Persepha however, unsurprising for the Craft girl's rather unorthodox behavior chafed the Holder candidates, shamed her fellow Crafters (especially the Tailors) and at best amused the Weyr bred. No one ever ventured to close and male or female, they resisted her. When hatching day came, Persepha was all too happy to finally have something to concentrate on. Though for turns she had relished the idea of making others squirm, she couldn't deny that being so far from all she knew made her home sick and it would be nice to actually have some close companions. It would have been welcome, as would have a lover.

It was 13.09.2757 and Ashanath had been flown by Argenth; the Marvel Makers were born. When a bright spring green dragon, with wings that sparkled emerald and neon veridian approached Persepha, the young woman found herself in a wash of love. The female dragonet announced herself as Awntreth and immediately, they seemed like a perfect match. For all that Persepha was rather strange, so was Awntreth. The green was fond of making bold statements which she insisted were visions of the future and seemed to find significant clues in all of her surroundings. Without doubt, they were made for one another. Weyrlinghood was good for the pair; they bonded easily and each were sensitive to the others needs. Awntreth was easily trained to control her hunger and eat slowly. Persepha became so sensitive to her lifemate's need she could predict them as easily as knowing when she needed to eat or go to the bathroom.

This sense became particularly helpful, especially during the earthquake of 05.13.2758. Persepha had been in class when her terrified dragon's scream brought her running and it wasn't before long the young weyrlings realized that there was no way out. Awntreth was still too young to attempt carrying her rider and she could not possibly manage flight. Thank Faranth, Quaroth heard Awntreth's desperate cries and was in the air with his rider when the quake had hit. The adult brown pair rescued the young green and her rider, taking them to safety. When training started, both were quick to learn and their first jump between was textbook in perfection. Awntreth rose for her maiden flight in a timely fashion and it was an older brown who caught her. Persepha was sad to see it was not O'siol and his Quaroth, the pair that had rescued them during the earthquake. She would have been pleased to see T'ral and Umbeleth win the flight, as they had always been kind to the both of them. As it was, she never saw his face because the rider had left long before she woke the next day. Awntreth from that day shunned the brown who caught her; how dare his rider be so elusive and cold. No matter, there was still training to concentrate on. Graduation was none too far away and it was important to the pair to get tapped in a good wing. As it was, she was originally tapped for White Squall, the Weyrleader's wing. At the time, Persepha was thrilled to be tapped for such a prestigious wing and one shared with O'siol. Time however, saw Persepha moved the mid altitude wing of Mistral Tempest. O'siol and Quaroth were eventually moved to low altitude wing Diamond Sea.

Persepha is still with Mistral Tempest and, to her chagrin, seems to have fallen out of touch with the few who she felt close. Awntreth favors browns, having an eye for Quaroth and Umbeleth, as well as Valjeath. Hopefully, that may yet bring someone into Persepha's life and with luck, they'll want to be more than just friends.

Green Awntreth

Name: Awntreth
Color: Green
Size: 24
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Well, *this* is one green who's hard to miss. There is certainly no overlooking Awntreth, and be sure, she's most assuredly not going to let you even if you try. But there are few who wouldn't be intrigued by such a curious specimen of distinctive markings and vivid color - to begin with, Awntreth is rather bright, her base hue a bold spring green that is richly saturated and glossily vibrant enough to catch the eye on its own. But it is really her wings that demand recognition first and foremost - in a chaos of color, that delicate membrane is stretched with an incredibly bright speckled pattern of deep emerald and neon greens, scattered like tosses of glitter over her wingsails. It is an effect that is, all in all, a bit gaudy but this green doesn't mind. In fact, it won't take long at all for Awntreth to realize that when freshly oiled and in direct sunlight, her wings *do* seem to glitter if she gesticulates with them wildly enough, and so expect her bath times to be perhaps a bit dramatic. After all, she must have some performance to go along with so magnificent an effect as her wondrous, *amazing* glittery wings! Whoever she chooses to fixate as the subject of her current spectacle - and accompanying speech, her mindvoice often pitched lower than natural in an attempt to be passionately theatric - may indeed find it hard to look away, though perhaps that will initially be just out of surprise at what they see. Because Awntreth has one more marking, and it is around her eyes, her hide fading into a pale mint-green that becomes so pallid it is almost white around those multi-faceted jeweled orbs. It will never be a deterrent to being noticed, considering how eye-catching she is, but Awntreth is also just slightly on the small side for a green, and at her full growth will measure in at twenty-four feet.


Awntreth is a creature who is far more complicated than anyone who first meets her might think. On the surface, this green is one who well, the truth is that she plays the comedic role. There isn't any helping it - prone to dramatic speeches about simple everyday things and the type to throw herself into conversations with the most random of comments and declarations, the way that she acts is simply absurd enough to be *funny*, even if it is a somewhat dark brand of humor considering that somehow, Awntreth never seems to be in on the joke. But just about everyone else will be, and it's not really their fault - after all, the sight of Awntreth tripping over her own wings (repeatedly) as she paces up and down the shores of the lake while expounding verbosely upon the dire perils of drowning, and how that is so delicately balanced by the many benefits of the wondrous substance that is water well, what other reaction than chuckling is there, really?

But to Awntreth, it isn't a joke - to Awntreth, it's her life. A creature of great emotionality, the green can't *help* but get caught up in her own feelings about things, and when she begins to become dramatic and make a scene it's because well, it's because that's what she knows how to do. It's familiar, it's instinct for her, and hence it's what she tends to default to when she becomes even the slightest bit uncomfortable or upset - controlling her own emotions is something that she will always find difficult. This trait happens to make Awntreth an extremely honest dragon - you will always be able to tell what she is feeling, and she will make not even the slightest habit of lying well, as long as you don't consider flagrant, unabashed exaggerations to be lies. But ultimately, Awntreth is also a bit of a fumbling creature and deep inside, she knows it. Insecure about her clumsiness, awkwardness, and lack of control over her own feelings, Awntreth will unconsciously always be seeking reassurance through attention - which is why she is always instinctively seeking to drag the splotlight on to herself, no matter how quirkily melodramatic she has to be to do so.

But in order to keep her insecurities from rising to the surface, Awntreth needs something to keep her chin up and she's imagined herself up a talent. This green is all but convinced that she can 'read' others, observing them so well that she will be able to predict what they do. That would make her important, right? Of course - her talent makes her special! A pity she's totally faking- most often this 'talent' will emerge in declarations after the fact, sudden bursts of triumph from Awntreth as she proclaims to someone or another: ((I knew you were going to do that!)) Asked to test her 'special' intuition, she will usually hit the mark just about as often as anyone who's taking a shot in the dark might - but every now and again, this green *will* get it right, and when she does she has a knack for being uncannily spot-on, the occasional flash of insight proving more than just a faux-revelation. It will be those moments that make her continue to insist that she is indeed, one of the most uncannily observant dragons in the Weyr. But between bouts of intuitive inspiration, well ahh, come here, look at these shadows, forming as dire stains upon surface of the lake, cast down from the foreboding clouds above! Let us examine them