Player Information

Name: Arielle

Master Xaevir

Name: Xaevir
Pronunciation: ZAY-ver
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 12.08.2723
Craft: Dragonhealer
Rank: Master
Physical Description:

Where to begin with Xaevir…he is by no means your average man. Not even your average Crafter. This man is exceedingly tall, standing at a full six feet and nearly half of another. Now, considering his father is also a tall man and his mother’s stature is in the upper range for women, this Dragonhealer’s height is not at all surprising. Generally healthy, he is rarely ill enough for it to interfere with is work. Of a slender build, Xaevir’s high cheekbones and slanted forehead are the same olive tone as the rest of his skin. Dark eyes intelligently gaze out on either side of a strong nose with a bump half way up it from a break he experienced in his teenage Turns. A dark scruff adorns his chin and upper lip, mimicking the dark, reddish-black of his shoulder blade length, scruffily cut hair. Between these bands of stubble Xaevir’s full mouth is often smirking in a very charming fashion, or at least, what he perceives to be charming.

Though he did not pursue a Harper’s craft, Xaevir is blessed with a smooth tenor. This voice is not only mesmerizing when being used for the spoken word; it can be used well in song, as any suitable Lord’s son would have been taught. Fond of singing and fond of women, Xaevir enjoys wooing a stubborn lass or two with a ditty just for her, not to mention all the times he’s soothed a wounded dragon or firelizard with lullabies from his childhood. Another token from his childhood beside his broken nose and favorite lullabies is an allergy that will get him sick every time... dairy. If Xaevir ingests even a little bit of it, he gets incredibly sick to his stomach and almost immediately privy-ridden.

Xaevir has his hygiene in mind always, especially as a dragon healer. He wouldn’t want to get any of his patients sick or start an infection because something went unwashed out of carelessness. His clothes are always clean and unwrinkled. Xae is always sure to clean any of his instruments and insists that all of those who work under him and expect to become dragonhealers do the same. Cleanliness is the best thing for anyone, healthy or not.


Xaevir is not a simple, good man. In fact, his morals are actually rather suspect, especially when it comes to women. To put it frankly, this is one man who loves the ladies and will try to get them into his arms and into his bed, even if it’s only for a little while. Surpassing his average looks, he uses his intellect, good breeding, and position as a Master Dragonhealer to garner the affection of women. Despite his abilities with the ladies, he is not at all interested in being a father figure to his children, almost like the dragonkin he treats. Xaevir does not only appreciate the attentions of the gentler sex; he loves all people and adores being in a crowd. Even though it may seem as if he’s prone to lying if it gets him what he wants, Xeavir’s feelings are always genuine and he would not lead a lady, or anyone, on intentionally.

Another layer to his affection for people, and for women, is his concept of why he can’t stick with one woman for a long period of time. Xaevir considers himself to be almost entirely unselfish. It is the drive behind spreading the love, because he believes his purpose is to give unto others. That is why he left his father’s house at the bidding of a retired Dragonhealer who took up residence in his familial Hold. However, one thing the young boy took away from his holder family was an ability to read and love of learning; in fact, this was a contributing factor as to why he wanted to find a gratifying purpose for his life in the first place.

Well focused, it took a lot of work for Xaevir to surmount the odds of his father’s disapproval of his son becoming a crafter; as well as the opinion of many of the Dragonhealers he studied from that any Holders’ son would not have the mettle to truly be a good Dragonhealer. But Xaevir persevered, though he has never been able to banish his fear of the dark, despite all the times he’s made an effort to do this. He is also skilled in a few other areas that have nothing to do with his craft, for example his ability to throw knives, a trick he learned when walking the tables from a smithcrafter friend. He is also a good hand with animals, including training them; many common holder folk went to him as a boy when they Impressed a young firelizard for help training their new pets.


Father – Xar
Mother – Elitahan
Elidar, brother
Xelira, sister
Xearah, sister
Etrohan, brother
Cavira, daughter of Chasara, known to Xaevir
Aeviare, daughter of Niabe, known to Xaevir
Kevir, son of Keti, unknown to Xaevir

Xar, nephew of the Eastern Lord Holder of the time, and Elitahan were betrothed when he was twenty-six and she sixteen. For obvious reasons, Xar waited till his young wife was quite a bit older to consummate their marriage; he personally felt she was much too young to carry the child of a man ten Turns her senior. This resulted in a son named Elidar. When Elidar was a Turn old, their second son came into the world, Xaevir. A Turn after Xaevir was born, his first sister joined the world, followed again three Turns later by a second daughter; four more Turns after that Xar and Elitahan welcomed their last child and third son into the world.

