Player Information

Name: Geo

Wingrider Zira

Name: Zira
Pronunciation: Zeer-ah
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 10.20.2743
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

‘You looking at me? Why?’ Zira is quite in the middle of the spectrum concerning her body. A few curves here and there are sure nice. In addition, a decent bit of muscle has developed as well and has proved useful in her exploits. Neither of these elements is exactly obvious, which is fine by her. On the other hand, mention the word hair, and how nice her long, flowing blond hair is, you may win a smile, maybe, if she’s feeling up to it or she really likes you. Not that she’ll be hanging around long enough for you to strike a conversation. Zira is seemingly always on the go, with a few important exceptions, and as she keeps the dresses reserved for formal occasions, she can move fast. Her love of thrills will mean that there will almost always be some bruise or scrap healing on an arm or leg, or whatever, and if you make fun of that you’d best start running. Don’t look at the injuries too long, lest the sparkle in her green eyes turn into a glare. Of medium height and weight, perhaps 5’3” right now and 110lbs, Zira still has a bit of growing to which is fine by her. Her body is lightly tanned, just enough to keep her from burning out in the sun.


Zira is going to give the CandidateMaster and his staff multiple headaches. They simply won’t be able to place her as she runs from mood to mood as things fit her. Artisticly inclined at times and then all of the sudden off on the next great adventure before suddenly becoming quiet and shy, friends will wonders what triggers the sudden mood shifts and seldom be able to find a cause. Perhaps above all the rest, this is a girl out to live life to the fullest, and she’ll try almost anything once. Stunts, tricks, dares, and thrills are her calling cards, and they’re bound to get her in trouble and in pain sooner or later. However, life cools down for this girl surprisingly easy, and it’s not uncommon to find Zira out in a peaceful setting, pondering a sunset or writing away at her next work in progress, for in amidst the moods lies a creative mind.

Make no doubts, she’s not afraid to express herself, and Zira will speak her mind, be it for the better or for the worse in almost any situation she’s in. Tact is still something she’s learning, and she’s found herself in a brawl with others of her age over a disagreement before. However, this swings both ways, and should a dashing boy or charming girl steal her heart, well, she’s not afraid to explore the hidden valleys of love. Oh, yeah, and she’s got one volatile temper when she gets angry. The nearby area will know immediately when she’s mad, for who knew a girl could yell that loud?

Snapshot: Daring, risk taker, adventurous, emotional, intelligent, and rash.


Born to a pair of journeyman Healers, Zira was nothing out of the ordinary for a Weyrborn child. Raised as much as was possible by her parents when one or the other wasn’t on duty in the Weyr, she was allowed to develop the sense of adventure that would later play a large role in her life. Growing up was pleasant to the young girl, until one day her parents were told rather bluntly that their skills were needed elsewhere for a time. Expecting hard times ahead, Zira’s mother turned to an old friend in the Creche, and asking a large favor asked her family to take in Zira as a foster child until they could return. The care of child arranged, off went Zira’s parents, leaving her alone, with strange people. Her foster family was a pleasant surprise though. She’d never had an older brother before, and Dak was one of the nicest people she’d ever met.

A pleasant Turn passed and she was happy to call Dak one of her very best friends, even if he was a boy. Time past and life continued on its way, with adventures, mischief, and the life lessons one learns. And then Dak had to go and ruin everything. A fun adventure, a little peek at some eggs, and he ratted her out, even after she’d sworn him to secrecy. Faith in a friend destroyed, she cut her ties to him, and only noted him in passing. Sometimes she wondered if her anger had been a bit rash, but always came to the conclusion that he’d ratted, and that was unforgivable. Still… She was fifteen now, and a new candidate waiting for a clutch. Perhaps things could finally change?

