Player Information

Name: Geo

Wingrider T'ral

Name: T'ral
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 03.16.2742
Craft: Harper (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

T'ral stands at 5 foot five inches, due to living up North all his life his skin color is somewhat pale and easily burned. His hair is a dark blond and is cut very short so it will not get in his way. He has a small nose, large ears, and thin lips, which seem to frown more then they smile. His eyes are what make him stand out though, bright green they are, always taking in his surroundings, searching for something new and different. Freckles dot his face and arms and the occasional pimple may be seen. While not underweight T'ral is on the thin side, no matter how much food he tries to stuff down his throat. Along with not weighing much, he is not very muscular, except for those muscles that are used when singing and playing. His usual dress is a simple pair of tan trouser and light blue over shirt.


T'ral is a very curious person, always exploring, searching, and asking questions. If he sets his mind on something, nothing will stop him until he gets what he wants. Needless to say, he often gets in trouble when he is found somewhere that he should not be, often immersed in other people's business. T'ral can be very helpful and kind-hearted, when he wants to; he sometimes sulks for days over minor insults and injuries. He knows that he should be more helpful to others but part of him just does not care. When he does decide to help others he puts his whole heart, soul, and will behind it, until the task is done taking great satisfaction in the finished job. When with his peers he is rather talkative and loud, boasting of his latest venture or feat. Around anyone senior to him, he is shy and soft-spoken, always giving masters proper respect and staying in his correct place.


Toral was born to a Harper Journey-Women, Kelatha and a traveling Trader, Derkel. Seduced by Derkel, Kelatha journeyed with the Caravan for several Turns bringing the Teaching Ballads to far off Holds. Toral was born in this period and soon discovered a love for travel and singing, which immensely pleased his mother, who had hoped he would follow in her footsteps. At Seven Turns, his father suffered an accident, which crippled him for life, as a result the family moved back to Fort Hold, near the Harper Hall so Toral could begin his Apprenticeship when he came of age. At thirteen turns, his mother was asked to go South and become assistant Harper at East Bay Hold, she agreed and left Toral at the Harper Hall to begin is learning. During the next two years, Toral duly underwent his Apprenticeship and visited his mother seldom. It was on one of these rare visits that a Search Dragon found him suitable to be a Candidate for a future Hatching. Toral accepted the Search and bid farewell to his old life and now resides in the Candidate Barracks at Eastern Weyr awaiting his chance on the grounds.

Brown Umbeleth

Name: Umbeleth
Color: Brown
Size: 34
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Stately, that's what he is, an onlooker will say of Umbeleth. Stately and even regal, if a bit grandfatherly in his carriage he moves with an even grace, never running, and it will be a rare and dangerous event that will have Umbeleth moving at a hastened pace. A long, lean dragon, too, this brown will forever be the sort that looks somewhere between fragile and hearty, with a whiplike tail and long, thin wings. His dusty brown color will make him an inconspicuous sort, nothing much to look at despite his darker brown marking an almost hatlike blob that flops over one side of his face and onto and jaw. His large paws will give him a puppyish look as a younger dragon and lend to his frightening presence as an older one, when he will very much try through his personality and mindvoice *not* to scare those around him or, to be precise, those younger than him. On the other hand, his size will keep him from being a truly frightening dragon; Umbeleth will sit happily just on the smaller side of average for his color.


Umbeleth will be the sort of dragon to be drawn to the Little Ones, both human and dragon. He will be overjoyed by teaching, and will bond himself to the sort of lifemate who agrees with his lofty ideals that the young should be instructed with caution but liberality and that they should be led to live their own lives, rather than told what to do by those above them. He believes that talent rests in each of them, and that these talents must be nurtured and encouraged to become useful, and he believes that he can help explain to others just how to nurture and encourage that growth of talent. In fact, he will make a strong searchdragon, much to the surprise of those around him at least, until they realize that he will make quite the strong dragon all around, if a cautious and sometimes slightly overbearing one.

Talented in a way that will be irritating to those in his classes, he will master *betweening*, drills, and other exercises quickly. He will, as a result, likely try to instruct his peers in how to perform correctly, a flaw of ego that will get him into trouble with his AWLMs. This tendency to achieve is abrasive, but Umbeleth tries to be quiet about it; he rarely brags and is often more a calming influence for his blue and green peers than a bothersome one. That doesn't, however, mean that his didactic tendencies won't annoy his more bold siblings and wingmates. Similarly, he seems to be a champion for the weak, the downtrodden, and particularly the blue and green, believing strongly that it is "not what one was born as that counts, but what one grows to be". This tendency will make him grating and irritating to many bronzes and golds, and in truth other browns, because it means he will always want to make an exception to the rule.

His rulebreaker's status will gain Umbeleth the sign of outcast, even if none of his other attributes could attain it. He will be known as an eccentric, with the tendency to speak nonsense words and croon to himself as he wanders about the weyr. And this brown will be a wanderer as a youth, he will be prone to fits of insatiable curiosity that will carry him far and wide, and as an adult his need to teach those younger or less knowledgeable than himself will also carry him along. More than this, he will fly brazenly in the face of authority as a young dragon, with spit and fire and a damn good reason for his actions. As he grows, Umbeleth will not lose this characteristic, but it will become more subtle in him, as his scheming and planning side arises. And Umbeleth will be a schemer and planner, in a way that is almost disturbing. He will only tell those around him what they need to know to get them to the place in the wheel he's planned for them to go all because, deep down, Umbeleth has an ego. He knows he's good at what he does, and he doesn't want others getting in the way (or getting hurt) because they're trying too hard. A mixture of good will and dangerous ego combine to make this dragon a strings-puller, the sort of brown who will become a force to be reckoned with in the wings, shooting straight up for a wingleader position with shocking speed and ability, and whom the rankers won't quite be able to pin down.

But Umbeleth will have one other fatal failing: his unflagging faith in those around him, in their ability to rise to the challenges presented them. He will tend to almost force those around him to be more than they can be, and they will not always want to be uplifted. It is almost ironic that such a liberal dragon will seem to impose a sort of code of honor, or set of rules, upon those he oversees and works alongside, in spite of their very frequent protests. Not every green has her eye on a wingthird position, not every blue wants to be a great Searchdragon, even if he could be. Umbeleth's plans are not perfectly laid, simply because the trust he places in others is sometimes poorly placed. And Umbeleth will be let down, time and time again, because of this error. Let down and betrayed by people he thought were truly good, dragons he thought couldn't fail. He will be frustrated and annoyed and sometimes snap at those who don't deserve it simply because he was in fact let down by someone he believed in, and it will take his whole life for Umbeleth to come to terms with the fact that not everyone in whom you see potential will grow to reach that potential, and not every human being is innately good.