Player Information


Wingrider K'lar

Name: K'lar
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.25.2728
Craft: Smithcraft (Journeyman) - mechanics
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

K'lar is on the shorter side of average, just measuring out at 5í8. He isnít the most muscular man on Pern, but he definitely isnít wiry either. He has broad shoulders and well defined muscle definition that dragon riding helps keep maintained.

His hair is light brown and curly. K'lar is not an unattractive man, but he doesn't have the looks that make women swoon at his feet either. What draws people in though are his blue eyes, its the first thing many notice when they first meet him. Unless heís unreasonably busy he makes sure that he looks fairly presentable, after all first impressions matter. That doesnít mean he enjoys it though and the one part of his appearance that he allows to run wild every so often is his beard. Thereís just something about having one that he likes and itís not unusual to see him with a bit of scruff on his face.


Kílar is determined. If he decides he wants to do something he will do it and almost nothing can stop him, except Gianarth. Kílar is smart and he knows it, which causes him to become frustrated when others donít catch onto things as easily as he does. His mind is constantly going and coming up with new ideas. Heís the sort who will brazenly go up to his wingleader and tell him what heís doing wrong in how he runs the wing. He does not mince words or beat around the bush if he has an opinion he will say it, even when he isnít asked for it.

This is a man who has no sense of hierarchy, which has caused him problems since itís such an integral aspect of the weyr. This attitude has rubbed many a metallic rider the wrong way. There are very few who appreciate his bluntness.

Kílar judges people on their intelligence and their creativity. In his opinion it doesnít matter if someone rides the smallest green in the weyr, if they have a valid and intelligent idea, they should be listened to.

It takes a lot to gain Kílarís trust. He isnít one to open up right away or at all. Those who make friendly overtures towards him are often run off by his abrasive personality. Very few have the intelligence and tough skin to befriend him. All of these factors have, of course, resulted in him having few friends. He does occasionally pretend to befriend someone if he can get something from the relationship. There is less of reason to do this in the weyr, but in the smithcraft there were trade secrets that could be stolen and young apprentices often times have loose lips. He is in no way above manipulation. Kílar doesnít have any solid ambitions to lead though. If he were ever put in the position he could it well, of course. Unless he feels that heís entitled to a position heís fairly apathetic about leadership.

Trait Summary: Determined, Anti-social, Smart, Arrogant, Blunt, Manipulative


Kylaner was born into a wealthy family who held a substantial amount of land in Tillek. His father was Crionef and his mother Lvaneer, both worked very hard to keep the hold prosperous and to keep up with the high rates of tithes that High Reaches Weyr expected. They had no qualms with cheating the system the weyr had created since they saw it as unfair and unnecessarily taxing on the people. Because of this their hold was one of the best off the High Reaches Protecterate. Kylaner had an older brother, a younger sister and a younger brother; Levacrof, Riova and Crofner, respectively. Levacroft and Kylaner were only 18 months apart in age and both were unusually intelligent. This caused a rather intense rivalry between them from a young age. The harper teaching the hold children had to constantly come up with new things for them to learn. Without the constant flow of new knowledge the two brothers became very disruptive to the class, by pulling increasingly creative pranks as their boredom grew. When they reached the age to become apprentices the harper was glad to see them go, although he maintains they are among the most intelligent he has ever taught. At this point Levacroft began to learn the inner workings of the hold and how to manage it, while Kylaner was apprenticed to smithcraft.

Kylaner found the smithcraft fascinating. He enjoyed learning how things fit together and how to manipulate the environment. Like with the lessons from the harper, he learned at a far faster rate than his fellow apprentices. This created some disgruntlement, but he had hit his growth spurt early and so he was spared the bullying he wouldíve endured if heíd been smaller. He made few friends in his apprenticehood; those who tried to reach out to him were rebuffed with snide comments. Despite his attitude most of the masters teaching him adored him. By the time he was 16 many in the smithing community were betting on when he would gain his Masters, although this was quite a ways off even if he did earn it early. When he became a journeyman he continued to wow the smithcrafters with his innovations and it was at this point he decided to specialize in mechanics. It was when he became a journeyman at 19 that his parents gifted him with a firelizard egg. Kylaner had never really wanted a flit and he told his parents that, but he kept the egg anyway. A few days after receiving it a small pale blue hatched that he named Alloy.

When he was 21 he attended a hatching at High Reaches because his brother Levacroft had been searched. Their parents had been reluctant to let him stand given that he had been raised as the family heir but there was little they could do without raising the ire of the weyr. On that day Levacroft impressed the bronze hatchling Zurath and became Vícrof. Unexpectedly Kylaner impressed from the stands to the brown Gianarth. It was a startling experience for him. One moment heíd been watching his brother walk off the stands with a shaky legged bronze and the next a plaintive voice was speaking to him in his head. At that point he nearly fell over in surprise, but quickly recovered and made his way down to the handsomely marked brown.

In weyrlinghood the two brotherís rivalry sparked up again. It was a repeat of childhood lessons with the harper. They tore through the lessons quickly, but this time the rigid structure of High Reached wouldnít allow for any change in the traditional program. They both chafed at being held back and resorted to breaking the rules for their entertainment. They tried to see who could break out of the quarantine the most without getting caught. They probably would have done more if it hadnít been for Gianarth and Zurath holding them back. When it came to their dragons though the two brothers were slightly more careful with their competition, neither wanted to risk hurting their lifemates. If one went higher than the other or pulled a more impressive maneuver they didnít hold back on the bragging though. Both Gianarth and Zurath found the situation between their riders to be amusing and slightly worrying at the same time. When they graduated from weyrlinghood Vícrof came in first, while Kílar was fourth in the class. This caused him to become bitter with the way things were run at the weyr because he knew that he should have been at least second. The two other bronze riders in the class, who were placed ahead of him, were in his opinion, idiots.

