Player Information

Name: Arielle

Wingrider E'lix

Name: E'lix
Pronunciation: EH-licks
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 03.08.2740
Craft: Farmcraft (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Ealix is a pleasant lad to look, though he's not likely to go about winning any beauty contests. His build is rather unimpressive on the whole. He's just another average farmboy to most people. His body is strong, having worked on farms his entire life prior to Search, but it does not lend itself to appearing so. His face is oval with a wide nose and wide smiling lips. Ealix's brown eyes, so like his mother's, will more often than not have a faint sparkle to them, his cheerful, optimistic personality shining out. He wears his medium brown hair to his jaw, with its natural flip out at the bottom creating something like a skirt for his head. Since hitting puberty, his face has taken on a rather scruffy look, as his beard grows in rather quickly. Ealix's style is wholly comfortable. He wears serviceable, sturdy clothes that allow movement and comfort. His one piece of jewelry is a silver bracelet, left to him by his mother.


Ealix has always been and will likely always be a cheerful soul. It is unusual for him to be despondent without a very good reason. He is also optimistic. In any situation he will always look on the bright side, and encourage others to do the same. Ealix is loyal to a tee. If you've befriended him or done something good, he'll stand by you. Even so long as you've done nothing wrong, he'll be there. He stands up for the underdog, always, though he's sometimes one himself. He's not a leader, but he can think for himself, which puts him in an interesting position when domineering people try to order him or anyone else around. Ealix, however sweet and good natured, is most certainly not naturally charming. He bumbles his words occasionally and often ends up speechless when in front of a pretty, nice girl. He's also a kind-hearted person, always willing to lend a helping hand or willing ear. He'll leave a bowl of milk or scraps for a stray cat or dog and take his time enjoying a beautiful day as he walks around the Weyr.

Character Snapshot: cheerful, optimistic, loyal, stands up for the underdog though he's sometimes one himself, not naturally charming, kind-hearted


Birth-Father: Eamon, +20, cotholder/farmer
Birth-Mother: Flixi, deceased

Foster-Mother: Fyen, +20, Master Farmer
Father of Fyen's Children: T'em, +26, bluerider
Foster-Siblings: T'bur, +4, brownrider Nalor, +3, Journeyman Vintner
K'dan, -2 months, Southern Bronzerider
Kalid, -2 months, Senior Apprentice Beastcrafter
Nidra, -3, Southern Greenrider
Nadel, -5, Apprentice Beastcrafter
Ghahin, -8, Apprentice Farmcrafter
Iaena, -12

On a quaint farm a day's hard ride from the Lord Holder's Hold, a young man and his new wife were about to usher their first child into the world. The young woman, Flixi's, labor had started early in the morning, early enough for her nervous husband, Eamon, to call for the nearest Healer. The birth was long and excrutiatingly difficult. Eamon was near a panic when he was finally allowed in to see his beloved and their new child as the sun was setting. The birth had been much more difficult than any could have thought and though Flixi was concious and strong enough to hold the couple's young son, she was hemorrhaging. In her lasts moments with Eamon, she was able to say good-bye to both her boys and to name their son Ealix.

Eamon, was of course, bereft, but he had to carry on, take care of his farm and his son. And Ealix would not be alone for long. When he was a boy, Eamon had grown up with a few close friends; one of them, a young woman named Fyen, was the neice of the Lord Holder, daughter of his sister. At the time of Ealix's birth, she had been nearly seven months pregnant with what would be the third child of her and the father of her children, T'em, a blue rider at Eastern Weyr. Fyen's Healer, who happened to be in the employment of her beloved uncle, strongly suggested she take the end of her pregnancy out in the country. Due to this recommendation, Fyen gladly visited her recently bereaved friend, Eamon.

Until Fyen's own baby, or, rather, babiES, as she'd birthed twins, the young woman happily nursed Ealix as well. Unfortunately, she did need to return to her older sons, as well as her mother and duties. Near Ealix's first birthday, Fyen returned to her true home with her twin boys and left Eamon once more alone on his farm with his son.

As a child, Ealix was cared for the best his father could manage. Despite the lack of a mother, the young boy was well-raised, always smiling and cheerful. Even before Eamon knew it, Ealix, still cherub faced and downy haired, was learning to walk and talk. From there, it was not long before Eamon did not work the farm alone. Sure, Ealix could only do small tasks at first, but even watching the small herd of heardbeasts for an hour or two was a huge help for his father.

