Player Information

Name: Arielle

Candidate Lanarona

Name: Lanarona
Pronunciation: LAH-nah-ROH-nuh
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 13.28.2745
Craft: Beastcraft (Sr. Apprentice) - herding
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Lanarona is on the tall side for girls of only fifteen turns, standing at five feet seven inches. Not only that, she’s got another inch or so left to grow to her full height, bound to stand at five foot eight by the time she is an adult woman. Dark amber brown hair cascades around her face and shoulders, loose curls caressing sun-kissed skin. Often there will be a single, thin braid on the left side of her face, a few beads strung along its bottom with a feather’s quill stuck up them, letting the feather dangle at the end of her braid securely. Lana’s piercingly curious gaze is reflected through her yellowish brown eyes. They’re more of a hazel really, a mixture of plain brown and golden yellow, rimmed with dark shadows.

Between these eyes capable of expressing many emotions rests a nose. Now Lanarona’s nose is not petite, per se, but it is rather delicately structured with a wide tip. Above those selfsame eyes are her natural eyebrows, straight and defined, but not a pair of hedgerows growing on her face. Lana’s mouth is slender but still has feminine curves to them. Sure, they don’t beg to be kissed or sit firmly in a stubborn pout, but they are nice lips if one had to say outright what they were like. Of course, they do sit above a square chin that gives some hint to the actual stubbornness of Lanarona’s personality.

The slight amount of fat on Lanarona’s body only accentuates her curves, which are typified by the respectable bottom to bust ratio she possesses. But this young lady isn’t the sort of girl to show such things off with particularly well-cut or revealing garments. Rather, she’ll wear what is comfortable and serviceable for her craft among the beasts of Eastern Weyr. The fabric may lay in a suitable enough way so that an onlooker can see hints at the trimness of her waist, or the arch of her lower back, but all in all Lanarona doesn’t wear especially flattering – or ugly – clothes. Clothes to her are just that, things to wear so your skin doesn’t get cut, bruised, or burnt throughout a normal day. And as demonstrated by the slightly raised, thick scar on her right forearm and wrist from when she was eight, Lanarona’s days are active and most certainly put her in the position to received damage throughout a normal work day.


Lanarona is an interesting girl. When you see her from across the pastures of the Weyr’s herds she seems serene and one with nature. And she is. She’s rather quiet and there is an essential calm to her person that is clearly palpable when one meets her and talks to her. Especially if she’s just come from her beloved herdbeast and wherries. These creatures are certainly her beloved dependents, which is rather odd for many of the weyrfolk to listen to her talk personally about the wherry roasting over the fire or the herdbeast being cut up for that night’s roast. Lana continues to eat meat and enjoys it, though many of the more sensitive weyrfolk consider her nearly insane for doing so. Perhaps this is just because she relates the life story of whichever animal she’s eating…while she eats it. It is not that she is entirely blind to how others feel about her habits; she just thinks that such things SHOULDN'T bother them because they are facts of life. It is the type of idealism that Lana has very little patience for.

In relation to her twin, Lanarona is the quieter of the two. Which isn’t necessarily saying all that much considering the decibel level at which he speaks, to start with, and the amount he’s willing to run his mouth. She’s quite straight forward an individual, willing to call things as she sees them in a manner that is frankly blunt enough to sting people, if what she says isn’t flattering. Even so, she is not an unkind individual, rather just one who has no patience with white lies and cushioning the truth. Lana is also a strong young woman, in more than one sense. She is physically strong, dealing with large animals all day, but she also has a strength of character and personality that is a force in its own right. Idle, mean comments roll off of her like water off of a stone and if she wants something, she will find a way to get it.

Lanarona is also an intelligent, curious young woman, in more than just a hidebound sense. She enjoys figuring out practical things and how things work. It was often that as a child her foster mother would return to the barn to find her playing with an empty stall door, examining the hinges to find out their workings. Gizal would of course scold the girl, but Lana met such reprimands and punishments with her regular level headed, straight faced stoicism. Once any chores were done, she would only be back at her mechanical explorations again. There was some talk when she became apprenticing age of handing her over to the smithcrafters due to this fascination with mechanical things, but she put her foot down to stay with the beastcrafters.

