Player Information

Name: Arielle

Searchrider Kalenia

Name: Kalenia
Pronunciation: Kah-lehn-eeuh
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.25.2737
Craft: Smithcraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Searchrider
Physical Description:

Kalenia is a young woman of average height, standing at roughly 5’6”. Her snapping eyes are an intense, impenetrable dark grey, occasionally shielded by her sleek auburn hair when she tilts her head forward and to the left, observing you. Beneath her grey eyes and their thick lashes, her slim nose accents slender cheeks and rosebud mouth. Though more on the small side, Kale’s lips can easily transform into a wide smile or kissable pout, perched above her rounded chin. Just like her nose, Kalenia is a slim woman, and though her limbs may appear weak, they are wiry from days at the forge or on Runner-back. Moving with a straight forward gait, any sort of flounce is a foreign motion for her. Rather, her movements and habits reflect her personality, though never in a manner that is not equally self-aware as they are expressive.


Having grown up around sharp, shiny metal objects, Kalenia is no stranger to self defense and fighting. Some call her a jumpstart, while others are a tad nicer with the straightforward label of ‘defensive’. Kale is quick to take offense; though once she knows you reasonably well she might decide to employ her meager self control in not biting your head off. With as little self control as she has, it is no surprise that Kalenia is a rather reckless being. Always ready to head off on the merest, craziest scheme, she doesn’t enjoy taking ‘no’ for an answer.

As stubborn as she is defensive, Kale can accomplish any goal she sets her mind to. If you dared her to sing an ode to the Weyrleader professing her love off key in the middle of dinner, she’d do it, ignoring the consequences. On top of her reckless abandon for life, Kalenia is quite tactless. Admittedly, she’s gotten better since her days of standing in the center of the Hold market square and pointing out every little thing she noticed to her mother, whether it be pleasant or not, or the subject within hearing distance or not. When she says something imprudent or offensive, however, Kalenia will do anything in her power to make up for it.

Balancing out her painfully obvious flaws, Kalenia is a compassionate soul. While disinclined to go out of her way to help the downtrodden of the world, she will gladly jump in if someone needs help and is clearly desirous of it. In short, she’s more of a torch-carrier for the underdog than a philanthropist. Also, on cue from her Weyr’s liberality, it is not strange to see her being quite vocal in advocating new things, no matter their insanity (based on her stubborn recklessness).


Father: Bryce
Mother: Kinenia
Siblings: Adonia (sister, 1 1/3 Turns older), K’ray (2 Turns younger, Weyrling at Igen Weyr)

The daughter of a smithcraft craftmaster and his master wife, Kalenia has been around the craft since birth. Before entering the weyr as a candidate, she assisted her parents and their apprentices, though she never officially entered the craft. Always ready to run rampant with the boys, Kalenia grew up heedless of any disgruntlement in her Hold over her behavior. She thoroughly enjoyed running races with the boys, playing at swordsmanship with sticks, and practicing archery to bring down small game.

Growing up, Kale was very loved by both of her parents, though because of her demeanor, was quite the daddy’s girl. Despite being her father’s daughter, Kalenia did not enter the swordsmithing trade and never thought to. She loved the metal, in all its phases and temperatures, but it did not sing for the way it did for Bryce, and eventually Adonia.

As she grew older, Kalenia took more and more time out on errands for her father. Her ulterior motive for this helpfulness was so she could feel the wind on her face while riding the family Runner. Over time, her fitfulness became more and more obvious to her family and friends. When a Search came through the Hold, it was a relief not just to Kale, but to the rest of the Hold, that she had been chosen. Now, she would get her wish of endless freedom, she thought, and the Hold though, ‘at last, she’ll be out of our hair’.

Green Ilyenath

Name: Ilyenath
Color: Green
Size: 24.75
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4

Ileynath is a deep forest green least on top. Anyone seeing this dragon from above will marvel at the pretty and deep hue of her hide, but anyone seeing her from the side...well. You see, Ileynath's stomach and the undersides of her neck and tail are a bright mint green color, and it looks as if the forest green of the rest of her hide has trickled down onto her stomach. Those trickles have formed shapes that look suspiciously like leaves and vines, and also trail the length of her, from the beginning of her neck to the end of her tail. The way she moves and acts will draw attention to this odd and yet striking coloring.

