Player Information

Name: Graves

Weyrling L'bril

Name: L'bril
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 03.14.2737
Craft: Beastcraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Liam is the spitting image of his father, Gabril, in almost every respect. He is stocky, though as a beastcrafter and a fully matured man, he has lost the childish pudge that he brought with him to High Reaches. He is of medium height and a broad shouldered build - some parts of him seem to have grown too large for his body to catch up, like his hands and feet, leaving the rest of his body a bit awkward at times. Though, all in all, he has grown into a fine looking young man. His hair is jet black and his eyes ice blue, though unlike his father's curly locks, Liam's hair is stick straight. He is plain - neither handsome nor ugly, much like his father.


Because he grew up with a mother who idealized his father, Liam wants to be in every way exactly like Gabril. From time to time, he may have an emotional outburst and suddenly thrust away everything that smells of his father, but for the most part, he wants to eat what he eats, wear what he wears, do what he does, and be what he is. Liam may never have even considered other boys in a romantic sense except that it was his father's way - so it would be his way, too. Liam is a beastcrafter because his father was a beastcrafter. He has a terrible time expressing his feelings to just about anyone but his father, though unlike his father, nothing keeps him from idle chitchat.


Liam was born at Ruatha Hold to an unwed mother, Mikaila. His father, Gabril, had been an unwitting party to his conception. Mikaila, whom he saw as his best friend, was terribly in love with him and took advantage one evening when Gabril was uncharacteristically intoxicated.

Liam grew up being taught that his father was the most wonderful man on Pern, a superb beastcrafter who left to learn to be an even better crafter, a master some day, she always told him. Through his childhood years, Liam's interests were on animals, primarily canines, simply because his mother taught him that his father loved animals, and he wanted to be just like him.

As Liam's thirteenth namingday approached, Mikaila's health was waning, though she hid this from Liam and most others beside the healers. Fearing that she had not long to live, she tracked Gabril down to Fort Weyr where he was serving as one of the weyr's herdsmen. Mikaila sent Liam to Fort to live with Gabril with a note pinned to his tunic explaining to the man exactly who this boy was.

Gabril could not help but love the boy immediately, though he was irritated with Mikaila for what he felt like was a violation of his trust that night thirteen Turns before. Liam reminded Gabril so much of his mother, despite how much he looked like him.

One night not long after his arrival in the weyr, a convoy of traders bound for the Healer Hall stopped at Fort Weyr at the behest of Mikaila who knew that she was dying and wanted to spend her last moments with Liam and Gabril. After she died, Liam blamed himself, feeling that if he were with her, he could have done something to stop the death.

After the loss, Gabril decided to transfer the both of them to High Reaches Weyr to escape the bitter memories and make a new future. Though there were many opportunities for a beastcrafter, Gabril enjoyed weyr life and was unwilling to give it up. Liam was upset at first for having to leave his friends, but he quickly made a new friend in Haygen, a young boy who was crippled by dissident rabble rousers at Ista Weyr. He and his father transferred to High Reaches from Ista in order to escape from their memories as well. Shortly after their arrival at High Reaches, Haygen began physical therapy with Gabril in the form of runnerback riding to strengthen his off leg. He also helped Gabril in the runner stalls, doing various apprentice-level tasks Gabril felt comfortable allowing.

During this time, Liam and Haygen grew very close, and soon, a relationship budded between them. Though the time they had together was very sweet, not but a Turn after, Haygen tragically drowned. Liam blamed his father in much the same way he had blamed himself when his mother died, and soon, Liam and Gabril both found the High Reaches much bleaker than they had been when they first arrived.

Once again, to escape bittersweet memories, Gabril decided it was in both of their best interests to leave High Reaches. Liam, however, refused to go to Eastern with his father, wracked with grief over the loss of Haygen. He stayed near the place where his young lover had died for several more turns before he finally forgave his father for something that wasn't his fault, and followed him south.

Several more turns later, and when his father ascended to Mastery, Liam himself walked the tables to Journeyman and was posted in Igen for a while. The boy missed his father and was terribly lonely, refusing to bond with another lover since the loss of Haygen. . . So he requested a transfer back to Eastern Weyr to study under Gabril once more.

Bronze Reuth

Name: Reuth
Color: Bronze
Size: 23.4
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 0

Reuth looks so much like his shell that if it weren't for the shards themselves to prove otherwise, one would think that his shell was transparent. The same twists of flame glow from Reuth's gleaming hide, brilliant hues that roil richly from nose to tailtip, glinting from every contour. One could almost be convinced that Reuth is ON fire, particularly when the sun strikes, or a dragon flames nearby and reflects off Reuth. He will grow to just above average for his color at thirty-nine feet, and his build is almost beyond reproach - sleek and streamlined, his form is sheathed in a study layer of powerful muscle that both supports and maintains his stamina and lends him the power for sudden bursts of speed. All in all, he is truly just a striking specimen of dragon.


Everything about Reuth screams power and arrogance. As it should: he is a glorious bronze dragon. However, Reuth is nothing of the sort. Reuth wants to give you the world, even if it is strictly forbidden and will end really, really poorly for him. He is nurturing and encouraging and lives to serve. While not servile or submissive by any means, and stubborn to the end, Reuth really does want for everyone to have the best and the most of any opportunity, even at severe cost to himself. He knows his own strength and ability, and he knows the impact that he can have in his time on Pern - and he wants it to be as positive an effect as possible. Justice is a somewhat central concept to him and he finds the intrinsic color hierarchy to be inherently unfair, which makes him especially protective of chromatics. Thank Faranth he wasn’t hatched at Fort - he would have been deemed insane with his stubborn insistence on “equality” and “rights to opportunity” and other such liberal notions. Always ready and willing to champion the underdog, Reuth loves a challenge, as long as it’s for a good cause. Even as part of the establishment as a bronze, he will flagrantly defy all authorities if he feels that he must, and accept take the consequences later. It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

Reuth wants to give the world fire.

Of course, Reuth also wants a hug. A highly sociable dragon, this bronze his happiest when surrounded by others, although the ways that he shows his affection may startle some. He has very little concept of “personal space,” although he will try his best to remember that other people do, and the other thing is... well... this is a bronze that licks people. And dragons. And whers. And flits, which he will have to try really hard not to accidentally swallow when he does that as an adult. He won’t do it if you ask him not to, but if you’re a new face... well, then that face will probably get licked.


Name: Gabby
Species: Canine

Gabby is a medium-sized working dog with black and brown fur. His ears are pointed and stand up straight, and his tail is long and straight. His fur has a thick undercoat. Gabby is a very mild-mannered canine that responded well to Liam's training. He was given to Liam by Gabril as a gift to make up for the move to High Reaches, and he is officially one of Liam's tasks as an apprentice - to successfully train a working canine.