Player Information

Name: Graves

Weyrling Aisling

Name: Aisling
Pronunciation: Aes-lin
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 04.28.2736
Craft: Lower Caverns
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Aisling is a very lovely young woman, like all of Aalencard's many daughters. Thick blond hair frames her face and comes down to her elbows, darkening toward the roots. Her eyes are catching, shapely and light blue-green. Due to her mother's addiction to perfection, Aisling has spent her entire life cultivating lovely (burn prone) skin, a shapely body and overall, a beautiful outer form. Shapely breasts, a flat stomach and supple legs. Her manner of dress is almost always clean, neat and pretty. Alas, all those dresses her mother gave her have been sitting at the bottom of a chest since Impressing. So has the jewelry, the gloves, the fancy shoes. Nowadays, Aisling can be found in the riding leathers of a weyrling, knots hanging from her shoulder and rough, leather gloves. The only time the finery comes out would be on very special occasions (i.e Gathers, Feasts etc). Dragon rider life as already left its mark on Aisling, literally. Her first scar was deep and across the palm; an accident while cutting up meat for Hyrulth. Without a doubt, she will gain more as time goes on.


Aisling might have looked the perfect Holder daughter on the outside but inside, she was ready to scream. Her mother's constantly critical nature raised Aisling to believe that most people are going to judge you. They might not be malicious about it but they are going to do so anyways. So, you rub dirt in it and you move on. Yes, Aisling is tougher than she looks. Many mocked her the day she was Searched, remarking that her age made her as unlikely a bride as it did a dragon rider. Aisling, burned by the words, went on to Eastern to prove them wrong. Her determination was rewarded in Hyrulth. Yes, Aisling has always been determined to rise above the expectations of others. She isn't content to just slide by on looks; she wants to be respected for her strength and mind. Aisling is clever; you have to be when you are the fifth daughter of a Lord Holder's brother and your attitude makes most of your suitors run for the hills. Aisling isn't the kind of girl to put her head down and demurely "yes sir" and "no sir" her way through life. In the Weyr she found she could question and wastes no time capitalizing on the freedoms so many weyr females take for granted.

On first look, Aisling might come off as rude. She's bold and curious, with little apology for being more than just a pretty face. She likes men (and women) but having had so many slime balls in her life, she finds trusting them with higher intentions difficult and she has a lack of faith when it comes to relationships. Luckily, she doesn't have to worry about that right now being a weyrling. It's a fact Aisling is all too happy with; sex and romance have proved too much of a bother.

Hyrulth is her world and she adores the blue head to tail spade. He's the best, most brave and beautiful blue dragon in the world and she is very proud to be the only girl in her class to have Impressed a blue dragon. All the other girls Impressed greens and Aisling's Impression is just another way she stands out. She loves that.


Aalencard and Rislinga had many children; three son and five daughters in all. Their youngest was a fair haired, aqua eyed girl they named Aisling and though she was lovely, they were always hard on her. She was, after all, the fifth girl and they had been really hoping for another son. Though she was pretty, she was never as mild mannered or mindful as her sisters. If there was something young Aisling was looking for in a man, she never found it because she was driving off any decent match they made for her since her fourteenth birthday. There was hardly any peace in their minor Hold and Aisling took every opportunity to escape her mother and sisters. She would slip out to the hills around the Hold, wondering what she could do other than eventually submit to a match her father made for her. She thought to go to the Crafts but her singing was atrocious, her song writing juvenile, and she couldn't sew well or bend her mind to studying herbs. She took well to her chores as well as any other and she had a stubborn pride to keep a clean room. Aisling's mother had a hope that if nothing else, Aisling could go on to be a Headwoman. She managed tasks well enough, laundry came out clean and she could make a bed well. As a last kindness, her mother began to urge her daughter to think of working with the Hold's Headwoman. Aisling was twenty four and as her family's blue blood was lost on her, her mother finally gave up and consigned her daughter to fate.

That was when a Search rider came, heralding that Xyxith had clutched her second batch of eggs and they needed candidates. Aisling, to the shock of most of the Holder folk, was one of the three young people Searched that day. Most remarked as to why a rider would take a girl almost too old to stand. But at twenty four turns, Aisling was still of an age to Stand. She took it and though it looked like she wouldn't be rewarded, the last dragonet Impressed to her that day. Blue Hyrulth and Aisling were bonded and bonded fast. Now the two are racing toward their dual future, brave and full of vigor.

Blue Hyrulth

Name: Hyrulth
Color: Blue
Size: 26.03
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

When he first hatches, Hyrulth will be a rather small blue - in fact, he'll remain so for a large portion of training. He'll mature later than his siblings, unlikely to chase quite as soon as his brothers. Near the end of training however, his small size will come to a sudden end. He'll go through a growth spurt, growing longer and taller, just a hair over average size for a blue. He'll pack on lean muscle, despite spending training looking as though he would forever be on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Despite his sudden growth spurt, he'll still be lean and strong, retaining much of the speed and acrobatics of his youth. He has a surprisingly expressive face for a dragon beyond just his the swirling of his eyes. He's able to tilt his head or move his body in just such a way to express exactly what he is thinking without really saying anything.


This blue is the kind of dragon that comes across as serious, something that is true... to an extent. For the most part, it's just his quiet nature that tends to give that impression. He's not the type to talk unnecessarily, which will, later in life, give females the idea that he's the strong and silent type. Truth is, females confuse him a bit, often resulting in this blue giving them a quite puzzled look.

He will play though - he'll forever be fonder of games that aid in training, but he isn't half as serious as he comes off sometimes. He enjoys playing, enjoys exploring even more. Don't be surprised if this blue discovers secret or unknown areas of the weyr. As long as he is around, no path will be unexplored, no no pot unturned. His lifemate may well have to watch and make sure he doesn't destroy the klah pot in his never ending search for treasure. He'll have a bad habit of destroying them in an attempt to search them if not stopped. CLassmates in particular will learn quickly to keep chests locked and keys either on them or hidden (He'll try and use firelizard's smaller, compact body to help him turn keys if given half a chance) else they will find a dragon rifling through their things.

When it comes to thread, he will be far more serious. Thread, to his mind, is the Ultimate Evil™. Something to be defeated and destroyed, definitely not tolerated. The idea that there is no real way to defeat thread, if he ever grasps that concept, may well frustrate him. From the first time he sees threadfall, he will be driven to destroy it, and his lifemate may well have to give him a temporary "quest" to distract him from attempting to fight while too young. After all, someone has to save the world.