This green is about average size for a green, or maybe just a smidge over. Every limb, from her wings and legs to her neck and tail will be absolutely proportional. This is one green who will never go through that awkward phase where her wings seem too big, or her legs too long. Even as a hatchling, her limb proportions and way of moving will exude an air of regality and elegance.

And have no doubt, this green is very regal. Her mindvoice has a tendency to take a haughty edge to it, especially when people aren't listening - she just doesn't understand why they aren't listening. They should be listening! Arrogant? Oh yes, Ilyenath is a green that just knows her worth, her beauty, and her intelligence. And chances are slim she'll ever let you forget it, either.


She's very much so in the spotlight, sometimes purely by accident, and sometimes purposefully. After all, even looking past her stunning hide that stands out all on it's own, she has other ways to draw attention to herself. Intelligent and eager to learn, her rider will be constantly pushed to do their best, and will no doubt have to restrain Ilyenath from doing anything too soon, before she does something truly stupid that endangers lives. It's not a matter of meaning to - arrogant she may be, but she never wants to hurt anyone.

Unfortunately this is also a green that's painfully impatient. She just never will like having to wait to do something. What? But we're learning to fly tomorrow? I want to learn TODAY. On top of that, she won't understand why she needs to wait. She feels ready now, so what if the others aren't? It'll take a strong-willed lifemate to keep her reigned in all the time, because this forceful little green is ready to go and do things NOW, and you'd better believe that the one that's closest to her, her beloved lifemate, is going to go along for the ride.

She also has a tendency to be a bit snobby, looking down her nose, so to speak, on those who she sees as below her. She's very much used to getting her way - and why not? Doesn't she DESERVE to get her way? And who are YOU to tell her no anyway? Still, this green certainly does have her virtues - she's capable of being quite levelheaded at times. She's got a good eye for talent, and she has a very strong sense of family, which will cause a great deal of loyalty towards both her clutchmates and her weyr. The closest she'll get to anyone, however, is Viendath, holding a sisterly fondness for the other green far into adulthood, and never seeming to get over it.

This will also apply to Merdilith, who will be one of the few who she would never dream of looking down upon. She'll quickly come to view him as a father-figure, despite his status as a brother, and will always call him Merdilith, rather than brother or clutchmate. If he tells her no concerning something, she may pout and be upset a bit, but in the end, she'll listen. She also has a tendency to fawn over Merdilith, giving him attention none of her other clutchmates will receive

At first glance, this green seems very prim and proper, if snobby, and that's exactly the mental image most will walk away with. Charm them, make them think well of her...and they'll never suspect the absolute mouth this green has. Listening to her brothers, to a few of her sisters, even her life mate, will quickly teach her some of the more...colorful phrases and words in Pernese language.

In truth, most of the words she uses that are foulest will be concerning her bronze brother, Roalth. Oh, she's exceedingly fond of him, but when he works to push her away, she digs her claws in, and good luck getting her to back off - she WILL get him to accept her. In that way, she's as stubborn as he is - push her away as much as he wants, she'll always be right there, not caring if he thinks she's 'safer'. Perhaps her flaws are things she just needs time to grow out of, but either way, Ilyenath is there to make sure that Weyrlinghood is going to be a ride her bonded won't soon forget!


Name: Blaze
Species: Flit (Brown)

Blaze was found when Kale and K’ray went wandering through the sands one day. His egg was one of six in a wild gold’s clutch. Only three were brought home with the two children. Of the three brothers (a blue with K’ray, a bronze with Kinenia), Blaze is the most curious. He adores exploring his surroundings in a very hands-on way. He is a very fun loving flit, enjoying playful games, baths, and especially hide-and-seek. At three and a half, Blaze has developed a good sense of when Kalenia is about to get into trouble. Though he is curious, the brown flit would prefer not dealing with the hassle his mistress incurs through her shenanigans. Because of this, however futile it may be, Blaze does attempt some type of cautioning to Kale. It is not often, but she does occasionally listen to her little pet that is quite a bit smarter than most would think.

Physically, Blaze is a dark chocolate, fading to lighter shades at his claws, wing tips, and snout. His build is slim, but has an ability to fly for long stretches of time…for flits, at least. He couldn’t reasonably keep up with a dragon, for example.