Kílar immediately started off on the wrong foot with his wingleader. The man was a firm believer in the color ranking system, which rankled Kílar deeply. All of his suggestions were ignored simply because he rode a brown. And yeah, okay, he might not have been exactly polite when he suggested them to the man, but still they were good ideas. After he had brought up the suggestions (albeit in a somewhat rude manner), the wingleader had it out for Kílar and seemed to delight in making his life miserable, several times he threatened to demote him to the weyrling wing. Once he actually was demoted for a month. But this didnít stop Kílar from making his sarcastic and insubordinate comments. During this time he had only Gianarth and Alloy for company, since he only occasionally talked to his brother. After nine months though he simply couldnít put up with the attitude in the weyr anymore and he asked for a transfer. It took a month for his request to be processed and then he was sent to Igen. A few months later he learned that Vícrof had transferred to Ista, which didnít surprise him since his brother was a more ambitious version of himself.

At Igen he fit in much better In terms of his views. He still rubbed people the wrong way, but here he had managed to make a few friends and acquatainces. Here he was relaxed enough to work on some of his smithing plans and whenever he wanted some time to himself heíd hole himself up in his weyr and begin sketching, slowly working his way towards the senior journeyman rank. His wingleader here actually liked him and valued his blunt remarks because almost everyone else was too intimidated to tell him what they really thought and Kílar was one of the few that did. Within a year Kílar made wingthird. When he was 27 he was made wingsecond when the former one retired. He stayed in that position until he was 32 when his wingleader was killed in threadfall. At this point he fully expected to become wingleader. He was unpleasantly thrown off guard when a bronze rider was made wingleader instead. From the start the two men got on badly, mostly because Kílar felt he should be wingleader and because of contrasting personalities. Unlike his predecessor this man didnít appreciate Kílarís frank commentary and he was quickly demoted to wingrider. Bristling at the indignity of the situation, Kílar once again asked for a transfer. This time he was sent to Eastern Weyr.

Family: Father-Crionef (+27) Mother-Lvaneer (+25) Older Brother- Wingleader Vícrof at Ista (+2) Younger Sister- Riova (-4) Younger Brother- Crofner (-6)

Brown Gianarth

Name: Gianarth
Color: Brown
Size: 35.25
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: High Reaches
Age: 12

Gianarth is rather average in terms of build, reaching at the just above average length of 35.25. He stands squarer then most dragons, although he is still quite proportional. He has fairly deep chest and a body tight with muscle, that is more wiry than bulky. Over all he is a very well balanced dragon. The only thing that doesnít fit in with this image are his wings, which are bigger than the ones most dragons his size have. This has the distinct benefit of giving him more stamina, while not taking much away from his maneuverability. He can easily last a full fall and is capable of pulling stunts in the air that he wouldnít be able to do without his squarer frame. He has been known to strain a wing a few times and now that he has matured a bit he is beginning to tone down on the aerobatics.

His coloring is eye catching. His head is a dark brown that is practically black. This dark coloring continues down his chest and also covers his underside and ribcage. As it goes down his neck though it transitions into a slightly lighter and redder brown. His wings are a brilliant mahogany, as bright as a maple leaf in autumn. His lower back and upper tail are also this bright color. A strip of the dark brown goes down his tail and dots the end of it. The rest of his tail is a light dusty brown. This shade is also the color his legs are.


Gianarth is a very intelligent, like his rider. Besides that though the two are quite different. This dragon will always think before he speaks; he knows the importance of words, and will strategize so that what he says has maximum impact. He can be wary of strangers, but once they prove themselves to be of strong character he becomes very friendly and outgoing. Unlike his rider he finds loyalty to be of the utmost importance and if it werenít for him, Kílar wouldnít have even half of the small number of friends he has now.

This is a brown that likes to be doing something. He needs to be talking to someone, hunting, playing games, or chasing greens; without that he can be a bit of a pest. Without mental stimulation of some sort he will begin to annoy his rider by constantly listening in on his conversations and making comments all the while, which can be awfully distracting for Kílar. Gianarth can be a bit of a mother hen sometimes. He wants what is best for his rider. When he thinks that Kílar has been working on his designs for too long he will vehemently insist that he go get out of the room and do something other than hunch over scrolls.


Name: Alloy
Species: Flit (Blue)

Alloy is a pale blue, almost grey flit. The only part of his body that are not this shade are the tips of his wings, which are a deep blue. This firelizard is shrimpy, reaching only 22 inches and that's when you pull on his tail a bit. Along with his small stature he also has small wings and a small chest. He has far less maneuverability then most flits his size and he can hardly get a spurt of flame out.

Alloy is also the stereotypical flit in terms of intelligence. It took a long time for K'lar to teach him to carry messages. Even now after 13 years he will still occasionally head for the beach to chase a green than finish delivering his message. This has cause frustration on K'lar's part, but it's hard to stay mad at this little blue for long. He loves to cuddle and even K'lar finds it hard to get mad when Alloy curls up in his lap.