Player Information

Name: Graves

Weyrling C'len

Name: C'len
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 08.14.2740
Craft: Smithcraft (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Cullen is a rather plain and somewhat forgettable young man with a body tells a simple, honest story of the hard work that shaped him thus. Not a tall fellow for all that his sire was and Cullen favors his mother's height, coloring and and many more traits besides. He stands 5'6, weights in at about 220 lbs and all together makes for a barrel chested, strong lad. His hair is a coal black, with the old gunmetal gray in places and in others, it is thin. Male baldness and early graying being old friends as far as the family blood line is concerned. As such is true, Cullen likes to keep his hair shone as close to the scalp as a sharp knife will allow. His complexion is dusky, olive touched and tanned deep from sun exposure and riddled with old and new scars alike. A splatter of burn spots are raised across his left arm; a minor accident that served a painful reminder to be careful. The old, gray-brown scar tissue there grows no hair but is surrounded by a forest of bristly, black arm hair. Cullen's face sports a short, black beard that makes him look older than his twenty turns and his pale green eyes stand out boldly against his deeply tanned skin. His hands are rough and calloused, nails ground down and often dusty or coal stained.

Never one to give mind to formal dressing, Cullen wears the kind of clothing you would expect from a man who sweats profusely and toils away his hours melting, pouring and shaping metal. Dark colors, despite the heat because the light just helps to show the damage he's inflicted upon them. Jewelry is a non entity; Cullen is rather of the opinion such things are for woman folk and that a man's accessory lies in a belt he can use or gloves to protect him.


Smarter than he looks, Cullen has an avid curiosity that has led him to be quite well read. He fancies himself a bit of a rustic scholar; no Harper to be sure but smart all the same. It's something he is rather proud of, his knowledge of his craft and a few other things beside. Like knife work, skinning, hunting and how to carve figures out of bone. Rather proud and rather arrogant in the areas he considers to be an expert on. Now that said, Cullen is no fop, no poppin-jay and for the most part is a quiet, perspective man who would rather listen than talk. Just because he has his areas of interest that are closely bound up in pride doesn't mean he is easy to talk to. He's pleasant enough in mixed company but doesn't open up to just anyone. There is a mule like stubbornness about him, especially when forced to admit he was wrong which is one reason for his caution to expose his opinions and feelings. How he hates admitted to wrong and will dodge and weave to avoid such.

That slow attitude toward emotion sharing spills over into his romantic life and being Craft bred has given him specific attitudes he takes to his courting. Yes, truly, what Cullen does in pursuit of romance can be called nothing less then courtship for love comes hand in hand with the expectation of sex. Cullen dislikes the one night stand as much as he dislikes slamming his thumb with the hammer. Leaves a bad taste in his mouth and he will say so if asked. Such feelings ought to prove interesting obstacles should he ever manage to Impress.


Cullen grew up in his father's cot hold about half a mile outside of Eastern Hold's territory and he was born the eldest of three. Ulsten was a farmer who worked the land as his father had before him back at Southern Hold. Ulsten had taken his father far from his old home with dreams of making his own profitable farm. Fantrick, a childhood companion of Ulsten, kept in contact with the family over the turns but especially after he moved to Eastern Hold a few turns after the 9th pass began. Fantrick, a Smith of some notable talent, begged to apprentice Cullen. From his visits to the family, he could see the boy had an sharp wit and though he could go far in the Smith craft if given half an opportunity. When Cullen was twelve, Fantrick took him to Eastern Hold where he apprenticed him as a Smith.

After six turns under Fantrick's tutelage, Cullen had settled into the routine of Smithing and was well on his way to walking the tables. During his time at Eastern Hold, he had seen handfuls of young boys and men be Searched by dragons from the Hold and news had flooded back telling of the successful Impressions of some. Though Cullen loved his Craft, he couldn't deny the curiosity and the underlying envy of the ones who were lucky enough to bond with Dragons. Cullen himself had almost given up the thought he would ever be Searched after his twentieth birthing day came but then a Dragon arrived on Search. Twelve eggs had been laid by Queen Xyxith at the Weyr and Cullen, to his ultimate surprise, was gleaned as suitable along with a few others.

Now on his way to Eastern Weyr, Cullen contemplates a life that has suddenly taken a new and unexpected direction.

Blue Tetrominth

Name: Tetrominth
Color: Blue
Size: 25.81
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

Tetrominth is pretty average for a blue, although sometimes he seems like that's not the case. It's hard to tell since his body is compact and short, but rather thin. Or could it be lithe? Or maybe he's just a bit like a long plank of wood. But his tail is part of what adds to his length, it's exceptionally long and flexible. It tapers quickly to match his body, but it's not much since he is as thin as he is though he'll make no bones about eating plenty.

Covered in a shade of rather bland pale blue, his body will never be something that attracts him attention. But the thing that will attract him attention is his wings. Like a collage or patchwork quilt, the membrane between wingspars is covered in a pattern of just about every color of blue ever seen on a dragon's hide. It seems as though the patches comes in groups of four, but from a light blue tending to a whitish shade, to greenish-blues, to royal blues, and blues so dark as to be almost like midnight, the pattern seems to mix and swirl. It's easy to become lost and mesmerized in watching them, and when the wings flex some could swear they see the pieces shifting and moving upon his wings. But by far they are the most striking aspect of this dragon.


There is a way to get it to work, no matter what. That's what this blue believes in his heart! He's unflaggable in his belief that with a bit of work, a few twists and turns, anything can be done. He'll bolster other dragons and his rider through thick and thin, with a grin on his big muzzle. And he believes this too, that anything can be done. Unfortunately that doesn't mean he's terribly imaginative either. Often his way of making things "work" involves just trying the same old practices over and over until eventually something clicks in place. This will make him a good, solid flyer during flights because he will quickly and easily master the drills. But if he's ever asked to try something new and exotic he may balk at the request, instead fighting to see if it can be done "his way".

One thing to be said for him is that he can get on a roll quickly. He prefers to start out his preparations slow and methodical, but as he gains confidence he will go faster and faster, introducing the likelyhood of making mistakes but only making passing reference of them until he can rectify them at a later date. Sometimes this absent mindedness though leads to a halting, grinding crash that sends him mentally head over heels. But that won't stop him! He'll shake himself off, get up, and start back up nice and slow once more. This is especially true in any connections he makes with others, be they dragon or rider. He'll be cautious at first, but once he's made up his mind to trust them it's full hearted and full bodied, with all he has being said to them and given if they need it. And it will continue until something comes along and abruptly makes him re-evaluate his relationships to those people. This may come without warning, but is unlikely to be seen unless something drastic happens. And he'll definitely rely on his rider for help in understanding what went wrong before he starts back up making new friends again.

Even with that his spirits are always high. To the point that he once in a while can be heard by anyone around him mentally humming. Always the same tune, the same rhythm. The blue though is completely unaware of it until his rider (or someone else who might overhear) clues him in, then he'll tone it down. But eventually it always returns. Something like "Do dododo do do do doooo do do do dododo dododo do dooo doodoo dooo dodo do dodoooooo…"