Player Information

Name: Graves

Journeyman Bryndas

Name: Bryndas
Pronunciation: Brin-das
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 01.14.2742
Craft: Dragonhealer
Rank: Journeyman
Physical Description:

Bryndas has short, dark dirty blond hair that stops just short of her shoulders, often half pulled back from her face. Fair skin gives voice to her northern heritage, making her dark brown eyes look almost black. Her dark eyebrows almost seem cocked in a perpetual scowl. With broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, she is strong but she isn't beautiful. Plain might be the nicest thing one could say about her looks but that might be all. Standing 5'9, she has decent hips and breasts but little in the way of extra fat. Her life has been one of hard work and it has toned her body accordingly. Light scars run up and down Bryndas' arms and legs, originating from childhood scraps to Craft related injuries. An early growth spurt left long stretch marks on her lower back and hips. Bryndas has a port wine birthmark on her left hip and stretching half way down her thigh, and she also has three small moles on the back of her neck.

Bryndas has never had a love of fashion and sticks to her leathers. She isn't the type to crave a beautiful dress or skirt; she isn't going to take the chance of wearing anything that would show of her left leg. Frankly, she dresses like a man. Pants and tunic, boots and gloves. She ones one singular piece of jewelry, a blue agate pendant given to her by her father. She also owns a dark brown healer's apron.


Bryndas is a salty woman, brisk and rarely friendly (with people), though she manages to be polite and professional with her superiors. Much of a loner, Bryndas keeps to her work and the tending of Salt, having little interest in gossip or small talk. Work is of interest to her and she is a very hard worker. Being so far from home, Bryndas spends a lot of her time in the Dragon Infirmary, venturing out rarely for meals and for sleep. She isn't heartless, however. Bryndas has a great love of her firelizard, Salt, and most firelizards in general. Dragons, of course, are very special to her and as her patients, they receive the lion's share of her patience, kindness and affection. The way Bryndas is with a dragon or firelizard and the way she is with people is as different as night and day.

Bryndas is still human however, with the same human need for the company of her own kind. She is bisexual and prefers women to men. Occasionally, Bryndas will find a lover to sooth a moment's loneliness but she never allows herself to get attached. It is her belief that a long time lover, wife or husband would interfere with her work and that is not something Bryndas is interested in. Bryndas has no children and takes care not to become pregnant as non-draconic infants frustrate and alienate her. She has flirted with the idea of fostering an older child but nothing has ever come of these considerations.

Though weyrbred, Bryndas has never stood for a Hatching. She has considered it but for some reason, she has never taken the plunge. It is unknown if anything will ever change her mind but Bryndas doesn't seem to suffer envy over those who Impress. Someone has to look after the next generation.


Bryndas was born at High Reaches Weyr, the daughter of a then Senior Journeyman Dragonhealer and his Dragonrider lover. Brenthen had fought an uphill battle to convince Dahlana to espouse to him and really it was only have Dahlana found out that she was pregnant with his child did the blue rider agree. Bryndas was born in the middle of the night, month one and day fourteen, during an incredible storm. Brenthen raised in, partly assisted by his sister Bala and mother, Breada. Dahlana saw her daughter as often as she could but as a dragon rider, that time was limited. Brenthen adored his dirty blond haired daughter, who was so serious and mature even as a little girl. He was so proud the day he asked young Bryndas what she wanted to be when she grew up and the dark eyed child look up at her sire and solemnly said, "Like you. A healer of dragons."

Bryndas joined the craft when she was twelve, attentive and clever if not warm with her fellow dragon healers. In fact, in comparison, Bryndas was insensitive and cold to the other young boys and girls learning beside her. She had love only for the dragons and their best interests plus a desire for her own firelizards. Such creatures are hard to come by in the North but Brenthen loved his daughter. Upon walking the tables for her Journeyman knots, she was given a firelizard egg by her father. The egg hatched a week after Bryndas received them, a lovely blue firelizard emerged. Bryndas named the pale blue hatchling "Salt". Four months after she had gotten her Journeyman knots, Bryndas was approved for transfer to her first location assignment away from High Reaches, which took her all the way to Eastern Weyr. As they had an upcoming hatching, it was imperative that more dragon healers be available for the expanded draconic population.

01.23.2761---Bryndas walks the tables.

02.02.2761-- Salt hatches

05.01.2761-- Bryndas arrives at Eastern Weyr


Name: Salt
Species: Flit (Blue)

Pale as blue lace agate, Salt is a ghostly shade of blue all over his body, patterned in the light striations just like the stone Bryndas has as a pendent. His wing membranes are ice blue and the color is so pale that you can vaguely see shapes through the skin. Large for his color, Salt is more the size of a small brown than an actual blue. He's a long creature, strong and with a good deal of stamina.

Salt is also rather smart and is actually quite helpful to Bryndas with her work. He can easily take messages, retrieve small items and assists in keeping patients relaxed with his almost unflappable calm. An affection creature, Salt also loves to snuggle with his mistress as well as other people he takes a shinning to. A big flirt, female firelizards of either color are likely to pull his attention though he is a practical firelizard and leans toward the greens.