Player Information

Name: Aaron

Junior Weyrwoman Remiel

Name: Remiel
Pronunciation: REHM - ee - ehl
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.15.2736
Craft: Vintner (Journeyman)
Rank: Junior Weyrwoman
Physical Description:

Remiel is about five feet, six inches tall and weighs around one hundred thirty pounds. Her skin is pale, though it is spotted with a light dusting of freckles, especially on her cheeks and across her nose.

Remiel's eyes are dark green near her pupil, blending with a light, hazel brown around the edges of her iris. Her hair is long, somewhat thin, and strawberry blond. She usually lets it remain mostly down, though partially tied up to keep hair out of her face.

Remiel always dresses such that most of her skin is covered, not so much out of modesty, but more to hide her sunburn prone skin from Rukbat's rays.


Remiel seems to expect that most things will come easily to her. After all, they always have in the past. She speaks to almost everyone as an equal unless they have quite a bit more rank than she or she wants something from them. She is not entirely unpleasant, but she is a bit naive and not wholly acquainted with hard work.

Remiel is skeptical of men and will have difficulty forging relationships with them. Her father instilled in her a belief that all men want is sex and that she should never ever ever give it to them. She will be a tough sell with any man, even if all that man wants is friendship.

Just the same, Remiel might have a hard time forging friendships with other women. She is rather tactless, and in some cases can be rude. She is not mean on purpose, but she may say insensitive things that arise from her father's nepotism and spoiling her. "Doesn't your father give you marks?" "Why do you wear such old clothes?" All in all, she is more suited to friendship with men, though her upbringing makes this difficult.


Remiel was born to parents at Benden Hold, in particular, the Vintner Hall. Her father, Semon, is a Master Vintner who specializes in liqueurs. He is famous, at least in the Hall, for his klah flavored liqueur. Her mother, Riel, was a cook for the vintners, though she died while giving birth to Remiel.

Remiel always had everything she wanted. She was daddy's little girl; she reminded him so of her mother. Though it is not entirely common for women to be accepted into the vintner craft, Semon ensured that his daughter received an apprenticeship under his tutelage. Though she is familiar with making wine as all vintners are, she has always been better at distilling liquor and liqueur as her father is.

Remiel walked the tables at nineteen, and she made the choice, counter to her father's wishes, to travel out to see the world. Though he did not approve of her leaving the hall, she grew weary of seeing the same things every day. She joined a trading caravan and peddled her wares all across the north over the course of a year. Most recently, she boarded a ship headed south and ended up at Eastern Weyr. Having spent little time in weyrs before, she decided to stay and open up her own distillery there.

Gold Linauth

Name: Linauth
Color: Gold
Size: 42.5
Wing: Sun Sear
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Linauth's hide may be a uniform color, for the most part, but this gold certainly isn't boring to gaze upon. Her hide is a inviting, warm gold with reddish glints where the sun hits it. She's slightly over mid-sized for a gold, sizing at forty-two-and-a-half feet when full grown, with a sturdy, capable strength to her build and a strong, mature bone structure to her face. With a posture and stance generally seeking to walk the fine line between approachable and authoritative, during her less official or more distressed moments in life she is gripped by a softness and raw vulnerability that is surprising, and poignantly expressive.

Her voice is soft and throaty, and usually low and even when she speaks. This isn't a gold that yells or blusters. There's never likely to be much negative emotion audible in her mind voice. However, when this Gold is angry or frustrated, there will be an added firmness there.

The oddness in Linauth's appearance will come from her eyes. Nothing's wrong with them - they work perfectly well. But they will tend not to betray as much emotion as some other dragon's might, nor even as much as you would expect. Instead, no matter her true mood, they'll drift towards an appearance of tranquility. When she's in a rare and righteous temper, they may have a snap of orange making it clear that she WILL be obeyed.


Linauth is an eminently practical gold. Results-oriented and down-to-earth, this dragonet isn't a dreamer. She may wish she had the time to be one, but . . . well, she's a GOLD, isn’t she? She has the power to affect the world around her, to make a difference, and because the world is far from perfect, there clearly is work to be done. Linauth finds the supposed impossibility of achieving a perfect result a bolster to her spirits; it means that there is room to improve. And setting her goal out of reach means she'll never be out of a job, doesn’t it? Fancy that.

Linauth’s mind moves quickly when she is confronted with a problem, though its work does not always follow traditional or expected avenues. Her practicality brings her, not to familiar approaches, but to what seems like it will work. Sometimes her solutions are unusual; sometimes she cannot properly explain them until they have already worked. There is no doubt, however, that Linauth gets things done.

However, her practical nature is paired with a sense of oddly stubborn and often detached compassion. She walks the line between "just" and "kind": her idea of "fair" is that she would not impose something on someone else that she would call unfair if imposed upon her in reverse circumstances. The instinct to jump mentally into the opposing party's metaphorical shoes lends her the ability and drive to cut through biases. Although she has genuine passion for making life better for others, she often forgets herself. As friendly, pleasant, and witty as she is in person, she has some trouble conveying or responding to deeper emotions on a personal basis, an issue that can make her reactions to the interests of a potential suitor seem stilted or hesitant, and her reactions to loss or grief somewhat unhealthily stifled until she begins to grow moody and depressed. Her rider will be privy to a side of Linauth that most others will never see—a gold stressed and distressed by the vastness of what she feels COULD be accomplished opposed by the everyday constraints of reality; a queen who wrestles with doubt over her decisions, especially in Threadfall; a dragon who feels anxious because of that doubt, guilty of both the doubt and the anxiety, and tries to suppress all three. It will be up to her rider to see that Linauth takes time to herself to relax, to convince the gold (sometimes by mental force) that it's really the *responsible* thing to do to take a few candlemarks for herself now and then, so that she doesn't exhaust herself and become of no use to anyone. A break, even a small one, does wonders for Linauth's mood and stress levels, and one of her favorite ways to relax is to have her rider to read to her. She has a weakness for mystery. (The beauty of a dragon’s limited memory will allow a relatively small library to keep Linauth quite satisfied, though she will certainly have a favorite.)

Linauth takes more personal refuge in symbolism than she'd care to admit—and probably more than she realizes. Perhaps it's her attachment to the abstract and the symbolic that fosters her instinctive grasp of the power of ritual. There is a quiet, comfortable dignity about this gold, and a sense of intelligence and subtlety that can be put to very effective public use. While Linauth may personally think that pomp and protocol are fundamentally silly and rather tedious, when exercised correctly they are also fundamentally effective. Whatever comforts the people, soothes unrest, and improves morale may be boring (sometimes painfully so, sweet merciful Faranth almighty), but it can't be bad. And if pomp and protocol really aren't enough in a situation? In that case, this dragon happens to have a core of steel, and she WILL do whatever it takes to protect her rider and her home.