Player Information

Name: Aaron

Weyrling R'yos

Name: R'yos
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.11.2744
Craft: Harper (Apprentice)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

While he has his father's skin tone and facial features - almond-shaped eyes and a slightly lightened shade of bronze, clear with little in the way of even teenage acne or facial hair, Rayos has a deeper, more mahogany shade of hair - some mixture of his mother's honey and his father's jet, stick straight, soft, and shiny. He looks Turns younger than he actually is, and he is something of a late bloomer. He is, without a doubt, his father's biological son. Still, this has never been much of a distinction for him, as Yosayeh has always treated each of his mate's children as though they were his own, despite any and all physical indications to the contrary.

At five feet, five inches, Rayos is not quite as tall as his father, taking more after his mother short height, but retaining his father's less than bulky stature. He is not quite slight, but he is thin and has not quite filled out yet. He has small and nimble fingers seemingly tailor made to play the guitar. He has a voice that seems surprisingly deep for his size and stature, Though it is not what one might expect, Rayos's voice is still a soft, smooth tenor.


Rayos takes after his father's calm, cool demeanor, and like him, he is patient, kind, and slow to anger. He is far from a pushover, but his quiet voice can often be drowned out, He cannot be coerced into doing what is wrong, but he has little ability to convince others to refrain alongside him.

When some boys are off playing rough and tumble or hookball, Rayos is more interested in studies or music. While he has little in the way of pudge, he also has little in the way of muscle. Instead of physical things, he has his father's interest in teaching, and his apprenticeship with the weyr's harpers was with this goal in mind. He does not have his father's stern side, and this is his primary reason to be less interested in teaching and caring for the youngest of children

While he has always done his best to avoid conflict, should he find himself in a position of being the focus of bullying, he tends to seek refuge in his much larger, older brother L'reh. It is not that Rayos cannot give a clearly reasoned explanation why a bully ought not to bully him - he is well spoken; it is merely that most bullies tend to ignore such things as logic.

Those his age may not take him seriously, but his natural talent and propensity to practice long and hard have produced in him a very solid musical ability, and those with the taste to appreciate it can see that Rayos has a place among the weyrharpers should his foray into the Candidacy end as did his father's at 25 Turns.


Rayos was born the second-to-last of his mother's children, and possibly the smallest of the lot of them - though he came to consider this a handicap. He has always been close to his father and adored his mother and her blue. He, along with the rest of her brood, helped to oil and wash Hoeverth up until the very drill from which the two never returned. A sudden shock of abdominal pain after weeks of unsuccessful treatment and ignored advice to rest out of drills sent Loraelle and Hoeverth between forever. This hit Rayos hard, and for a time, he entertained no thoughts of ever becoming a dragonrider - not if it meant almost certain death and separation from the ones you loved, eventually if not immediately.

The loss of his mother spurred him further and more quickly toward his father's profession. It was his father who took notice of the boy's singing voice when he heard him singing the teaching songs, and he sent the boy as early as they would take him to the harpers. As they appreciated a young male voice, the harpers began to train Rayos at 8 Turns, and before long, he was spending most of his time practicing at singing and the guitar.

He saw brother after sister Impress, and while he did not want to let this renew his interest in the Candidacy, he could not help it, and he soon began to spend more and more of his free time helping his older brother and sisters washing and oiling their dragons as he used to with his mother's. He found that this, rather than reminding him of the hurt of losing his mother, reminded him of the happy times he had with her, and with his father's encouragement, when his 15th Turn was completed, he made the decision to become a Candidate.

Green Ailath

Name: Ailath
Color: Green
Size: 13.5
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 0

On her own, Ailath will never stand out in a crowd.

Instead, she will be everywhere and nowhere. She can blend in and disappear at will. Ailath is full of tricks. She even looks like she's smiling, even though that is supposed to be impossible.

While Ailath looks nondescript though pleasant with most of her hide hued a uniform light ivy green, her rider and those close will be able to point out a few things. Like the bluish undertone in her hide that shines when the light strikes her just right. Or the pale, mask-like circles around her eyes that do not at all make her look like a woodland creature (cough cough). Or that little mirage of a smile. She will be a rather small green, growing to only twenty-two-and-one-half feet, but she is lithe and remarkably flexible, fast, and agile. If a wingleader ever needed a fast strike, Ailath would be his go-to girl.


Ailath is a creature who is absolutely fascinated by irony. There is something about the clever, the unexpected, and the oddly significant that simply thrills her to her core, and she simply canít help pointing it out - and while that does make her an endlessly witty conversation partner, she also wonít be able to resist in noticing and bringing attention to the darker ironies that exist in sad or even tragic situations. Ailath isnít coldhearted, not in the least, but sympathizing passionately with someone wonít stop her compulsion to bring attention to those little quirks of fate or missed opportunity that led them to such a state. And yet strangely enough, that compulsion is in earnest - because surely itís best to point out at least some small bit of beauty within such a sad scene? And to her, irony is always beautiful - itís a little wink from the universe, or being caught in the ripples of change from a fellow actorís ad-libbing somewhere else out on this wide stage called Pern.

To those who only know her in passing, this love for irony can seem like her only personality facet, but Ailath hides a lot behind that mask-like marking on her face. Underneath, she is clever and has a surprisingly accurate memory despite all stereotypes about greens. Given enough time and consistent practice, she can memorize quite a lot, making her a wing asset. She loves to use her store of knowledge, what of it she can retain, and combine it with aerial acrobatics. If her rider isn't too good at wild flying and holding on, well, that will change. She doesn't boast, but Ailath loves to show off, and delights in her competence. Good luck to all male chasers once she matures.

The major hiccup in Ailath's otherwise delightful personality is that she is very emotional. Five major moodswings in a day is not unheard of, two or three not even uncommon. One minute she can be wailing and distraught, and the next laughing over some perceived irony. She has a mood for every situation and on a bad or proddy day, requires a tight mental hold before she spirals off and loses herself in the tide.