Player Information


Weyrling Z'ran

Name: Z'ran
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 06.09.2737
Craft: Glasscraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Ziran is what many would describe as non-descript. He tends to keep his brown hair short, although as it grows longer, it becomes more and more unkempt, until it reaches what he calls "critical mass," getting it cut again. His slate-blue, near grey eyes are set off by a scar across the bridge of his nose from an unfortunate incident with an uncooperative piece of glasswork. While safety conscious as much possible in his crafting, his hands bely the work he does with burns and a few small scars as well. He stands just under 6 feet tall, although most people would guess slightly shorter.


Ziran is very friendly and outgoing... to those he knows. Although able to strike up a conversation in passing with most anyone, he doesn't easily let people through his guard, so while known as very pleasant, he has a few close friends, and a metric ton of acquaintances. Ziran tends to keep his opinions closer to his chest than many, so as to avoid offense as much as possible. The flipside of this friendliness is seen in his response to betrayal. Although forgiving, when pushed too far, Ziran will remove any involvement he has with those offenders. This can make for some awkward times if he has to deal with the person on a regular basis, so he tries to minimize those situations and endure through the rest. Ziran takes negatives harder than most, and as a result is not very confident in himself and his skills.


Since his youth, Ziran has always seen the dragons flying through the skies, whether preparing for Threadfall or as they arrive as transport or for Gathers. As he grew through the single-digit ages, he snuck around the dragonriders who came to Tillek Hold when he could, listening to their stories about their weyr (mostly of High Reaches, of course) and great maneuvers they'd performed while on drills. But shortly after he turned 10, his parents brought some crushing news; they had been transferred to the Seacraft hall, not down the peninsula, but on the other side of the world; at East Bay Hold. Within a matter of weeks, they had set sail for the Southern Continent and arrived to begin their new life. Ziran imagined that he would probably follow in his parents' footsteps and enter the Seacraft when he became of age to be an apprentice. But while exploring his new world, he came by the main Glasscraft Hall in East Bay, and was transfixed as he watched the journeymen and masters turn sand into clearest glass before his eyes. And although having glass windows made was nice enough, it was the few glass artists in the area that really got his attention. Shortly before his 12th Turn, he told his parents he wanted to join the Glasscraft. Although taken aback, his parents supported him, with the reminder that the sea was always there should he look back. But he never did. He threw himself into his training in the craft hall and becoming a journeyman on time at 20. But while training, he never forgot about the dragons. Although the sneaking ended as he grew older, the wistfulness of his rider watching never waned. The one time he never was near was when riders came by on Search. A few times he was gathering special sands from distant pits; others he would be at sea with his family or visiting a Glasscraft hall on the Northern Continent. But never was he near a Search. And then on the day he turned 23, riders from Eastern Weyr landed at East Bay on search. When the dragons' trumpet came as some of the riders he knew congratulated him on his day, he chalked it up to celebration. But then the riders eyes' glazed over briefly before coming back to him, and then he heard them suggest the most ridiculous thing; that he had been Searched. After processing this information clearly, Ziran put his life in order, and on hold, and flew to Eastern Weyr to begin a long-desired (and perhaps overdue) candidacy.

Brown Galth

Name: Galth
Color: Brown
Size: 22.7
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 0

There’s no getting around it - Galth is just a BIG dragon. Not only will he measure to a full thirty-seven feet at his final growth, but there is an undeniable sense of sheer MASS to him - bulk, girth, heft, stature, stockiness, sturdiness, he’s got it all. But despite his thickly-muscled-and-in-some-places-just-thick frame, Galth is also a dragon who is not one for subtle physical expression - he throws his all into anything that he does, and he does love to be on the move. A smooth shade of sepia over most of his hide, it is only Galth’s wings that are extraordinary, but extraordinary they certainly are - a sea of dull, dark umber is blotched with contours of tan, themselves dusted with areas of richness and pallor... overall it does look a bit like some kind of atlas has been stained onto his spread wingsails, but what kind of world could it be?


Galth’s personality is a surprise, from a brown - while many of his color tend to be diligent and steady of temperament, this is one outlier who is both gregarious and emotional, and who feels more comfortable going to extremes than toeing the middle line. No matter what the situation is, Galth has a habit of pushing things just a liiiiittle bit too far - and while many will surely enjoy the sheer energy and sincerity that this dragon brings to everything he does, others will find his constant pushing of the envelope to be tiring. Not that Galth will mind, especially - while he is a highly sociable fellow, he’s also quite capable of amusing himself, and he usually cares little what any individual dragon thinks of him. The only one whose opinion ALWAYS matters will be his rider; as self-assured (but not showily) confident as Galth is, he tends to assume himself capable of whatever he puts his mind to, and the only one he assumes just as capable is his lifemate. Accordingly, his rider will be one of the few for whom Galth will respectfully reflect on his behavior, and probably the only one who will be able to instantly check his behavior in an emergency.

Perhaps most fascinating about this Galth’s tendency toward extremes is its universal applicability - he goes too far with everything, but just WHAT line he’s crossing depends on the situation. Underneath it all, he does have some trouble with simple emotional regulation, and therefore it’s ALL of his sentiments that seem so stubborn and strong, from joy to grief to affection to rage to disappointment to envy to calm to gravity to pain. Life is just a bit more raw for him than it is for most browns, or indeed most dragons, but Galth wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter what, he ALWAYS feels alive.

Another major way that this brown deviates from the norm for his color is that he avoids responsibility like the plague. When he does find himself responsible for things, he actually does surprisingly well, but he’ll never understand those browns who LIKE it, and seek it out. To him, having the weight of the world on your shoulders would be nothing but a punishment.