Player Information

Name: Allie

Weyrling Mynica

Name: Mynica
Pronunciation: Min-nih-cuh
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 06.09.2741
Craft: Tanner (Apprentice)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

A tan, slender girl standing at nearly 5’8, with shimmering black hair and light brown eyes, Mynica should look like the quintessential Southern girl. But…she doesn’t. Possessed of a nose too large for face, slightly crooked teeth and a smile that disconcertingly resembles a grimace, Mynica won’t be attracting any male attention. It doesn’t help that she’s struggled with acne throughout adolescence, and even as she enters her early twenties, it doesn’t seem likely to go away any time soon.

From the way she walks, however, a casual observer could be forgiven for thinking Mynica lives in a state of blissful ignorance about her looks. With a perpetual spring in her step, she holds herself with an easy confidence and nearly always has a smile on her face and a glint in her eye.

She dresses like a pretty girl too. She favors light pastels that do little for her coloring, bulky styles that hide her figure and elaborate hairstyles replete with curls. Even with the demands of weyrlinghood, her short hair is nearly always styled, or as styled as she can get it in…the morning. She’s been forced, however, to switch to more practical clothes for the duration of weyrlinghood and these days can be seen wearing mostly black, but she has her “pretty” things stored away, just in case.

Despite having a decent enough body, as such things go, Mynica…isn’t exactly an athlete. Easily becoming out of breath, she can’t run more than a few dragonlengths. She tires equally quickly at craftwork and the more physical Candidate chores. There’s most likely no real reason why she COULDN’T get into better shape, she doesn’t want to and that’s that. Err, right? Weyrlinghood is going to be…interesting.


Mynica possesses a peculiar mix of dedication and laziness. Laidback about life in general, she allows most realistic milestones to come and go with little effort. From Harper lessons to craftwork, she could succeed, if she gave a flying feck, but she doesn’t. Ask Mynica why and she’ll respond with a shrug and a giggle, asking what’s the point? She’s happy, isn’t she?

When it comes to an unconquerable challenge, however…Mynica’s all ears. From Candidacy to flying a full Fall to getting that cute guy from Candidate lessons to hit on HER, if it seems like it can’t be done, well, than Mynica’s going to give it everything she’s got. Possessed of a surprisingly strong work ethic, when she chooses to use it, Mynica chases impossible goals with a sort of fervent effort and dedication that might convince some there’s hope for her yet.

But deep down, Mynica fears failure. Terrified of not being good enough, of admitting that she’s nothing special, Mynica would prefer to put her energy in a hopeless cause, where there’s no shame in failing, and approach her duties with a levity that allows her to shrug off imperfect performances. Sure, she probably COULD have learned that ballad if she tried, but she was busy chasing fire lizards by the lake. She nearly caught that bronze one too…

Mynica doesn’t have friends. She has acquaintances and friends-of-the-moment. Despite being too impatient to build or maintain relationships, Mynica likes people. While she may have little interest in initiating a get-together and doesn’t particularly want to discuss the meaning of life, she’s quick to approach strangers for a bit of superficial shooting-the-breeze. And while she’s not exactly pretty, she loves to flirt, which can be more than a bit off-putting to uninterested parties. Most of the time she doesn’t mean it exactly…unless you want her to, that is.

Breezy and easy-going, it takes a lot to get Mynica riled up. For the most part, she doesn’t care. As long as she can do what she wants, or mostly what she wants, she’ll shrug off most peoples’ eccentricities easily enough. And if the person in question has no interest in being a friend-of-the-moment? Well, she’ll just have to convince them. That’s all the more sign they need a friend-of-the-moment, isn’t it?


Father- Myndaret, Journeyman Dragonhealer
Mother- Huelthica, Journeyman Baker, failed Candidate
Brother- Mynuel, Journeyman Dragonhealer, Candidate

Mynica was never the center of attention. The fifth of seven children, she never doubted that her parents loved her, but also grew up well aware that they had little time for her specifically. Her older brother, Mynuel, took care of her well enough, watching her most days. But that didn’t mean she didn’t strive to gain her parents’ affection, to make herself the special one, just for a moment.

Soon realizing that she wasn’t particularly good at much of anything, from Harper lessons to chores to filching bubbly pies, Mynica never managed to monopolize her parents’ attention for very long. Rather than attempting to MAKE herself good at something, Mynica grew into a chronic dabbler, trying a bit of this, a bit of that, shrugging it off with a quick grin when she realized she didn’t have the knack for it. Easily drifting from one craft to the next until she was fourteen, trying Bakercraft and Dragonhealing both in an attempt to appease her parents, before deciding they bored her, finally settled on Tannercraft, more by default than anything else, after being told she was growing too old to be starting a new Craft each half-turn.