At age six, Xaevir and Elidar begin to be groomed by Xar to take over their inheritance once they’re old enough. Of course, that time would not come for quite a few Turns. However, for young Xaevir the idea of conforming to what his father and his family expected of his rubbed him the wrong way; especially whenever Xar would reference that Xaevir’s cousin would inherit Eastern Hold one day and that his own sons ought to show the same promise and comportment. Though he did not create too much outward trouble for his tutor and his parents, Xaevir began contemplating searching out a different life than the one they all had planned for him.

When he had just turned eleven Turns old, Xaevir had ventured out into the streets of Xar’s hold. Walking along, trying and mostly succeeding to past unnoticed as the holder’s son, he saw an old man splinting the wing of a young girl’s firelizard. Fascinated, Xaevir stepped closer, observing how the old man endeared himself to the creature and skillfully fixed the broken bones. When the girl and her lizard had left, Xaevir was about to leave too when the old man gestured him closer.

Xaevir moved closer with trepidation but listened eagerly as the old man told him about being a dragon healer. The idea of joining a craft was unfamiliar him; since he was born he had known he would inherit land and a few families to look after once his father passed on. Still, the recent Turns of learning to be a proper holder made Xaevir feel like he was slowly being backed into a corner. For the next Turn, whenever he was allowed in town, Xaevir would seek out the old man and eagerly question him about dragons, firelizards, the crafts, and the rest of Pern. The old man did not encourage or discourage his young friend to pursue dragonhealing, but he did say that for a young lad from Eastern, Southern Weyr might be the best place to begin training.

Two weeks after his twelfth birthday, Xaevir decided there was no reason he couldn’t just ride out of his father’s hold and head to Southern. Xaevir crept through the halls, past sleeping servants and relatives to the stables where he saddled his pony Trinket. After securing his saddlebags and walking his mount as quietly as possible to the gates, Xaevir mounted up and galloped off for Southern Weyr. The trek was much harder and longer than his idealist mind had anticipated; nights were hard and Xaevir only survived to reach Southern Weyr due to the kindness of cotholders situated along the way.

When he finally arrived at the Weyr, Xaevir was brought to the Lower Caverns for some nourishment before the Head Woman figured out what to do with him. When asked, he told her that he had come because he wanted to become a dragonhealer. She raised her brows and brought him to see the Master Dragonhealer of the Weyr. The Master was approving of Xaevir’s perseverance and took him in, despite his knowledge that the weyrbrats and hallbrats would not take as kindly to their new classmate due to his Holder background.

Though Xaevir endured some hazing that first Turn as a new apprentice, it wasn’t until well into his second Turn as an apprentice that real trouble occured. He’d proven to live up to the Master’s assessment that he was an apt student, which irked some of the older students who had been raised with parents familiar with dragonhealing. At nearly thirteen, his voice already cracking for the past few months, three boys decided to take Xaevir aside after one particularly good day in class for the lad. They roughed him up, which he’d occasionally endured before, but this time he decided to fight back. Not the smartest move with three opponents who definitely outweighed him. In short, they broke his nose.

A fellow apprentice found Xaevir nursing his bloody, broken nose. The other lad happened to be in his own Turn and took pity on Xaevir; most of the apprentices who’d arrived the same Turn as he did had grown to respect his spunk. Laneryndon knelt down beside Xaevir and fixed the break with a nice jerk to his left, with a few more feels to make sure it was straight. Xaevir had yelped, nearly crying, but in that instant, when one gaze met another, a friendship capable of lasting lifetimes was born.

A little over a Turn and a half later, Xaevir and the rest of his class became Senior Apprentices. During the past Turn, his friendship with Lane had opened doors with the rest of his apprentice class. They’d all accepted him for the most part, though a few still weren’t forgiving of his “Holder-bred shortcomings”.

The next few months, Xaevir worked even harder than he had as a regular Apprentice. During his free time Xaevir – as well as quite a few of his fellow Senior Apprentices – could be found in the kitchens or bakery, which put the young men – and women – at opportune places to interact with those students of other crafts. Chasara, a young woman in the baker craft, happened to catch Xaevir’s eye. When they were both seventeen, they became each other’s first sexual partners. It was young love at its best, and Xaevir very nearly forgot his desire to roam before even thinking of settling for permanent monogamy.

