Player Information

Name: Arielle

Wingrider Le'car

Name: Le'car
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 01.01.2746
Craft: Beastcraft (Sr. Apprentice) - runners
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Le'car is the perfectly charming and endearing figure of a farm boy, and is considerably taller than his twin sister. He stands currently at six foot even, but even with the slowing down of his growth spurts will reach six feet and four and a half inches when full grown. (Lea would like to point out that makes him currently eighteen hands tall.) There is perpetually straw in his dark brown hair, kept at a shaggy length. His fringe brushes along his eyebrows when he doesn’t take care to push it out of his face. Lea’s narrow jaw leads to a square chin, vaguely stubborn but not obnoxiously so, and his nose is wide-tipped just like his twin’s. Up towards the top of his face his thick, dark brows are like a ceiling for his blue eyes, unlike his sister’s hazel orbs. His gaze is cheerful and bright, always alert and welcoming to any new comer in his life. The blue color therein is as beautiful as the ocean at dusk, a soft, deep blue speaking of the depth of Le'car’s personality.

Physically, Le'car has a lithe body that is mostly muscle. At fifteen already his muscle mass has the potential for him to fill out into a solid figure of a man when he’s older. As for now, he’s not a weedy, stringy lad. Most of the strength in his muscles that Lea possesses is from his work with the runners of the Weyr and the heavy lifting required to keep the barns stocked with hay and feed, as well as any wood or repairs necessary for the non-cave structures. In this same work related vein, Le'car’s palms are considerably calloused, but despite the roughness of his skin he has a gentle touch – especially when dealing with his precious runners. And his family. Of course, Le'car is a unique fellow and has a particular distaste for shoes, so long as he can get by without them. Therefore he also has quite thick calluses on the bottoms of his feet as well.


Le'car is not precisely the exact opposite of his twin sister, but he is most certainly a warmer, more empathic figure. Given an unbroken runner or a stubborn individual he will just shrug both off with an easygoing smile and deal with it in his own way. It takes quite a lot to ruffle this boy’s feathers. Where his sister seems self-contained on first introduction, Le'car’s personality expands through his pores, making almost anyone who meets him put a smile on their face. He will greet you with a bright grin, a friendly clap on the shoulder or a hand shake, and a hearty hello. Lea is much like his runners, with a herd based mindset and a habit of touching those he considers his ‘herd mates’ in passing throughout the day. He also vocalizes much like the runners, huffing or nickering to people simply because of how much he does it to the runners in the barns. However, this behavior differs when he deals with his superiors; he keeps his distance the way a subordinate runner will to a dominant one. If you understand runners, you will likely be able to read a lot from Le'car’s body language.

However, Le'car is not a runner in soul and body, just in some of his mannerisms. The rest of the time he’s as much a teenage boy as the rest of his age group; but his stubbornness is not made only from his age. He will put his foot down very firmly if he doesn’t want to do something asked of him and it is a hard thing to move him from his opinion. Despite this stubbornness, Le'car does not disrespect others’ own opinions or discomfort because of his beliefs; he merely sticks to his own while being courteous to others. Of course, as a runner, if you disrespect another animal, you get bit or kicked, so on Lea’s part it’s just common sense to show outward respect to others. Of course, Lea does get riled up sometimes and when he is upset or angry, he will get quiet and shrug off further argument or any concern for him. He doesn’t like it when others try to make him feel better, as it only makes him feel smothered. Besides, most people are showing only insincere concern. Perhaps, if one does show genuine care for his feelings, he will be a bit nicer in telling one he wants to be alone for a while.

Despite the difficult way he handles anger, Le'car is a generally cheerful soul. He hates to see others sad and will do his best to put a smile back on their faces, whether it be singing a silly little song on the spot or giving them an impromptu hug. This desire to spread happiness is especially strong when he sees children crying or upset. Though he left the crèche behind many Turns ago, Le'car still adores the crèche mothers and fathers who watched him and enjoys teaching the weyrbrats new things. Above all else, he is gentle with those smaller, younger, or weaker than him, sure to watch his exuberance around them and to let any small child win at an arm wrestle or thumb war. In truth, this is one young man who wishes to make the world a better place and make the day a brighter one for at least one soul every day that he is alive.

