Player Information

Name: Allie

Wingrider M'kan

Name: M'kan
Pronunciation: Mih-kahn
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 10.24.2744
Craft: Beastcraft (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Still a bit scrawny, M'kan has finally reached 5'7 and hopes to eventually make it to 6'0, although he likely won't, as neither of his parents were tall. His skin is neither particularly pale nor particularly tan, leaning only slightly towards the pale side. His hair, a bit too long despite his new weyrling haircut, is constantly a mess, his curls, dark brown with occasional blond highlights, sticking up in every possible manner around his thin face. This face is dominated by a large, crooked nose and large hazel eyes. M'kan's thin lips are overshadowed by these more prominent features, except when he smiles, which is often. The young rider has a large, bright smile that scrunches up his large eyes and draws attention away from his large nose.


M'kan is an optimist and a true romantic. He continues to believe that old weyr values hold true and that it is a rider's duty to protect those weaker than himself. Trusting and more than a bit naive, M'kan lets these beliefs run his life. After all, everyone knows the right thing to do, so they'll do it, right? And even if they don't, everything will be all right in the end because everything is ALWAYS all right in the end. This romanticism lends M'kan an enthusiasm towards life and everything in it. He approaches each task cheerfully, fully believing that he will succeed, but that if he doesn't, someone will help him, someone will have to help him.

M'kan is as easily committed to an abstract idea as to a palpable cause. Adopting his crusades quickly and without much cause, M'kan stubbornly adheres to his latest principles even in the face of seemingly fatal flaws within them. Whether M'kan's cause is forever exempting the weyrlings from the dreaded latrine duty or convincing the weyrling master to let him fly thread a month early, M'kan is invariably its most vocal, and often its only, proponent. These plans are rarely well thought out and the genuinely practical ones receive little more care than the truly insane, as M'kan claims he genuinely cannot tell the difference.

M'kan's sense of humor is lively and open. He cracks the obvious joke in any awkward situation and, like many former weyrbrats, is a fan of pranks. His pranks are often far-fetched and imaginative, and rarely successful. M'kan is aware that maybe his idea of dragging a dead herdbeast into the girl's portion of the Candidate Barracks was a bit morbid and that maybe he didn't exactly have the technical details prepared and that maybe he did deserve to be caught, but it was fun and he almost did it, he did! Of course, now that he has his Attith he's a bit more careful, but not much.

Beneath this seemingly innocent, youthful personality, however, M'kan has a keen, if repressed, sense of logic. He knows his plans won't work, he knows his goals are often hopeless, but he can't admit this to himself. For, if M'kan sees the world as logical, he'll have to admit that he isn't really anything extraordinary. He'll have to admit he is just another rider. So M'kan pretends that he doesn't know, as ignorance is bliss. He betrays his intelligence only rarely, making a seemingly obvious observation that others have overlooked. These moments, however, are scarce enough that they are hardly defining points in his life and rarely arrive in time to save him from trouble.


Merkan was born to a greenrider in a post-flight tryst with a brown rider. The flight wasn't her dragon's, it was a queen flight, and his brown hadn't even attempted to fly the queen, but that didn't stop Merkan from coming into the world, healthy and happy, exactly nine months afterwords. Merkan's mother, Merrila, and father, B'kan, had little time for a child, as both were devoted to their weyr and their dragons above all else and had little desire for a family, so like most weyrbrats, Merkan was given over to a foster mother. His foster mother was a drudge who cared for him well enough, but never played an overly large role in his life, as Merkan spent most of his days roaming the weyr. Like most children, he got into fights, made friends and pulled lots and lots of pranks. Or, rather, he attempted to pull lots of pranks. It would be more fair to say that he was caught trying to pull lots of pranks. This didn't exactly earn Merkan the best reputation, but he didn't mind. After all, such behavior was simply expected of a weyrbrat, even if his foster mother didn't see it that way.

From Merkan's second turn on, he seemed a bit younger than the other children his age. He never struggled with his lessons or chores enough to raise concern, but there was an innocence about him that led his foster mother, and his friends, to suspect that he needed looking after. They were soon proven corrected as Merkan developed a tendency to find himself in trouble when left on his own, through an ill-timed joke or a poorly executed prank. While Merkan's foster mother attempted to watch him constantly, Merkan frequently managed to slip away from both her and the foster sibling she sent after him. He was frequently only found AFTER he had innocently mocked a particularly irritable bronze rider and been assigned a sevenday of latrine duty. These encounters continued even after Merkan became an apprentice beastcrafter when he turned twelve. They grew less frequent, however, as Merkan was often happily out in the fields with the herdbeasts, able to do whatever he wanted away from everybody else.

Merkan's still too frequent escapades, however, led his foster mother to suggest he wait a turn the day to stand for the first time. He had already been searched, but he was irresponsible, she claimed, and not ready to be a dragon rider as of yet. Merkan was devastated by this suggestion. Sure, he liked beastcraft, but he was born to be a rider. Merilla, however, stepped in on his behalf. Her son would be a rider, she was determined that he would, and he would stand for this clutch. SHE had Impressed when she was fifteen, after all, so so could Merkan. Merkan's foster mother reluctantly capitulated under the combined pressure of mother and son and Merkan was permitted to stand. Nobody, however, truly expected him to Impress, except Merkan. Merkan did, however, manage to walk off with a teal-blue dragon, who surprised everyone who knew his rider with his cool, competent logic. Now, M'kan is a weyrling, who no longer gets into QUITE as much trouble, with Attith watching him. Besides, M'kan does NOT want to be held back from graduating.

