Player Information

Name: Allie

Weyrling Cavira

Name: Cavira
Pronunciation: Cah-veer-uh
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 12.01.2741
Craft: Dragonhealer (Journeyman)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Cavira will never draw attention from her looks alone. While tall for a girl, at five ten, she is thin, approaching scrawny. Her features, while not quite horrid, are far from beauty. Cavira's nose is far too large for her face, her lips are thin and her eyebrows are thick, brown and unresponsive to any efforts to tame them. Her tan skin and brown wavy hair are unremarkable in the southern continent. Her brown eyes should be equally ordinary, but there is always a determined glint to them that makes some people take a second look. Not everybody, but some people.

Cavira, having never been particularly vain, typically dresses fairly casually, favoring pastel colors and simple cuts that do something to hide her too thin body and practically non-existent breasts. She wears her hair tied back and out of they way of her face and hands. The one luxury she does allow herself appearance-wise is jewelry. Cavira loves jewelry and is rarely found not wearing, at the very least, a necklace, a bracelet and at least two rings. These accessories can sometimes border on gaudy, but Cavira typically saves her flashiest gems for special events, much to her mother' relief.


Cavira, while not vain, is confident. She's nineteen turns old, weyrbred and a newly promoted journeywoman dragonhealer, and she knows she'll be a master eventually. This confidence typically expresses itself in her willingness to express her thoughts, regardless of their correctness. These thoughts are often critical, as Cavira compares those around her to herself and finds them wanting. She is particularly unimpressed with her fellow candidates. So few of them have a back-up plan and the weyrbred ones should know how few of them will Impress. She knows what she's doing and she needs to share this wisdom, Cavira firmly believes, and has no qualms about doing so to Candidates older and more experienced than herself.

While Cavira loves herself fairly thoroughly, she loves her craft even more. After turns of study, she is a confident and adept healer and is confident that she has seen the worst her craft has to offer. This confidence is a bit misplaced, as she is still protected from the truly horrific injuries due to her youth, but it enables her to maintain a calm facade while examining injured patients.

When it comes to other people, when Cavira isn't offering unsought advice, she typically avoids them. Cavira very often quite frankly can't think of all that much to say to most of the fools she seems to end up around for some reason and doesn't see the point in bothering with small talk. If she's not going to enjoy the conversation and you're not going to enjoy the conversation, then why have it? Surely you can find a better use for your time, right? Cavira has lessons to learn, bandages to wrap and numbweed to boil. Go do whatever it is you do. Due to this attitude, Cavira does not have overly many close friends, male or female. And, in all honesty, that doesn't bother her in the slightest. Nope, not even a bit. Whether or not that's the denial talking is...a matter of debate.


Cavira was born in Southern Weyr and was indoctrinated with their liberal agenda nearly from the day she was born. Raised to believe it was ability, not birth or dragon color or anything else coincidental that determined worth, a lesson firmly enforced by her mother, Chasara, Cavira was competitive from the day she could walk. Cavira wanted to be the best, wanted to prove her worth to, well, everybody. She pushed herself at Harper lessons until she could remember the songs perfectly and sing with flawless pitch. She pushed herself at play until she rarely lost a race. The only thing she never attempted was pranking. She wanted to be someone important someday, after all, and important people followed the rules.

When she was finally old enough to apprentice, Cavira, despite her numerous cultivated talents, knew exactly what she wanted to do. She would be a dragon healer, like her father. He was well on his way to becoming a master, she had heard, and she wanted that too. Even if she hadn't seen him since she was a baby, blood would tell, she'd been told. Much to her shock, Cavira was not naturally gifted at healing. She found, to her displeasure, that blood, green or red, made her queasy and that she could hardly tolerate the smell of numbweed. So what was Cavira to do? Sit in on other healers' operations of course and watch until she went numb. It worked, eventually, and, after nearly a turn of sitting on the sidelines and watching, Cavira began to work for real. Her candlemarks of observation, coupled with her steady hands and stoic demeanor, served her well and she quickly recovered from the lost turn of practice. She earned the praise of her masters and was entirely unsurprised when she made journeywoman at the age of nineteen, soon after her father, she had heard, made master. Unfortunately, he had been recently transferred to Eastern and had been unable to attend her promotion, but she didn't care. She didn't need him. She was a journeyman. Although it was a shame his first extended visit with her in years had been cut short...He did seem like a very capable man, after all.

Cavira planned on spending the next turn working harder than ever when it happened. A southern queen clutched on Eastern sands and Southern Candidates would be permitted to stand. Candidacy had never tempted Cavira, and it didn't then, but the thought of tracking down her father, that did interest Cavira greatly. He was a master dragonhealer, after all, and nearly as smart as herself, at the very least. He had interesting things to say, more interesting things than anything her mother knew. Much to the shock of the few who knew her well, Cavira volunteered her services as a Candidate and was found acceptable. Not surprised in the least by her suitability, Cavira took off for Eastern weyr, planning on tracking her father down and telling him that she had been promoted. Not that he probably cared or anything, but he still should know.

Green Simaxith

Name: Simaxith
Color: Green
Size: 20.7
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

The first thing anyone sees about Simaxith is her wings. While small for her body the patterning is a vibrant, glowing green the color of new leaves in the shapes of diamonds. It sometimes seems like they're spinning or twirling, but that's at best an optical illusion and worse, as Simaxith would say, a sign you need to sit down and look at something less stunning than herself. But the green's body isn't unworthy of attention either, in a faded forest green shade that could easily be thought of as a coloring matching that of a simple gown. The way she walks when on the ground certainly doesn't do anything to change that either, with a little sway of her hips and a flicking of her tail back and forth.

Simaxith's body isn't much unusual for a green; thin with a bit longer of a body and a slightly shorter tail. She will never be a particularly strong dragon, but she will make up for it in agility - in the air and on the ground she will be an extremely flexible dragon. She'll be able to turn on a dime and curl up tightly on herself, fitting into spaces many other greens might be envious of. Certainly will be a helpful trait when she wants to sit back for a rare few moments to watch what's going on - or just worm her way into a group to chat up and start 'advising'.


Oh come on, she pleads, just go stand over there, you'll like it! And you, Beljanth, why don't you go talk to Manixoth, I'm sure you two will get along.

If there's one thing Simaxith is good at, this girl is good at bossing others around. It's not a mean or ill tempered thing. No, she just considers herself to have a wonderful plan and if she can get everyone into place, well, it should just work out. Simaxith will be a part of any activity that she spots, attempting to influence others into what ways she wants. Sometimes it's changing conversation topics, or even conversation partners, but it may just be rearranging who is standing where. It's more than a bit odd.

Of course this will annoy those around her, human, dragon, and flit. Her rider will not be immune to it either. Her rider will have to put up with daily 'suggestions' of things to be doing. The only one exempt is Simaxith herself, as if the rest of the world is there for her to pose like so many children's dolls.

Because of this Simaxith will have a hard time making and keeping friends. Her attitudes to move them about can be difficult enough, but her unconscious behavior that she is separate from everyone will bring about trouble throughout her whole life. She'll be unlikely to choose a mate or pay much attention to her own cycle, but she will watch every other green and when she thinks it's time start "suggesting" to males that so-and-so may like them and they should fly with them. When she DOES fly finally, she will actually not be very picky about who wins, preferring to play matchup with other dragons. But it will never be her, and it will take all the encouragement of her rider to believe that maybe, she should just take part in the world she's always trying to change.