Player Information

Name: Arielle

Weyrling T'val

Name: T'val
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.08.2742
Craft: Lower Caverns
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Standing at five foot eleven, Torival is not the most imposing of men, either from height or girth. Rather, he looks more like he could be anyone's younger brother. His fluffy blond hair that's only a few inches long lends itself especially to this idea,m as does the fact that he really hasn't managed to grow any sort of substantial facial hair yet. That's why he stays clean shaven, to hide the fact that he's still rather scraggly and patchy. Green eyes look out from beneath thick, short eyelashes and nicely defined eyebrows, perhaps the manliest thing about this young man just now. His lips are evenly full, but not so full they're feminine, rather just somewhere between kissable and pouty. A round chin is where the least baby fat is on Tori's face, though the most is around his cheeks. The peaks of his high cheekbones are beginning to be more visible as his face thins out and physically he grows up.

Torival's style of dress is refined, having grown up in a family of Minor Holders and working with the administration of the Holds he's lived at. Color doesn't matter as much as fabric and fit. What he puts on his body needs to be comfortable and classy, because it wouldn't do for someone who looks up to even an underling official to see that official dressed as a slob. Plus he likes looking good, and well made clothes easily fit that bill for Tori. Beneath his clothes, this young man is mostly lean muscle layered with baby fat, much like his face, though the fat on his limbs is much farther along towards vanishing than the fat on his face is. Despite being rather all around adorable, Torival is very touchy about being called 'cute' to his face.


Torival is complex, mostly because he's not entirely sure who he is just yet. He's stuck in that strange place between being a boy and a man with no true defining past to tell him which way to go. He's very intellectual, enjoying all sorts of academic subjects. Beyond even schoolwork, Tori analyzes pretty much anything he comes across. He will sit and stew on it in quiet moments, but is perfectly capable of acting quickly should that moment require it. In terms of his choice of actions he's rather reactionary at the moment, requiring the approval of at least one other person he trusts immensely to validate anything he wishes to do on his own initiative, even if it is something he truly wants.

In some ways, this need of his is caused by Torival's being the youngest of seven. It put him constantly in 'the baby' position, something that really inhibited this young man's ability to find out who he truly is from a young age. While he was a happy child, Tori developed into a more serious and straight-laced young man in part because he was surrounded by so much chaos produced by his older siblings. He found it easier to be a quieter person when everything else falls apart. And luckily for him, that's carried over to any situation Torival has come across in his life. A new farm apprentice swung his scythe into your leg and now you think it's not only bleeding profusely, but also broken? No worries, Tori's got a calm head. Your sister's going into early labor? No problem, Tori's off to find a healer.

As far as the experiences he's bound to come across now that he's at the Weyr, Tori's open-minded but not so sure how he feels about the idea of homosexuality as it pertains to himself. Growing up relatively sheltered and smothered by a big family hasn't been the best thing for developing Torival's more...adventurous tastes. It can certainly be said that he is as a whole particularly unsure of himself and his purpose in the world. The only solution is to get him out of his family's grasp and out of his shell.

Snapshot: intellectual, formerly sheltered, straight-laced, fighting to find himself, eager to please, open minded, curious about the big bad world, insecure


Father: Sorivan (56)
Mother: Tulia (53)
Brothers: Sulavin (35), Tullivan ("Tulli") (27), Siviat (19)
Sisters: Sorilia (32), Trilovi (30), Vironai (23)
Bride's Name: Evgeniya "Eva"

Sorivan and Tulia met when they were young, both in their teens. When she was seventeen and he twenty, they got married - a love match - and three turns later they welcomed their first child into the world. This is not the history of that first child, but rather the history of the seventh child. Torival was born the youngest of his family and thus far is still the youngest, something that's not liable to change. As a child Tori was a normal, happy, energetic kid, running around with his older siblings as much as he could keep up. His brother Siviat, who was only a turn older than him, was a constant playmate.

Tulia and Sorivan tried hard as their brood was growing to give each child equal individual attention, but there's only so much two people can do for seven growing children. And as the baby of the family, Torival didn't have to worry about not having enough attention compared to his older siblings, who'd been used to more than they got after he and Siviat arrived. Most of Tori's childhood was uneventful in terms of specifics, except for the fact that as he grew older, his older siblings with their well formed personalities and occasionally clashing opinions made him feel rather overwhelmed and over-shadowed. This developed in the child a quiet, more serious, and eager-to-please character.