Blue Attith

Name: Attith
Color: Blue
Size: 31.5
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Nearly as large as a blue can be, Attith is a strong and athletic creature, his body clearly built for stamina, insofar as his color permits. He will develop into a leanly muscular dragon, strong and able and without a wasteful ounce on him. One should expect him to have a head shaped in the same mold, with lines handsome or rugged, but far from delicacy in either case; nonetheless, Attith's face could not be prettier or finer, and the overall effect is somewhat androgynous. The effect is not dispelled by the blue's color, which leans greenish—rather heavily to teal, in fact. In some lights he may even appear turquoise, which may lead some to incorrectly identify him as a gigantic green from a distance. With only six markings—peculiar pale strips rather like bandages above each foot and just below his hips—there is no spot or stripe of vivid blue on Attith's hide to make his color any clearer.


Attith is a very typical blue in that he is preoccupied with intellectual matters and spends a lot of time in his own head. Logic is the pretty blue's king, and everything must bend before it. If something does not make good logical sense to Attith, he quite simply will not do it (or anything else, really) until the asker gives up. When he is young, at least he will be somewhat tractable, and his rider will be able to change his mind through careful argument; however, as an adult, Attith will become quite comfortable in his own intellectual superiority, and if he can't convince himself, no one else stands a chance. Though he will bend to his rider's will if it is sufficiently exerted, Attith's resistance will force the pair to be exceedingly careful in dangerous situations requiring Attith's immediate compliance.

Part of the blue's obsession with logic is a conscientious coldness and impartiality. He prefers intellectual distance over emotional intimacy any day, and even sidesteps any undue display of affection for his rider inasmuch as he is able. When it comes to it, Attith is impartial to a fault: even should he take up the logically supported side in an argument or dispute (which he does but rarely, and almost never when pressed), he remains oddly distant from everything but the facts. He does take cool pleasure in being so very clever and in his ability to arrive at a logical conclusion first . . . but Attith would never admit to being competitive. Oh, no. To be competitive would be to admit to investment.

The only way one really sees Attith give in to emotion is in self-sacrifice and, of all things, an enhanced passivity. Sometimes, whether because he has concluded it necessary or he falls under a brief spell of impulsiveness, the blue will fling himself into danger or volunteer himself for punishment to help or save others. When he does so, Attith can calmly and complacently accept even mortal danger in a way that will frustrate his Weyrlingmaster and eventual Wingleader and lead them to perhaps curb their faith in him. The whole business seems to be something of an elaborate self-defense mechanism: because he is uncomfortable with his feelings, Attith would sooner give himself over to fate or slip into a horrible lassitude than fight against circumstance and work for his own fortune.

That said, whatever engenders this extreme passivity in Attith also seems to allow him to circumvent his own stoicism. He is intelligent and imaginative, if distinctly uncomfortable with imagination in general and his own in particular. When, very rarely, his creative mind sneaks around the smooth, high walls of his logic, Attith can innovate and come up with new ideas that often come with a tricksome, shy suggestion of a sense of humor.


Name: Wherry
Species: Flit (Bronze)

This is one bronze that will catch the attention of many an onlooker, despite being a tad undersized for his color and thinly built in a delicate, almost feminine way. His hide is a rich coppery-bronze that gleams as brightly as a newly minted Terran penny – the color deviates only on his left forepaw, where it turns to a brassy green-bronze as if the area were tarnished. He’s quite sensitive about it, and tries to keep the public’s admiring gazes away from the offending appendage.

This little fellow has an inflated opinion of his self-worth and an ego worthy of a proper bronze dragon, and conducts himself with poise and an air of aloof haughtiness. He’ll be notoriously difficult to train, but responds well to flattery and bribery. Still, his bonded will have to learn that this bronze is intent on doing things his way, and on his own time.

As an adult he’ll chase many females, gold and green alike, but he won’t often win. It won’t be for lack of speed, stamina, or clever aerial tricks – but it will almost be as if this bronze doesn’t want to catch, as if his heart isn’t really in it. Indeed, most every flight he does win will be due to some lucky fluke rather than through actual intention. Funny, considering that he does seem to enjoy the doting attention of the members of the fairer sex. It might lead some to wonder if he’s just toying with all those unwitting females…And, if anyone could ask Wherry, he would tell them he absolutely is. Sure, he likes winning flights. But he knows he can win flights, and it's funnier to try and screw with them. If they really want him, well, then they should let him win. Because Wherry doesn't settle for anything less than the deepest and most honest of admirations.

Stranger still is the company he prefers to keep. Charming females is fun for a while, but it does get boring. No, this bronze likes to spend much of his time with other males and reserves a softer and truly friendlier demeanor for them and them alone. It’s quite a remarkable deviation in his personality, and even his bonded will notice that he will deliver messages faster to male recipients and will relay clearer and more detailed images when they involve men. It doesn't matter if the male in question is human, flit or herdbeast, for some reason Wherry simply seems to prefer communicating with male minds. Very strange, indeed…