Her strange opinion on social norms and her love for creatures and mechanical workings does not encapsulate Lanarona, of course. There are other parts to her, such as habits and quirks, which easily fill the cracks between her inanities. Such as her habit of humming particularly off key to fill most silences. Such a habit would not be terrible but for the fact that she does this when there are lulls in conversation, and the fact that she truly is singing off key because she is tone deaf. Another such habit is her propensity to tickle people with the feather attached to her hair, or to trace things with it and inevitably tickle others. These habits indirectly connect back with her lack of caring towards others’ discomfort. Though in these instances, she really doesn’t pay attention enough to notice that they dislike what she’s doing.

One important thing to note about Lanarona is the manner in which she responds to social censorship, in as much as it applies to her. She may do things deemed wrong by society but will not repent for them unless she deems them wrong at a later moment. Should another individual admonish her for her behavior, Lana will be much less reactive than desired to such comments. Perhaps such a propensity as this stems from Lana’s general over confidence in herself. Unless proven wrong by the constraints of reality and Pern, she will believe she can do anything perfectly. Tell her she can’t ride a wherry? She’ll go and try to find the tamest and attempt to climb up on its back.

On a purely personal note, Lanarona refers to herself as Lana, but acknowledges the solid fact that everyone else calls her Rona. She has yet to find someone who nicknames her Lana of their own accord. Perhaps Rona has a more pleasing sound to the general populace. In any sense, she hopes that whichever handsome man of the future that captures her heart will choose Lana as an appropriate nickname herself. She sometimes fancies that that is how she will know he is her true love, but brushes off such silliness the next moment. These daydreams of hers do not touch the light in verbal form; only her twin can guess at her romanticism and acknowledges it as an authentic part of her. All others see her as feminine, but not the sort to swoon over handsome sea-going lads or farmboys. And so does she.

Snapshot: straight forward, level headed, quieter than her brother, laid back, strong, intelligent, curious, blunt, ignores others’ discomfort in favor of her own beliefs


The twins were not Goldflight induced miracles. Of that they are sure, due to the timing surrounding their births. The other fact of which both twins are sure is their birth date. Or rather dates, as Lanarona was born as the Turn died and Leatukcar was born with the new Turn; had they been runner foals she would have been considered already a Turn old the minute she was born. The twins were given to the crèche only half a candle mark after their birth, to be raised with no knowledge of their true parents. Unfortunately none of the crèche mothers had any milk left for the twins, having either just weaned their own babes or having too many babies for their own milk to add another. Two beastcrafters offered to take the children in, seeing as they had none of their own yet and herdbeast mixed with runner milk and a few herbs provided by the healers had proven sufficient for newborns before. Gizal and Tilarstor fed the twins this mixture for the first Turn of their lives before weaning them off of milk and on to more solid foods.

As a baby, Lanarona was the louder crier. If she was tired, hungry, sick, or uncomfortable she would cry. Leatukcar would deal with such inconveniences with a blithe smile and a sweet gurgle. Their foster parents would pay more attention to him because without checking on him he could go through the day without showing any sign of his various physical discomforts. To some degree this set Lana up to be capable of taking care of herself from a young age. Not to say that Leatukcar cannot take care of himself, he simply did not do so as early as Lanarona did. Mainly because she decided that since she could take care of herself well enough for the basic tasks, she ought to take care of her brother too.

As children, Lanarona was inseparable from her brother. Where one went, the other was sure to be found. Gizal often let them wander together since she could always be sure of eventually finding them near the Beastrcafting area. And the twins were often to be found in the sprawling paddocks and organized barns. Once they could walk and run, they begged to be taught to ride. Well, Leatukcar begged to be taught to ride and Lanarona was taught because what one did, the other followed suit. However, when on runnerback, Lana would always lead her mount closer and closer to the wherries or the forests in an attempt to see the birds. Or she would stare in awe as dragons feasted upon the herds or took off to go on missions or visits. From a young age, she was enamored of flying things.