When the couple had been together for two years, they enjoyed a Goldflight together. Nearly two months later, Chasara sought out Xaevir and told him she was pregnant. At the end of their conversation, the young man was no less surprised but had agreed that if she did keep and mother the babe that he would acknowledge the child as his. Seven months after this conversation and the cessation of their romance, Chasara birthed a healthy baby girl she named Cavira. And true to his promise, Xaevir acknowledged that he was Cavira’s father.

A few months later – after Xaevir had Turned twenty – the young man was promoted to Journeyman, along with his best friend Laneryndon and most of the other lads and lasses of their class. Xaevir’s first assignment walking the tables was at Eastern Weyr, which allowed the journeyman to return home for the first time in years.

When he did take leave of Eastern for a few days to visit his family at Eastern Hold, Xaevir found things quite a bit different than when he had left. Elidar, his elder brother, was married to a pretty young woman from Flax Hold. Xaevir’s eldest sister Xelira was also married, to a fine man named Kanemar, and a mother. Among his siblings, most were sincerely happy to have Xaevir back, and even his mother was happy that he was happy with his place in life once she got over the fact that he ran away to join a craft (note that Elitahan would say ‘craft’ with quite a bit of disdain). However, Xar was not at all pleased with his second son and barely spoke to Xaevir during the entire visit.

During his time at Eastern Weyr Xaevir made many visits home and to the other major holds, partly to see family and partly to help out with the domestic firelizard and wher population. During one visit to Eastern Hold, Elidar was away on business as the heir to their father’s minor Hold, leaving his young wife alone. Which, to be honest, was not at all a good idea considering Xaevir’s propensity for pretty women. The result was a sultry one-night stand between Xaevir and Nadonah, each promising never to tell a soul of their transgression. The next morning Elidar returned and saw Xaevir off to Eastern Weyr, back to his duties as a journeyman dragonhealer.

Next on the list of Xaevir’s assignments away from Southern Weyr was Ista Weyr. The message came for him to ship out to the Northern Continent two weeks after his little affair with his brother’s wife. He didn’t have time to say good bye to anyone but the few who had heard the drum messages and decided to come see him off. Though he did not hear the news while away, Xaevir’s sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl she and Elidar named Edinah eight and a half months after he arrived at Ista. From Ista, Xaevir was assigned to Telgar, and then High Reaches, Igen, and Fort.

When he was twenty-five and installed at Fort, Xaevir entered into a long term relationship with a journeyman tailor from the local Hall. This affair, among his many, was notable because it produced a child, just like his first affair with Chasara had. He offered willingly to accept the babe as his own, though he would not handfast with Niabe. She accepted his offer graciously, surprised that he would even think of making it. When Aeviare was six months old, Xaevir was once again transferred to his next assignment in Benden.

At twenty-seven, Xaevir returned home to Southern Weyr to try and prove to his Masters that he was worthy of being made a Senior Journeyman. Once each of the Journeymen had proved their abilities sufficiently, those worthy were made Senior Journeymen by Southern’s Masters. After a few days of celebration, they all shipped out to new assignments to further their careers. Xaevir chose to stay at Southern and the Dragonhealers who once scorned a Holder boy’s desire to become a Crafter welcomed the talented young man to their Weyr. After a few months spent visiting his children Xaevir returned to Southern and studiously began working towards his ultimate goal: Mastery.

The next nine Turns saw Xaevir’s ability and experience as a Dragonhealer grow by leaps and bounds, especially once Thread returned. Several months after he Turned thirty-six, (without settling down at all, mind you), all of Xaevir’s hard work was rewarded when his Masters handed him his Master’s knots. For Xaevir it was the moment that all dragonriders will liken to their Impression; truly the best moment of his life.

After he gained his Mastery, Xaevir ended up staying on at Southern for a Turn, working as hard as always. Soon after, Laneryndon and Terloryn returned to Southern for their own Masteries, as well as quite a special event. A few months after two of his best friends were installed at Southern Weyr, Xaevir put in a request to transfer over to Eastern Weyr. In short order, his request was granted and now the Master Dragonhealer makes his home at Eastern Weyr, where he once walked the tables all those Turns ago.


