Player Information

Name: Allie

Weyrling Aalis

Name: Aalis
Pronunciation: Ah-lis
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 08.19.2743`
Craft: None
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Standing at about 4'11, Aalis has always been slightly bothered by her height, especially as she never had that stick thin, skinny girl build. She's not exactly overweight, more just average, but she maintains only through lots of jogging and watching her dessert intake. Her hair is a light brown, with highlights that appear either blond or red depending on the sunlight and in the summer often overshadow her base tone. Aalis' eyes are similarly in the nether-regions between her mother's green and her father's blue, resulting in a rather forgettable grey color. Like the rest of Aalis' coloring, her skin is light, prone to burning rather than tanning, although if she stays out in the sun for too long, typically against the advice of her mother, freckles will appear to pepper her skin. Aalis' face is pretty enough, but not in an exceptional sort of way. Her mouth and nose are fortunately regular and even, but her fore-head is too high for classical beauty, dwarfing the rest of her face.


Aalis has always been obedient, at least externally, to her parents, especially her mother. While she might occasional resent their "advice," she follows it anyway, revealing her displeasure with a few muttered complaints. This obedience comes from her general distaste for argument, at least the loud, screaming kind. While she enjoys the occasional quiet, logical debate with her siblings, often choosing the less favorable side to present a greater challenge to herself, Aalis is a pacifist at heart.

Tied to this pacifistic tendency is Aalis' stubborn work ethic. While she is more likely to argue with those not related to her, Aalis prefers to get her way through logic and effort, rather than pure dominance of personality. Fortunately for her, she's surprisingly intelligent behind her deceptively clear grey eyes. Her subtle logic and rhetoric, honed by years of practice against her older brother, normally allow her to talk those who don't know her into agreeing with her perspective, all the while believing the thought originated in their own head.

Despite this sense of logic, Aalis is very much ruled by her emotions. She is optimistic and remains innocent of the worst of human nature. A true romantic, Aalis often projects favorable qualities on those she thinks she loves, whom she can't help trusting, even when she knows it's a bad idea.


Aalis was born the second child of two minor cot holders, who had set up halfway between Flax and Vaerne. Her parents always cared for and she never lacked for affection, but, as they continued to have four more children after her birth, she often found herself falling into a position of responsibility. She learned quickly that it was better to be subtle with her siblings and win their agreement than come out victorious in whatever little squabble they were having and quickly became a more desirable babysitter than her argumentative older brother.

While she was invaluable to her parents in this role, neither her mother nor her father sought to keep her forever. From the time she was five turns old, Aalis was groomed by her mother to attract a husband and taught by her father how to manage him once she did. The perfect young man seemed to arrive in the form of Gregin, when Aalis was fifteen turns old, a handsome Apprentice Beastcrafter only two turns older than Aalis. While Aalis was fond of him and came to convince herself that she loved him, she struggled to see herself as his wife, as he outlined the future he imagined for them both. She couldn't decide what was wrong with him, and tried to ignore it, but knew that something about their personalities did not click quite the way it should.

Aalis finally accepted this conclusion eight months after she had met Gregin, a mere three sevendays before they were supposed to be joined, when she met Tiftan, the apprentice tailor who supposed to design her wedding dress. Charming, although not as handsome as her proposed husband, Tiftan quickly won her heart far more completely than Gregin had ever managed. There was just something about him that drew in her in. One night, she agreed to sneak out with him and lie under the stars together for the last time. Unfortunately, her parents came out just as Tiftan was leaning over to kiss her. To this day, Aalis isn't sure whether she would have let him or not and, as she hasn't seen him since, has never had the chance to find out.

Obviously the wedding was called off, as Aalis' father felt honor-bound to tell Gregin what had occurred. Aalis, who had always known exactly where she was going, suddenly found herself without direction. She had no craft, no man would marry her now and she could not stay with her parents forever. While she could read and write and had always been good with numbers, she had never really been trained to turn those skills towards any practical purpose. When the next search dragon arrived, Aalis stood at the front of a crowd of hopefuls.

Much to her surprise, and immeasurable relief, she was chosen to stand for the next clutch. As she waited for a clutch to be laid, Aalis considered what sort of dragon she wanted and decided that a small, pretty, sweet, docile green would suit her perfectly. If she didn't impress, she didn't know what she would do next. She supposed she would keep standing, until she exceeded the age limit, and then assume some of the more domestic tasks of keeping the weyr running, those that, with her limited training, she was qualified to do, anyway...