Blue Melchiorth

Name: Melchiorth
Color: Blue
Size: 30.8
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Melchiorth is certainly an eye-catching dragon – in fact, when first meeting him it might be just a little hard not to stare. There may be plenty of dragons on Pern with distinctive markings, but Melchiorth’s three-toned hide is distinctive even among that subset, each shade contrasting clearly but not jarringly against the next. His primary shade, were it necessary to pick just one, is a well-saturated, soothing cornflower blue, but that hue covers less than half of his body, appearing in full swathes of color only over his wingsails, back, and upper sides, and again up the length of his long neck, to also cover his headknobs and frame the edge of his jaw. The rest of Melchiorth’s face is stained with a medium shade of indigo, the second hue within the triumvirate and a color hardly confined to his face alone; this shade also coats each hind foot up to the ankle and each forefoot up to the knee, as well as saturating this blue’s belly and the spade of his tail. Last in descriptive line but perhaps most striking in how the pattern lies against his form, Melchiorth’s hide is also stained in places with a rich, shadowy midnight blue, the night-sky color tracing the path of each wingbone through the much paler blue of his wingsails before flowing down to wrap around his shoulders and upper chest, following the musculature as it continues down to the first natural curve of his upper forelimbs, just below the shoulder. But here the pattern is interrupted by four narrow rings of his cornflower blue shade, ending just above his elbows at the edge of the indigo. His upper hind legs are stained with the same navy, from hip to just above the knee, and from just below the knee to his the border of indigo at his ankles. His hind knees themselves are banded with thin strips of cornflower blue in the same manner as his forelimbs, as is his tail – narrow bands of these two shades stretch in sequence down the middle third or so of that long, whip-like appendage, while the remaining lengths to spade and to base are stained the same dark midnight. In form he is long and lean and with no real bulk to his nicely-streamlined form, but there will be a quickness and a wiry sense of power to the way he gains muscle. Comfortably and naturally slim, the narrowness of his build will stop just short of being called lanky, and the natural agility that his body type provides will be an added boon given his fairly large size of thirty-point-eight feet at his final growth.


Melchiorth is a somewhat unexpected compilation of traits, possessing the objective practicality of a blue’s quick mind paired with a bronze’s sense of conviction and initiative – and the result is a strength of personality as striking as his hide. The classic brain power of his color is most certainly evident, but he possesses a surprisingly ingenious creative streak that demonstrates a fundamental disregard for convention. What’s the point of bogging your mind down with thoughts of how you “should” solve a problem? Melchiorth certainly doesn’t see one, and his very straightforward perception of the world around him is furthered by the fact that his sense of self is so well-enmeshed in his surroundings. He has never once viewed the world as something he can’t change, and considers passivity to be a baffling vice fit for only fools and the lazy. The kind of single-minded bluntness with which Melchiorth approaches life can be either refreshing or infuriating to deal with, depending on circumstances, but it is his characteristic bewildered impatience with the round-about actions and thought processes of others that will cause the most social problems for this otherwise perfectly friendly blue. Because Melchiorth, when frustrated, can be a bit of a jerk sometimes - but at least he's always an HONEST jerk, never going further than the genuine truth (that simply didn't need to be said) rather than delivering overreaching insults or meanness for its own sake. It means he won't be liked by everyone, especially the fragile, the sensitive, or those who are especially sympathetic to those types, but Melchiorth doesn't really feel a need to be popular anyway - though this blue does possess a surprising, almost accidental altruistic streak. Personally, he isn’t any zealot; he cares for the comfort of himself, his rider, and his friends, and though he of course wishes others well in a general way, his practical temperament means he won’t necessarily think certain causes or outstanding issues that he observes to be worth his time. But at least such a judgment is always made with a cool, rational head, and never out of laziness or anxious hesitation over the possibility of failure. And far more often than not, Melchiorth WILL simply act – he notices how much time others tend to waste talking themselves into actually doing what they were already intending to do in the first place, and in the end it really is more efficient for him simply tweak things as he goes, whether it's for his own benefit or because someone else is just taking so long to help themselves. But whether it is truly just a tweak or a more significant project, once Melchiorth puts his mind to something, it’s HIGHLY unusual that it won’t get done, and it will take monumental changes in circumstances to get him to admit [temporarily, until circumstances change again] defeat when faced with an impossible task. His quick mind rarely wanders once set to a project, and his powers of concentration and focus are impressive – though his memory isn’t particularly adept past the immediacy of the situation or the day, and he is especially bad with human faces and names. What? It’s not his fault that apart from his rider, they do all kinda look the same…