Name: Elidyr
Species: Flit (Bronze)

Well, good luck missing this little fellow in a crowd! The reason is obvious – his shinier-than-average hide is starkly two-toned, a contrast that partitions his body in eye-catchingly abrupt blends of hue. The majority of him is coated in a brassy gleam tinged with hints of copper, but from the neck up, the elbow down, and over the swathes of his wingsails he is an extremely pale, bleached shade of bronze, the color of cream or tallow made metallic. He is average-sized for a bronze flit, and actually quite skinny – his torso is streamlined and narrow, the dip of his chest is shallow rather than deep, and his neck, wings, and tail are all long and thin.

Be our GUEST! What, it isn’t time for a party? Well, whyever not? This flit certainly can’t see a reason not to feel festive – gregarious to the point of mild flamboyance (augh houh houh!), this little bronze wants to be everybody’s friend, and will approach life as a single mass, grandscale social affair, bustling from person to person like an attentive, gracious host. With an optimistic, friendly temperament, he is surprisingly polite and mild-mannered for a bronze, preferring to remain calm and encouraging rather than attempting to force his way. Perhaps a factor of his vivaciously considerate, “What can I get for you?” nature, he cannot abide sour faces, and will forever be trying to get known curmudgeons to loosen up and crack a smile.

Name: Tamir
Species: Flit (Brown)

This brown has a highly unusual coloration. Overall, his hide is a rich, dark mahogany, and if you look very closely he has slightly lighter and darker patches. Starting midway up his limbs, the mahogany color darkens to near black on his paws, and the lower half of his tail is also stained with this color. His wingsails and head-knobs are a lighter shade of redish-brown, as well as the end of his muzzle. He is a large brown, and sturdily built, making him appear even larger. This is one flit who is very bold, and he will willingly land on the friends of his pets whether they like it or not. He does have a tendancy to get into trouble, but not on purpose. He is just naturally curious about things. He didn't *mean* to spill is pet's soup, he just wanted to know what it tasted like. Actually, he will attempt to taste just about everything he sees, because he is *constantly* hungry. He will do just abut anything for food - and he will eat just about anything. As a hatchling he especially will be in danger of choking to death, and he will need to be fed very slowly. If allowed to eat when he wants, this little guy will actually eat until he's sick, and will probably end up overweight.

Name: Arzi
Species: Flit (Blue)

Arzi was a gift as an egg to Xaevir from his best friend, to whom Xae gave a canine pup, as a gift when both of them successfully attained Senior Journeyman status. From his looks, this lovely blue cannot seem to decide what color he wanted to be at birth and therefore chose to be all of them. Every single shade of blue imaginable, and some that aren’t, adorn his hide in splotches and blotches of all shapes and sizes. In particular, there is a sea blue splotch over his left eye ridge and half over his head knob, as well as a midnight blue blob covering the other top half of his face. Arzi’s lower jaw and the top of his throat are colored a gorgeous azure blue. The rest of his body is similarly covered in odd, irregular blobs of blue, no two shades exactly alike. In build, Arzi is rather like a stocky tunnelhound, like the kind of canines that go after tunnelsnakes when their owners can’t afford a wher. He is deep in the chest, with powerful muscles wrapping the joints connecting his shoulders and wings. His mottled wingsails are broad, strong enough to lift his body though they look a bit big compared to the rest of his compact build.

Like his master, Arzi is a polite creature. He always asks, in his own fashion, if he is allowed to do something, like sit on someone’s shoulder or play with something that does not belong to his pet. Quite mannerly, Arzi isn’t like those other brash or uncouth males when seeking the attentions of a female; if a female can garner more than just friendly attention in the first place. This oddly colored blue is incredibly friendly, always willing to chatter away with anyone and everyone. He loves playing and meeting everyone wherever he goes, quite a symptom of his incredibly trusting nature. Unscrupulous in his relations with others, Arzi is quite the cuddler, quite like the canine his stocky body makes him appear to be. When not flying about or doing anything in particular, Arzi will gladly be found curled around Xaevir’s neck like a heavy necklace, which the tall Dragonhealer doesn’t mind in the least. Arzi is a dreamer; if he were a human, you’d find him staring off into space humming to himself when he ought to be doing work. Still, nothing can keep this firelizard from being a living, loving teddy bear.