Green Sheirath

Name: Sheirath
Color: Green
Size: 23.5
Wing: Weyrling
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

A bit under average for a green at an eventual size of twenty-three-and-a-half feet, Sheirath is identical looking to her sister Sheirith. The majority of her hide is a deep, forest green with a much brighter green on her muzzle, headknobs, the tips of her wings, tail, and her feet. In fact, only two things seem to differentiate between the pair of greens, and even those are so small, so subtle, that it may take some time for any other than their riders to pick up on it. Sheirath has a single, darker green band around her fourth toe on her left front paw. In addition, her belly is very slightly rounder than her sisters, like how a Gold's looks when she is just starting to show the eggs growing in her belly.

Other than that, however, the pair even have the same build. Sheirath is lean and tough, with visible musculature that doesn't manage to really remove any of her pretty femininity. It's a build that lends itself to agility, rather than endurance, and she'll never quite be able to last as long in fight as even some of her larger sisters.


Despite that, Sheirath is a fighter. More importantly, she's a survivor. If it means the survival of those she loves and herself, she'll likely do it. She'll be able to tolerate abuse and ostracization as long as she has a few people that she is close to, a few people who she loves. She won't like it, will never like the idea of people she feels loyalty towards distrusting her, but she deals with it, gaining a determination to prove that she's trustworthy, that she's her own dragon and nothing like her twin Sheirith.

Sheirath will have a surprisingly strong maternal and protective instinct, particularly for a green. This will come out even more strongly as she reaches maturity. She'll show a keen interest in younger weyrling dragons, and her rider may well do good to consider a career as a weyrling master.

She'll develop a strong attachment and affection for Kagath early in their lives, and he'll get, despite the fact that he's much larger than her, a strong dose of Sheirath's protective interest. Oddly enough, towards Husketh she'll treat him more like a father as time passes. He'll be the wise advisor who she'll tend to get into long, deep conversations with.

Her protectiveness gives her a slightly more volatile edge. If someone she cares about is hurt, or worse - killed - she'll lash out. She'll hold those in charge responsible, and it will take either her rider or Kagath to calm her down once more. She's got a tendency to shove others away and close them out when she's upset, and it will take extra work for them to get through to her once more.


Name: Gymnin
Species: Flit (Green)

Green flits, even the largest ones on Pern – and this is one of them – aren’t particularly imposing. But if a twenty-two-inch-long creature might never manage that label, then this one is at least most undeniably THERE. Built for brute strength more even than the average bronze, let alone the average green, this flit has an uncommon brawniness about her – and she isn’t above using it to intimidate, insofar as that’s possible. There is a seriousness about her stature and stance, coupled with a straightforward, lumbering gait and flight composed of heavy, powerful wingbeats that will grant her uncommon force in the air. In terms of coloration, she is for the most part an even forest green, darkening to pine down the length of each stout limb and over the slender structure of each wingbone, where at the shoulder the hue diverts to sweet up each side of her neck in two elongated stripes that run down over each eye and break off halfway down her muzzle, which is also dipped in this darker shade at the very tip. The rest of her face is a paler, more soothing shade than her usual forest hue, a trend that continues down her throat and down the back of her neck to her shoulders. It is a peculiar hodgepodge of markings, true, but neither jarring nor garish, and between that and her build at least she can be sure to never be mistaken for any other flit.

Don’t mess with this green. Not because she is vicious, or cruel, or even ill-tempered – in fact, this large flit actually possesses quite the steady, even temperament for a green, topped off with good sense and a habit of practical good manners, too. But it’s only fair to give a warning, because beneath her straightforward, somewhat business-like nature, this green is simply tough as nails, and that’s something you should know before you even think about messing with her or hers. While not naturally prone to actual violence (and as long as her pet makes clear that such behavior is NEVER an option, she never will be), she is nevertheless not above delivering a solid whap to someone’s wrist or ear with the blunt end of a forepaw when it’s truly deserved, but it is her mental toughness and force of will which is most surprising. This is a green flit, after all – surely her telepathic admonishments shouldn’t contain such punch and resiliency. And surely she shouldn’t care so fiercely whether or not things are always going smoothly all around, and whether everyone’s getting their duties done? But she DOES care, and doesn’t see something not being officially her job as a reason why she shouldn’t handle it. After all, she’s already HERE, so just step aside.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, there is another side to this green’s nature, and that will be found in her response to children. Whether human, dragon, or flit makes no difference to her – even kittens, puppies, or the occasional very confused baby bird may find themselves the object of her mothering affections, and with them she is almost endlessly tolerant, any chiding she must deliver turned gentle (but just as firm). She will foster and include herself in their play, having quite a bit of fun herself but also never neglecting her duty – because as much as she enjoys playing with young creatures, she also considers it just as much of the job to make sure that they remain safe, happy, and more or less organized, and she always gets her job done.