Snapshot: easygoing, relaxed, in love with runners, louder than his sister, cheerful, stubborn, kind, gentle, driven, whistles to fill the silence


The twins were not Goldflight induced miracles. Of that they are sure, due to the timing surrounding their births. The other fact of which both twins are sure is their birth date. Or rather dates, as Lanarona was born as the Turn died and Leatukcar was born with the new Turn; had they been runner foals she would have been considered already a Turn old the minute she was born. The twins were given to the crèche only half a candle mark after their birth, to be raised with no knowledge of their true parents. Unfortunately none of the crèche mothers had any milk left for the twins, having either just weaned their own babes or having too many babies for their own milk to add another. Two beastcrafters offered to take the children in, seeing as they had none of their own yet and herdbeast mixed with runner milk and a few herbs provided by the healers had proven sufficient for newborns before. Gizal and Tilarstor fed the twins this mixture for the first Turn of their lives before weaning them off of milk and on to more solid foods.

As a baby, Lanarona was the louder crier. If she was tired, hungry, sick, or uncomfortable she would cry. Leatukcar would deal with such inconveniences with a blithe smile and a sweet gurgle. Their foster parents would pay more attention to him because without checking on him he could go through the day without showing any sign of his various physical discomforts. To some degree this set Lana up to be capable of taking care of herself from a young age. Not to say that Leatukcar cannot take care of himself, he simply did not do so as early as Lanarona did. Mainly because she decided that since she could take care of herself well enough for the basic tasks, she ought to take care of her brother too.

Many babies do well on the mixture of herdbeast milk and supplements fed to infants when no crèche mother has space for them. Leatukcar was not one of them, however, and often experienced colic or diarrhea. Of course, he was a stoic child and rarely cried when he experienced discomfort. For this reason Gizal would check on him repeatedly throughout the day before he and Lanarona were weaned. When the twins were weaned they went back into the crèche’s program as a sort of day care; they slept in Gizal and Tirlastor’s quarters, lived there, spent their free time there, but during the day while their foster parents were doing craft work, Lanarona and Leatukcar were in the crèche.

Lanarona was the sort of child who made friends decently well but had some sort of vibe about her that kept the bullies and bigger kids from really bothering her personally. Whatever it was, Leatukcar didn’t have the same aura. He was smaller than the older boys simply because of his age, but Lea was also something of a chubby kid as a child. The healers all assured his foster parents that he would grow into it, that tall men were often a bit on the chubby side as children. But that assurance didn’t matter to the bullies in the crèche. Sure, the crèche mothers were able to stop it from getting too physically abusive, but children can be mean and children can be cruel. Often, Lea would stand up for himself only for his sister to step in, perhaps with one of her other friends at her side, just as the bully was about to pinch r push him to give the older child a glare of ice that would send the bullies running for some reason. Not to say Leatukcar didn’t adore his twin or appreciate her efforts to keep the bullies from picking on him, he became very frustrated and angry about how he seemed to be picked on for no particular reason at all.

At seven, Leatukcar already knew he wanted to work with runners for the rest of his life. One day when he was hanging around the barns he was wandering through the runner stalls when he spotted one of the smaller runners and got it into his head to try riding on his own; his sister was off playing with a stall door’s hinge, otherwise she might have managed to talk him out of it. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there and Lea slipped into the stall and tried to mount…without a saddle or mounting block, as was customary for new riders to use. Doomed to fail from the beginning, Leatukcar’s adventure took a turn for the worst when he not only made it up onto the runner, but slipped over its back and hit the ground hard, one hand out to stop his downward progression.

Luckily, the healers told Tirlarstor, it was just a simple break of Leatukcar’s wrist and that he would be fine if he kept it in a cast and out of harm’s way for a month or two. Though Tirlarstor was relieved, he was well aware of how active Lea was and the sort of trouble a pair of intelligent, curious twins could get into. And Lea’s foster father was completely right, because while out on a beach excursion with a group from the crèche, Lana and Lea were clambering around some big rocks in a rockier area of the beach. The crèche mothers weren’t worried, but Lea slipped and managed to break his other arm because he had been trying to protect his cast-bound wrist. The healers then forbid the poor boy from any sort of exciting activity so he could heal properly, much to the child’s disappointment. Of course, Lanarona chose to stay back with her twin and keep him company, occasionally sneaking a few small creatures into the crèche for them to play with during his healing process.

At ten turns old Leatukcar was already a good rider, enough so that the Journeymen in charge of teaching the Beastcarafters’ children how to ride were comfortable enough letting him pick his own mount from among the well broken runners and going off on a ride around the pastures on his own so long as he stayed close to the Beastcraft area. On a normal day Lea would have chosen one of the runners that were known to be calm but curious, but on this particular day the three that were his favorites were all being used in lessons for the younger children and one new apprentice who hadn’t learned how to ride before.