When he was twelve, Torival was shipped off to another family for some fostering and to begin his training as an administrator of Holds and the like, in the equivalent of the Lower Caverns craft. While at his fostering he met the neighboring family, of course, who's youngest daughter was Evgeniya, who was his age. This chance meeting between two young people actually brought together two childhood friends, Tulia and Eva's mother. The two women had grown up together and had lost touch after their marriages. Once the two women were reunited, without their children's knowledge, they began to discuss a possible marriage between Evgeniya and Torival.

When the pair was seventeen, the betrothal was made official and public and neither Eva nor Tori had known before the announcement dinner that it was going to happen. Torival didn't protest too much that night or since because no one else thought it was a bad idea and no one else thought he was too young to marry. Things went okay from that point on for the next turn or so, but as the wedding got closer, the mother's got more controlling and out of control with their plans for the marriage due to the fact that this would be the last wedding eithe. It began to truly worry Tori, so much so that he wrote to his brother Tulli at Eastern Weyr.

The following correspondence led to Torival's decision and subsequent follow through for his plan to run away to Eastern Weyr. Once there he managed to lie low for a few days before being Searched as a Candidate. Now Tori's hoping this new turn in his life will give him a reasonable excuse to stop the wedding and to also have the opportunity to gain a little identity for himself.

Brown Luigith

Name: Luigith
Color: Brown
Size: 28.88
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

Dear Faranth, does this dragon have springs in his paws?? Surely that’s the only way that so squat a creature could walk with such an eternal spring to his step, each pace infused with such a light, bouncing push of his palm that makes each pace quite nearly a hop. And it really is baffling, because this is one of the stoutest little fellows ever hatched on Eastern's sands. Broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, and short of neck, limbs, and tail, he is set low to the ground and it seems miraculous that he manages to stretch to thirty-three feet. A rich, medium shade of nut brown covers most of his squat little form, slightly darker over the hind half of his body excepting the crown of his head and two broad bands that curve from his belly up and over each shoulder to continue up his wingbones like an absurd pair of dragon suspenders. His wings, which are surprisingly broad and powerful, are marked primarily with a deep, reddish mahogany, interrupted by broad circles of pale, white-washed beige. Tan marks the very bottom of each wingsail, nearest to his ribs, this area spotted with two pairs of dusky umber semi-circles. But none of that will wind up getting much attention, because Luigith's last marking is by far his most distinctive – a thick stripe of seal brown splashes smoothly across his muzzle and stretches back towards his eyes, scalloped underneath to resemble nothing less than a dark, bushy mustache.


Jovial, optimistic, and surprisingly bouncy in his movements and in the display of his boisterous personality, this brown embodies the spirit of both a never-say-die attitude and a slightly corny but genuinely good-hearted social instinct. He considers everyone a friend by default, and is steadfastly set against cruelty and injustice. Those things aren't the way to win – you've got to play fair and make sure that everyone has a good time! And if you lose, well, you've just gotta keep trying! Stubbornly dogged through his own disappointments, this brown has the amazing ability to always pick himself up, time after time, and try again - no matter what the task, he’s determined to get it right eventually. And be assured that he will; as many times as it takes, he’ll try, again and again. Since he finds it so naturally easy to keep his own spirits up, he’ll sometimes be a bit baffled by the melancholy of others, but he’ll always be willing to lend a supportive... headknob, as it were. Hey now, there there… don't worry, Luigith's failed PLENTY of times – the important thing is to keep at getting it right! Let's go try again – that'll make you feel better.

When it comes to females, this fellow will be especially helpful and sympathetic, willing to go to... well, frankly ridiculous lengths in order to “rescue” either green or gold from whatever problem might plague her. Once a crush has been established (and that isn’t hard to accomplish, though he’ll only harbor one at a time, being strangely oblivious to other females while he daydreams and strives towards his goal), he’ll be earnest and single-minded in his attempts to woo his lady-love, but he’ll have strangely bad luck with both flights and more ground-bound romantic pursuits. Still, he’ll bounce back from these disappointments just as well as he always does. Oh well. Guess his princess is in another castle.

In Threadfall this brown deliver another shock: he's almost as bouncy in the air as he is on the ground! For so stout a creature, he managed amazing speed and agility, darting from one patch of air to another with powerful strokes of his broad wings. Unfortunately, his eagerness to do his best will put him in danger more often than not, as he pulls off stunts of athleticism usually best left to blues or greens in his eagerness to go after this or that clump of Thread. Minor injuries will be common for him, but somehow he manages to escape serious hurt again and again.