As he grew older, Ealix became more involved in the farm and its every day running. The duo became more prosperous with Ealix's greater involvement, able to spread their crops out over another field and capable of taking care of the herdbeasts and runner much more easily. There came a time, however, when Ealix was to be sent from the farm to be fostered. Eamon wanted his son to have at least some experience with how a family was supposed to be and decided to send his son to Fyen, now a soon-to-be mother of eight upon the culmination of her current pregnancy. So with quite a bit of sadness, Eamon handed his twelve year old Ealix off to T'em, the bluerider who had fathered Fyen's children, who would then take the boy to Fyen and the rest of her family.

When Ealix arrived at Fyen's home, he was understandably overwhelmed, considering there were six new children he'd never met before, (at least, who he didn't remember ever meeting), all clamoring to greet their new housemate. Wading through the mass of children, a quite clearly pregnant Fyen headed forward to greet her husband and the boy she'd nursed as a babe. Upon seeing the woman's welcoming smile, Ealix relaxed some, enough respond to the other children's questions and greetings without giving himself a heart attack.

After that first chaotic day Ealix made fast friend with the other two twelve-turn-olds, Kidan and Kalid, as well as their younger and currently only sister, Nidra. With such friends as that trio of siblings, Ealix soon abolished whatever sort of shell he might have been forming from his first twelve years of life in relative solitude. Kidan, especially, was a very outgoing lad and ended up having quite an influence on Ealix the first Turn he was with Fyen's family.

One particular incident from shortly after Ealix's thirteenth birthday displays how he'd grown from the overwhelmed, breathless boy he'd been when he'd arrived. Ghahin, the youngest boy of the family, had been playing in the nursery room, baby Iaena sleeping in her cot, when Nadel had walked in and begun to play with the younger boy. When Ghahin wanted to play alone, Nadel started griping at his little brother, saying things about how he wouldn't be needed now that Mama had Iaena. Of course, being only five years old, Ghahin didn't understand that his brother was simply hurt and began to cry. Ealix, who had been walking down the hall at the time, had heard most of the angry exchange and headed into the nursery to berate Nadel and comfort Ghahin, even though he didn't spend all that much time with either of them on a regular basis.

While he was fostered with Fyen, she saw to many of Ealix's educational needs. As a boy on his father's farm, he had learned to do the basics of figuring numbers, something necessary to unsuring a farmer knew what and how much he'd planted and how much he ought to earn from it. Under Fyen's eye, as well as her mother Fayna's guidance, Ealix learned to read and write and even expanded his knowledge of mathematics alongside the twins and Nidra.

It was during these schooling sessions that Ealix really learned how to respond and interact with his peers within a work and learning mind-frame. The younger children were handled mainly by Fyen and one of the drudges, and the older boys were each on their way to their chosen professions, T'bur as a brown weyrling and Nalor as an Apprentice Vintner. This left Ealix one of four who, despite the small size of their 'class', each had to find their own way to assert themselves. That was something Fayna was quite adament her grandchildren learn, the ability to hold their own in a group, and just because Ealix was not biologically related to her did not exclude him from her influence.

In such a family as he was fostered among, Ealix had all the support and affection and discipline a child could possibly wish for. Of course, he did get to see his father some, but not even remotely as much as he'd been accustomed to prior to his fostering. Speaking of support and affection, close to his fifteenth birthday Ealix had an accident involving a runner that left him with a large scar across his upper arm and shoulder blade, as well as producing a broken arm and clavicle.

During a quiet day at home with his foster family, Ealix was relaxing with the other children behind the house, reclining against the wall as the youngest children ran around. T'em had come for a visit the day earlier, bringing along a friend. The two dragon riders had stayed over night and now that they were about to leave, Fyen's mate came to speak with Ealix. When they were done talking, T'em announced to the rest of the family that his friend had Searched Ealix, and that the sixteen year old would be returning to the Weyr with them.

Ealix enjoyed Weyr life, fitting in well with his fellow Candidates. Though he didn't Impress at his first several Hatchings, he stuck on, glad to be at Eastern, even if he never became a dragon rider. And then came the Hatching where he Impressed brown Bisouth and became E’lix. Since then, E’lix has continued working hard and proving himself worthy of the dragon that is his lifemate.

