Player Information

Name: Geo

Candidate Rhianna

Name: Rhianna
Pronunciation: Rye-an-uh
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 03.16.2741
Craft: Healer (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

A first glance at Rhi would result in a brief once over and nothing much else. She isn't one to attract many guys being built without most of the feminine curves. Standing at roughly 5 feet two inches, Rhi has a somewhat stocky build, arms and legs neither short nor long. Instead, those who become her friends will first be caught by her light blue eyes, and the curious red-gold color of her should length hair, which is most often tied back. Small ears, lips, and a slightly larger than normal nose complete her facial features, with a rare freckle or two here and there. Another thing people will notice if they look close enough is that Rhi never wears any earrings or other piercings. Moving past that the next thing that people notice is her pale skin. Even though she was born and raised down South her skin remains a light tone, which burns often in the summer. As such she can usually be found wearing a colorful sunbonnet or some sort when outside. As for other clothing, unless a very formal occasion is upon her, she never wears a dress, preferring the more comfortable and practical shorts.


Shy. That would be the first word to describe Rhi. She hardly ever speaks to those she doesn't know, and even her friends will have a tough time getting more than a few words out of her at time. That said, when she is in a rare talkative mood, one best prepare to have their ears talked off and then some. An energetic spirit, friend's best be ready to play tag or whatever else she feels up to. Rhi loves the outdoors and classes prove troublesome on occasion, as she feels trapped by the small stuffy classrooms. On the occasion when misfortune befalls her, she falls into somewhat of a depression, talking even less and avoiding most people. Anyone wanting to cheer her up best be ready for a long haul. As to the subject of boys in general, they'll have to work hard and long to gain her respect and friendship. Any sudden moves and they'll find themselves shut out. Game Over, unless a very good case is brought forth. In a strange opposite to that, her biggest fear is that of rejection, and being turned away. In a close second storms of any kind will leave Rhi shaky and needing someone to be with.


A niece to the Lord Holder of Eastern, Rhianna just missed out on the usual perks of being in the direct bloodline, as did her two older siblings, Lirom and Theale. Born to Holder Devon and his wife Kya, Rhianna was blessed with a loving family, even if she did hate her full name, and her older brothers awful joking ability. If she expected an easy life being closely related to a Lord Holder, Rhi received a culture shock quickly. Her father, who was a very smart man, planned to bring her up well educated, which meant vigorous days of learning how to run a hold, the usual Harpering lessons, and then various lessons from each craft. All this was geared toward later life, when she would appreciate it. However Rhi didn't realize this for a good long while and though she loved her parents dearly she resented all the extra work she had to do. Deciding that Healing was what she liked best Rhi apprenticed at the usual age, and was both glad and somewhat saddened by the disappearance of all the different types of work. When she turned sixteen she began to realize how nice it was to have a background in varied subjects was and was better able to appreciate how everything fit together. As a young girl, and later as an apprentice, when she was supposed to be working outside, she would often watch the dragons flying here and there, drilling, scouting, and doing what riders do. As all young children do, she often dreamt about being Searched, and now at an eligible age, wondered if she had a chance at being chosen.

Family for Hatching: Father: Devon, Mother: Kya

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Gold,Blue,Green


Name: Skie
Species: Flit (Blue)

Out of a deceptively plain little egg has popped a hatchling who is most definitely *not* plain, and he'll boldly stand up to anyone who says otherwise, so don't even think about it! With a hide splashed a vivid shade of colorful dodger blue, a uniform brightness that coats his skinny form from nose to tailtip, Skie seems determined to stand out against whatever backdrop he is set, and he'll almost always succeed. Quite definitely a runt, he'll settle at an exact length of only twenty-two inches when done growing, a diminutiveness which combines with the fact that he will forever maintain an energetic sprightliness of movement and a gangly thinness of frame to ensure that no matter how old Skie gets, Rhianna will field the question often and forever from those curious and unaware: how long until he grows up?

Never! This little blue is *never* going to grow up, and he'd tell you as much himself, mister, if he ever got bored enough to actually try to mull over the concept long enough to hold that conscious conviction. But Skie isn't exactly a thinker maybe a schemer, on occasion, and absolutely always a creature of active and rambunctious imagination, but not a thinker. The problem isn't that he's stupid (though he also isn't any more intelligent than the average blue flit, which is admittedly limited), the problem is that thinking isn't *fun*, and when you could be having grand adventures and a wonderful time, what kind of idiot wants to just play with their own thoughts and feelings all day? You should invite *other* people to play, obviously this little guy is actually quite self-indulgent of most notions that pop into his little head, but his instinct is to share them in all their mischief, silliness, and cheer, and he is one rare flit who will try to coax other flits (and people, and dragons they're not SO big!) into complex games (ahem, *adventures*, not games) of make-believe.

Seeming to possess a somewhat underdeveloped sense of fear and respect, Skie considers himself bold and daring and awesome and sees absolutely no reason why he shouldn't fulfill that self-image in reality, and thusly does so. He enjoys spunk, energy, and courage in others, though he will also respond exceptionally well to a more gentle, mothering hand, and he will often take an impulsive like or dislike to someone though that opinion only lasts until he sees them again, then they usually get another chance, because why not? When frustrated or angry, this little blue has quite a fierce little temper, and will always protect those close to him. He also has a tendency to tease, sometimes a bit wickedly, when his playful nature takes an occasional turn for the mean-spirited. But he isn't a bad fellow he just does tend to have a bit of a child's view of the world, and concepts of suffering and other ill consequences can seem a bit unreal to him. He'll behave when it's practical, but usually just leaves the scene if he's expected to sit still, and does try to make sure he doesn't make trouble for Rhianna which generally means that the larger capers result *away* from his pet, so that she won't be reprimanded or need to clean up any resulting messes, but at least he's trying, right? Besides, it's not that big a deal! Just think happy thoughts...