When she turned fifteen, Mynica entered the Candidate program. No one from her family had ever Impressed, despite the fact that her mother and all her older brothers had stood, but that didn’t mean Mynica couldn’t, right? Of course not. Applying herself to Candidacy with a fervor most had never seen from her before, Mynica, over the turns of her Candidacy, memorized nearly every lesson X’lan gave, was one of the first on the sands each clutch and did her chores with a sort of diligence that suggested she really thought that changing glows would help her Impress. Deep down, did she actually expect anything? No. But that was what made it fun!

Never advancing far in Tannercraft, as much from a lack of drive as a lack of skill, Mynica is still an apprentice, which would drive her crazy, if she cared. But she doesn’t, as she will loudly explain to anyone who dares insinuate otherwise. If she wanted to, she would have. But she’s going to be a rider. You’ll see.

And then it happened. While standing for one of Channith’s clutches, Mynica, to her surprise as much as anyone else’s, actually Impressed, the most perfect little blue: Perth. Now that she has…she’s not entirely sure what to do with herself. But…she’ll bet she’s mommy’s favorite now, first in her family to make rider? Yeah, she can live with that.

Blue Perth

Name: Perth
Color: Blue
Size: 18
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 0

Perth stands out. And not just because his name sounds much like the planet on which he lives (although this does not escape him). Or the fact that his egg looked much like a giant eyeball staring everyone down. No, he manages to grab attention all on his own - the hue of his hide is somewhat of a shock, a rich and rare sapphire that truly warrant stares. There is not the slightest hint of green or violet leanings to be found within this shade, a blue so pure and saturated that it seems almost otherworldly in its glamorous, unapologetic uniqueness. But that's only the beginning on this blue - his back legs are intricately marked with soft, brush-stroked streaks of navy and cerulean, making him appear strangely feathered from paw to ankle, an odd enough sight. But it's when he snaps open his wings that onlookers really stop and stare. While the bones and top of each wingsail are the same pure sapphire as the rest of him, the undersides are even more detailed than his hind legs. A large circle of almost incandescent ice blue is stamped upon the center of each wing, with three faintly feathered wings growing outward from the perimeter at even intervals. The bottom 'wing' seems to extend even past the wing bones and onto each leading wingsail, as if this strange symbol is determined to display its full image. Perth is not the largest boy, growing to only slightly over average size for a blue at thirty feet, but the glamour of his hide and his equally glamorous personality compensate easily.


Many blues are stoic, introverted, thoughtful fellows, the type to stay in the background. Perth, on the other hand, is a blue on a mission. That is not to say that he lacks a sense of humor or appreciation for good times - in fact, his constant striving for daredevil adventure may well indicate that good times are the entire point, but his bar for that label is set quite high, and he’s constantly raising it for himself. This a blue who is driven to be forever seeking more and more stimulation, an ever higher thrill. He is also incapable of saying no to a challenge, and needs his rider to provide balance and reason before he takes on the Red Star on a dare or because he’s having an otherwise boring day. Perth does not believe in limits, and if his motivation is to protect someone--like, say, all of human- and dragon-kind--then it is ON. Nothing gets him going like an adventure or the idea of saving some innocent lady strapped to a rock. Or lounging on her ledge, whatever. But for all that Perth can be seen as reckless and impulsive, he is also remarkably successful. Maybe he just doesn't know that he is in fact fallible and not invulnerable, or maybe it's his deep-seated belief that he is special. Maybe it's help from others. Whatever it is, the scary thing about Perth is that he almost always WILL get it done, no matter how impossible it seems. He’s just kind of scrappy like that.

When not on missions to save everything and everyone, Perth is surprisingly fond of watching boats - he loves conversing with Seacrafters, and will go well out of his way to help stranded or even just slow-moving boats on windless days. Okay, so maybe it’s not so out of his way - this blue does enjoy long flights over the sea, a calming indulgence when he can spare the time. Of course, soaring in general is always fun for him - have you SEEN his wingsails? He has, and is rather of the opinion that everyone else should too. A highly sociable dragon, Perth luckily enjoys company more than simply talking, otherwise he might grow a bit tiresome with his habit of regaling people about the grand exploits that he barely remembers.