Player Information

Name: Graves

Candidate Merric

Name: Merric
Pronunciation: Mer-rick
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 08.13.2740
Craft: Bakercraft (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Merric is a handsome if rough looking lad, a smug look seemingly plastered as his permanent expression. A lazy smile places slight crinkles of mirth at the corners of dark blue eyes, while somewhat long dark blond hair gives him the air of a happy canine. A toothy grin at least displays mostly straight teeth, almost nice enough to hide the fact he is missing a tooth on the back left side, behind the bicuspid. His narrow nose has a slight bump in it from an old break; a light, narrow scar runs from mid bridge, past his left nostril to mid cheek. Average in height, Merric only stands about 5'8 and he is lean yet muscular fellow. One of his friends would describe him as "Scrappy in a tussle and fights to the brink." Light scarring across his knuckles tell that he has had his share of boyhood fights. Average on the body hair, with gold-brown fuzz covering his chest and his shoulders and a mottled brown birthmark rests like a paint splotch under his left shoulder blade. He has two small brown moles on the back of his neck. His nails are kept short, somewhat bitten out of old habit, and there is no shortage of torn skin around the thumb.Merric tends to chew his thumb most aggressively while in deep thought or in anxiety. He wears a simple leather thong around his neck and it has a smokey quartz pendant. It is his sole piece of jewelry and it is very rustic. Merric favors blue to any other color but he is unlikely to be setting any fashion statements.


Merric is a warm young man, charismatic and on the surface seemingly laid back. He is friendly, if more than a little dismissive of the expectations others might have of him. Merric has a dream that seems to involve women and a great deal of fun and, if life deals him a fair hand, a dragon of his own. Merric has always chased that dream, looking to the horizon and veritably dancing through life. Not to mention slipping out of chores and such; he has a lazy streak. However dreamy and self indulgent, this boy has a passionate side. He may seem laid back but that is only skin deep; Merric has gotten in many fight and when his pride is pricked he rises to the occasion in furious action. Politics don't pull at him like that but matters of pride and honor do. To call him a coward is to desire a fight and he is handy with his fists. Merric has risked his candidacy in his early involvement with the program but in his later turns has made an effort to curb and hide his temper for fear of wasting a chance at a dragon. Faranth help him, though, if he is provoked. A young man can only sit on so much wounded pride.

Rather flirtatious, Merric seems to have no permanent attachments, his friendship myriad and transitory. Life changes, he reasons, so why not friends and lovers. Merric doesn't like the old and traditional, making him a known embarrassment to his conventional, brown riding father. He is often distracted at lessons of history and politics but avid in his attention to talks of Thread Fall, Impression and anything else with the word 'dragon' in the sentence. Dragon love has plagued the boy ever since he was a brat and many a turn had been spent counting down the days until he was old enough.

He is M'sars only grown son and the man's distance from him strengthens the burn for attention. Merric wants, maybe even more than a dragon, his father to notice him. Not that he would ever admit it and often Merric acts as if he has no sire. It takes a lot for him to hide to pain that M'sars avoidance has caused him, even more to swallow the fact that he knows it stems from little else than personal beliefs about Weyrlife. If he manages to Impress, however, it may bridge the gap between them.


A product of Southern Weyr and gold flight lust, Merric came into the world a screaming, healthy boy that any mother would be proud to call son. Ericna was without a doubt that Merric was her best work. For turns she had watched and raised other babes but never had a pregnancy seemed to hold with her until Merric. Most reasoned that her sickly youth had troubled her conception, but after Merric she went on to mother one more child a daughter. Merric and Marca were the joys of her life but she cared little for the father; M'sar had never really given her the time of day and, twice, it had been dragon lust that had driven him. Merric was raised by his mother, alongside his sister and from the moment he could speak he wanted what every weyrbrat wanted: to be one of the select chosen to bond with a dragon of Pern, just like his father. However, Merric seemed to subconsciously want to loose his right to stand. The boy liked to fight almost as much as he liked to eat, and his pride easily pricked. Though one could also make the argument that he was just good at fighting, and not so much that he wanted to cause trouble, his attitude chafed at his instructors. While some reasoned that the lad seemed to have noble intentions, defending his sister for one, it just didn't excuse the almost zealous willingness to come to blows.

When one bad fight ending up breaking his nose, Merric landed in deep trouble with his Candidate Master. He was told plainly that if he didn't learn to control his temper, he would lose his right to stand. That hit Merric like a an ice cold bucket of water. So worried that he would loose his chance to Impress, Merric committed himself to leashing his temper, finding out that the best way to do so was to act like he didn't care. He began to cultivate a laid back air that he took with him to Candidacy. He still remained concerned about his sister; Marca was proud enough to say she was homosexual and have a lover, but otherwise ,at least to Merric, was perfectly willing to be gossiped about and teased by some of the other candidates. Marca sported, from infancy, a port wine stained birthmark that ran from the corner of one eyes into her hair. While not a hideous birth defect, it's size and vivid color drew stares. Weyr born with weyr bred opinions, it chapped Merric's rump to see his only blood sibling submitting to the mocking jeers of others.

Merric pointed out to their fellow candidates that it didn't matter if Marca had a bit of red skin on her face. It didn't make her slow, simple or deformed. It wouldn't keep a dragon from wanting her. As though to drive his point home, Marca Impressed alongside her lover, Aldansia, at the next hatching. Merric was nineteen when he watched his sister walk off the sands, azure blue Taglioth at her heels. Aldansia was right behind her, hunter green Esprianth behind her. It was then that Merric was satisfied; Marca had a dragon, who would protect her and her lover at her side. On a whim, he put in a transfer to Eastern Weyr when news of their Senior Queen's flight had reached Southern Weyr. Not long after the flight, Merric arrived in Eastern territory.

Name after Impression: M'ric
Family for Hatching: Ericna and Marca

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Bronze