Brown Bisouth

Name: Bisouth
Color: Brown
Size: 34
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Bisouth is a deep, almost muddy sort of brown. He's not exactly as dark as mud, but he's rather the color of it when it's stuck in that half dry, half damp color mud usually is when a mud puddle has had about an hour or so to dry. This color is unrelieved along his whole body, until you get to his neck. The strangest markings encircle his neck. Just like his neck seemed to be wrapped in bandages, so does his neck. It looks like someone took a strip of almost tan color and wrapped it a few times around his neck, letting the ends trail down the front of his chest just to stop at about mid-forearm length. Bisouth is always particularly aware of this strip around his neck, and from the way he acts you would think he was hiding something behind it.

He's not a huge brown, muscle wise. Bisouth is actually quite slender, but with that slenderness comes length. What he lacks in muscle and bulk, this brown definitely makes it up in length. Sure he may only be able middling for a brown, but for all of that just the way he looks he seems a lot longer than he is. Both his neck and his tail seem to have been stretched, though his neck ends in a perfectly wedge shaped head. For all his seemingly stretched-ness, Bisouth is rather elegant. He moves with a poise and grace that seems to shout "dangerous", though it's not intentional, nor does he utilize this particular quality of himself. To Bisouth, he's only dangerous when he has to be, and that's when he's protecting himself, his rider, and the rest of Pern from Thread.


This is definitely one dragon who won't put up any sort of fight when he's given a command. In fact, that's what Bisouth prefers. He adores being given direct orders. "Bisouth do this" or "Bisouth do that" are just about the only way you can get him to do something. He's basically useless when it comes to deciding something for himself, preferring instead to have his rider or whoever happens to be commanding the pair of them to make the decisions. This is one dragon who definitely has no ambitions in the leadership department. He was born to follow, and he is most definitely okay with that role. His rider may not be, if that particular rider had any ambitions to ride to wingleader or wingsecond, but oh well.

Bisouth is mysterious without meaning to be. He's not a dragon of many words, unless he's talking to his rider. His rider is the one person who will get to glimpse all of Bisouth's secrets. Granted, the dragon doesn't really have secrets, but the air he gives off suggests that he does. Not just any normal secrets, but painful secrets. Secrets that could be the cause of why he doesn't sleep so well, or why he twitches almost non stop at the times that he does get some sleep. Secrets that may be hidden behind a tan-colored "bandage" wrapped around his throat....

Then again, you want to make sure he's a friend. This is one dragon you certainly don't want for an enemy.


Name: Umi
Species: Flit (Green)

This green is, in many respects, simply a typical creature in terms of appearance. The hue of her hide is a merry spring green, the shade bright and youthful but not particularly striking - pretty, but fairly common. Though she isn't entirely without distinguishing markings; her wingsails are awash with subtle lilts of color and saturation that form a dappled pattern of light and shadow over that thin membrane. It is this marking which tends to go beyond 'pretty' and into the realm of 'beautiful' in the eyes of many, but the variation is slight enough to be hard to truly appreciate from a distance, only appreciable in its full loveliness when viewed close up. In fact, most of this green's appeal is best visible close up - from a distance, for example, she will merely look forever tiny, nearly a runt in her size, but when one is near her fine and dainty bone structure becomes evident. Her slim form is streamlined, and her movements are at once both energetic and graceful, infused with a ready sense of sprightly potential.

This energy is a potential which will play out in a slightly surprising way - while it could be put to flighty excitement, or flirtation, or vanity, as with so many greens, with this particular creature her self-appointed purpose seems to be obedience. It isn't just that this green is well-aware of and completely comfortable with her place in the color scheme; she simply had an inherently helpful and slightly subservient nature, eager-to-please, eager-to-help, eager-to-serve. She'll constantly be looking for ways to help those around her, whether it's hurrying to fetch a small item the instant someone reaches for it, or making sure her pet doesn't ever want for a message-carrier or person-locator. And there's no reason to feel sorry for her because of that attitude, because behaving that way honestly makes her happy. She is a natural and voluntary beta - everybody needs to feel important, and this is her method. However, that doesn’t mean that she'll be so keen to assist that she'll make a constant bother of herself - she *does* want to have a life now and again, and when she doesn't see anything immediate that she could assist with she doesn't hesitate to begin to play. It doesn't matter what - she can invent a game out of almost anything, a youthful instinct for fun and friends making sure that she'll rarely lack for either. However, responsibility will always win out - oops! Gotta cut this game of tag short for right now - my pet's calling!