Player Information


Wingrider S'mer

Name: S'mer
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 07.15.2740
Craft: Healer (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

S'mer stands at the average height of 5'8. Even at nineteen he still has a slender form and he is unlikely to broaden out any more. Wiry would be the term that describes him.

He has dark blond hair with highlights from the sun streaked throughout it. His hair is untameable and when it gets windy his hair tends to stick up at odd angles. If the Pernese knew who Harry Potter was they would be comparing S'mer's hair to him, but in blond form. Because of this he always tries to keep it cut short.

Although he most certainly doesn't keep up with the latest styles, S'mer does try to look presentable. This is offset badly, though, by his messy hair.

S'mer's eyes are hazel, that could almost be green in certain lightings. His skin is pale, but since he's come to Eastern it has tanned a bit.


S'mer is definitely an introverted fellow. It's not that he doesn't enjoy hanging out with others at times; it's just that he likes his alone time to think. Of course it might also have to do with his social awkwardness. He never seems to be able to make the right comments at the right time and he also has the habit of going off on tangents on subjects most people care little for, like the political situations in various holds. These kinds of things are usually met with the blank stares of others. This has led to him being a quiet guy who only rarely interjects with sarcastic comments.

To earn his friendship, a person has to really reach out to him. Once he realizes that they actually want to be friends, he'll eagerly reciprocate the attention. Unfortunately this doesn't happen all that often.

The lack of socialization leaves him with a lot of time to himself. Oftentimes he can be found reading in the records or pouring over some old medical tome. Now, unlike what some think this isn't evidence of good working habits, it's really just his curiosity showing itself. If S'mer wants to know about something he'll find every source he can find on it and read it intently. However if a master were to give the task of studying up on some subject he finds dull, he is far less likely to delve into it with such fervor, if at all. This has left certain gaps in his education. S'mer might not be able to tell you the exact process of making numbweed, but he could certainly enlighten you on more facts about Moreta's ride and that pandemic than any teaching ballad.

Although it seems that all of his knowledge is secondhand, S'mer could be quite capable of innovative discoveries and he can be quick thinking when it is called for. It might take some drastic measures to pull him out of his dusty books and scrolls though.


Seymer is a product of a mating flight at Telgar Weyr. His father, Emers, was a Healer Journeyman and was just starting to work under the Master Healer at the Weyr when a goldflight occurred. Being fairly new to Weyr life, he was unprepared for the intense emotions. That day left a young bluerider, Ceafel, pregnant with Seymer. Like many women in this situation Ceafel would have been willing to hand Seymer over to a foster mother. Emers insisted on taking Seymer with him back to the Healer Hall though.

Seymer caught on to what he was taught by the harpers with little effort. When it came time to choose where to apprentice he naturally chose the Healer Hall. He was determined to follow in his father's footsteps, which made Emers a very proud father.

It was around this time that Ceafel died from bone cancer. By the time she chose to visit the healers complaining of pain, it was too late for them to do anything. Although Seymer only saw his mother a few times a year, he was devastated by this event. His grief led to him burying himself within his books, and he hasn't emerged much since then.

When Seymer was ten, Emers married a harper named Tora. Within that year they had a baby girl they named Emra. Two years later a boy, Teomar, was born. Unlike in some cases where a new family would have alienated father and son from each other, Emers made sure to keep a strong connection with his son. Although he tried, he was unable to draw Seymer completely away from his obsessive studying to socialize with the family. Although Seymer comes out rarely, he does adore his younger siblings and enjoys reading to them.

Just a few months before Seymer was Searched he was promoted to journeyman. He was at his first post at Flax Hold when he was searched. It was a major surprise to him, after all for the majority of his life he's been focusing on the craft of healing. After some major thought he decided to accept the offer. After all, who hasn't dreamed of becoming a dragonrider?

Blue Aetith

Name: Aetith
Color: Blue
Size: 28.75
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

Aetith is a PRETTY blue. Even without his wings spread, he's got a handsome, deep blue hide, mostly unmarred except for a blue dark enough to almost seem black on his left hind leg. It's that leg that will itch him the worst as he grows, and his rider will have to keep an extra close eye on the blue to ensure he doesn't itch at it too much. When Aetith spreads his wings, it's a sight to behold, however. The base shade is a dark, deep midnight blue, but upon it appeasr a mirage of millions of stars and constellations, some brighter than others. It gives the already handsome blue a particularly striking appearance.

On the slightly smaller side of average for blues, Aetith form will grow to twenty-eight-and-three-quarters-feet at his final growth, and hes all lean muscle with little bulk to him. He'll never have the endurance that even some other blues have, but he'll have plenty of speed and maneuverability in the air. His real strength comes from his ability to quickly assess situations.


Aetith is quite intelligent, too. He'll think quickly on his feet, and generally tends to think outside of the box at that. He'll come up with ideas that others may not think of even in low-stress situations. Despite how well he works generally under high-stress situations, if he's placed under such circumstances, he'll start to crack a little. Generally prefers to project an outer appearance of calm, it'll slowly shatter if he's not given time to himself, time to relax and wind down. Severe stress will cause the generally even-tempered and good natured blue to snap and lash out, even cursing at superiors as his calm is damaged.

He's idealistic to the core, believing absolutely in fairness and equality for everyone. He believes in the law, and even how the Weyrs work. He wants to believe in the goodness of others, wants to believe that the system works.

Aetith will constantly try and do his best for people - he wants to be helpful. He wants to make a difference. But he may find himself misunderstood, and will often feel under-appreciated and rejected by others especially when someone else, someone less practical but more of a dare-devil, plays the hero and gets all the glory. The unfairness of life will create a bitterness in Aetith over time, something that he'll never be able to quite shake. For all that he tries, he'll end up rather cynical. But he won't stop trying. This isn't a blue to just give up, and he'll constantly try to make life better, and try and get rid of the unfairness and injustices. Even if it means taking on the role of what seems like a bad guy. He doesn't want to hurt anyone - he has a strong aversion to violence, even compared to a dragon's natural aversion, and will not like it even when it is necessary.