Of course, the wherries, while domesticated, were not docile creatures. Lanarona learned this first hand when she was eight Turns old. The young girl had been leading her runner by the reins since she didn’t particularly want to ride at that moment and had walked over to where the wherries were kept. Back by the barns and paddocks Lea was still riding and chatting with the runner-specialized journeyman who was in charge of watching and teaching the twins. Lana did not, on that day, wish to deal with land-bound animals. Instead her sights were set on winged creatures. Having no firelizard and no dragon, she had to settle for wherries. Besides, baby wherries were cute and the big ones were inspiring. Walking closer to the fence between her and a particularly nice specimen of a wherry, Lanarona reached out slowly and calmly, humming soothing melodies so as not to startle the beast while she hopped slowly up onto the fence’s rails.

Unfortunately for her, the creature did not appreciate her proximity and therefore reached out and bit her firmly with its beak. Now wherries are large creatures and eight Turn old girls are not. In short, Lanarona’s arm was quite gashed up; she fell back off of the fence and her arm – cut to the bone – hit on some of the rocks along the ground, breaking the bones in her arm, which popped partly up out of her deep gashes. Her runner bolted when the wherry went for him, which was part of how the journeyman and her brother knew something was wrong. The other part was the fact that she screamed for a few minutes, blood spewing from her arm and tears streaming down her face. Luckily the wherry had missed the artery in her wrist, otherwise she might have lost the hand or perhaps eventually died. As it was, she spent months in a cast and bandages and earned a nice scar and a hearty reprimand for her misadventure. Though burdened with a new respect for wherry beaks, Lanarona was not deterred from her love of winged creatures.

The Turn before she would apprentice as a Beastcrafter, Lanarona’s birthingday present was an adorable ball of fluff. A canine puppy, to be exact. Rust and black and white, the young she-pup followed Lanarona everywhere. The girl decided to name her dog Seri and trained her to help with herding. By this point in her life, Lana had stopped going every single place her brother did and was moving on towards becoming a more independent individual. Which was a very good thing, considering that though they had both decided to apprentice to the Beastcraft, albeit in different specializations; Leatukcar to his beloved runners, and Lanarona directed herself and her desires towards the far-ranging wherries and herdbeasts.

Family for Hatching: Gizal, Tilarstor, L'kai (unknown father)

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Gold


Name: Seri
Species: Canine

Seri is a female canine of four turns. Her coat is a mixture of white, rust, and black, where her paws, chest, and the underside of her neck are white – as well as a thin white line down the center of her belly - with a top that is rust colored and accents along the edges of her red-brown bits of black. She is a sleek lady, her double layered coat giving her extra warmth in the colder months but also depositing more hair just about everywhere she goes. Luckily for residents of the Weyr, that’s mainly outside caverns. Seri’s floppy ears and rust eyebrows do quite a good job portraying this canine’s varied emotions and daily commentary. Because she does possess quite a personality of her own.

Seri is intelligent and loves to learn. If she is not provided with distraction, she’ll find her own way to amuse herself, which can certainly annoy other Weyrfolk seeing as such a sizeable, lively dog can do quite a bit of damage. But Seri isn’t destructive. She is fiercely loyal to her family, specifically Lanarona, but all members of the girl’s family fall under this canine’s particular care. She is a bit tentative around strangers, but won’t attack them unless they are a threat to those she loves. And Seri loves quite visibly, often affectionate to Lana or Lea and even offering Lea’s Gerdie a lick or two occasionally. Seri is also a bit of a tough cookie nobody should mess with, willing to do more than her share of work and take on any opponent. As a pup, she once took it in her head to challenge a dragon. The dragon didn’t eat her, clearly, but he did warn Lana to teach her dog some better manners.