That being said, Leatukcar picked the next best choice. Unfortinately, that day wasn’t the best day for him to be riding a mildly finicky mount, as the trail he wanted to ride went past a few rocky outcrops. Among the rocks, the horse spotted a tunnelsnake sunning itself just a moment before Lea did. Unfortunately, he was already flying through the air and heading for the ground. Leatukcar received only a small concussion, but it meant that he was not allowed to ride for a few weeks. When he was back on a runner it was like he’d never had a break from riding, and the next five years saw Leatukcar becoming even better on runnerback – capable of riding bareback without a halter or reins – as well as shooting up like a weed after hitting puberty, experiencing two big growth spurts between the ages of thirteen and fifteen.

Bronze Polloth

Name: Polloth
Color: Bronze
Size: 39
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

This bronze is pretty - there's really no other way to describe Polloth. He's completely uniform in appearance, without the markings of his siblings or even that many other dragons have - but just because his hide is uniform doesn't mean it's boring. Frankly, he doesn’t NEED markings. This bronze shines. He gleams and glitters in the light, with brilliant highlight sluicing their way over his classically bronze hide. While he may not be particularly imposing in sheer size - he’ll wind up stretching to around thirty-nine feet - that doesn't mean that either his strength or his stamina should be underestimated. He's built for lean, powerful muscle, giving him a strong, athletic appearance that lacks any excess fat or paunch.


Polloth is a bit of a disillusioned soul beneath his somewhat shinier bronze persona. Charming, fun, and with a genuine love of enjoying life with the people most important to him, underneath the gleam of his status and handsome charisma he is both mature and responsible, with strong beliefs and ideals. He believes absolutely in fairness. Not just fairness for him, but for everyone. In the concept that everyone deserves to have a voice, that there are laws and you have to follow these laws. In Polloth's mind, no one is above the laws. Not Holders, or Bronzes. Not Weyrleaders or even Goldriders and Weyrwomen. He takes this idea incredibly seriously, and would do anything to ensure that these laws are upheld. Even at the cost of relationships with others. It's not that he isn't loyal - he is, but these are something bigger than him. They're bigger than anyone, and how can we claim to be civilized if we won't follow the laws?

He's not entirely unbudging on this, however. The most important thing to Polloth is the continuation of society - things that are revealed to be a necessary evil are tolerated. He'll never like it. He won't be pleased. But he'll recognize them as necessary at least, and he'll try to minimize the damage.

Driven, this is a bronze that will never take the easy way out, or accept the simple answer. He's intelligent, able to recognize that things are almost never simple. He doesn't want the easy answer. He wants the truth, no matter what. He may come to regret it after he hears it, but he feels the pain is more important than being lied to.

A keenly intelligent dragon, he'll love to have his Rider read to him - all books, really, but particularly those on politics, history, philosophy, and even some that may be frowned on in society. Law, however, will always be a great and abiding love for this Bronze. Unfortunately this intelligence also also means that he will recognize the fact that the fight against thread will not end any time soon. If he or his rider are ever injured badly in the fight against thread, he may well blame the situation on himself, and may sink into despair for a time.

There will be a constant affection there - a wistful sort of love - directed towards Tarbuth. It will likely never be acted upon because of both of their tendencies towards stubborn pride, but it will never entirely fade. Still, Polloth won’t let it hold him back with having relationships with other greens - though only one at a time. At his heart, Polloth wants to be someone’s hero, and he wants to do that right - which means that with studies and drills he wouldn’t have TIME for more than one green even if he was so inclined. Duty first, after all.


Name: Gerdie
Species: Feline

Gerdie is a female feline and thinks of Leatukcar as her ‘staff’. She’s two years old with long, black and white fur. Her four paws are white and she has a white bib and muzzle. There is a black peninsula shape coming down on the left side of her nose. Her yellow eyes are piercing and seem to be always amused. This is the sort of feline who is not inclined to spend all day on a windowsill or a warm lap. She’s always been an outdoor cat, having been one of a litter of six barn cats that Leatukcar adopted.

The most anyone will be able to touch her is only when she deigns to allow you near her. Not to mention that Gerdie’s select few people she actually outwardly likes are Lea, his sister, and Gabril, the Master Beastcrafter who has become something of a mentor to Leatukcar. Should anyone else try to come close, she’ll hiss and swipe out with one paw. Of course ‘close’ is a variable that depends entirely upon the mood Gerdie is in on that particular day