Player Information

Name: Aaron

Candidate Lan

Name: Lan
Pronunciation: LAN
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 05.07.2745
Craft: Healer (Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

Lan is of middling height at 5'8", but only one growth spurt in, it seems that he will likely exceed the heights of his uncles - he already approaches their height now, and they are full grown! He has pale skin, somewhat uncommon in the South, though his family are all rather light-skinned as it is. He has black hair kept very neatly trimmed, and strong features softened by youth. Lan's eyes are a frosty blue - and while this is an uncommon trait among his family, who mostly have golden brown eyes, his grandfather, the Holder himself, shares this trait, and it may have been the only thing that endeared the boy to him. He is a hard worker and has built a strong frame and muscles to go with his industriousness. He takes great care to ensure that his clothing is well cared for, cleaned, and pressed, and that his appearance is sharp at all times.


Lan is, in a word, repressed. He is hesitant to trust or to seek anything for himself for fear of being denied. He is quiet and reserved and worried that there is another Uncle A'rail lurking behind every smile or kind gesture. Lan has a very strong sense of duty instilled in him by his grandfather, and he refuses to give anything less than his utmost effort to any task he undertakes. He has also constructed something of a perfect, storybook fantasy world in his own mind, in which he grew up with his father in the Weyr and into which he escapes when his life overwhelms him. He often appears to be daydreaming, even as he does his work, and he seems detached and perhaps even cold, though he has a nearly perfect smile that does not quite reach his eyes.


Lan grew up harshly bullied by his uncle, one of his mother's brothers, who teased him relentlessly for any and every perceived weakness or flaw - about his lack of a father, his ineligibility to inherit, his supposed femininity, even his "freakish" height and lanky build (before he filled out). He is extremely hesitant to trust, and he works overly hard to put himself above criticism, taking meticulous care of his appearance and paying very close attention to his work, which often makes him slow to finish - something else to tease and bully.

Lan believes that his grandfather had no love for him, either, though it was he alone, perhaps, who showed any affection toward the boy, buying him gifts for his nameday, and ensuring that he had a place to live. His mother was no protection, no boon, as she descended into life of resentment and alcoholism soon after Lan was born. She would have drowned the babe in wine while he was still in the womb if her father had not prevented it. While Lan was always eager to escape this life, he built a fantasy for himself about his paragon of a father, to whom he looked for a better life someday, somewhere else.

It was a small reprieve when Andrail, his uncle, was Searched by Southern Weyr. The man was all too happy to go, considering his eldest brother had managed to have children of his own, ensuring that he would likely never inherit. After a Turn and a half or so without him, he began to visit the Hold every rest day, seemingly just to torment Lan. Although he knew it would bring him into more regular contact with A'rail, when the Searchdragon came again to Cold Rocks and chose him, Lan eagerly left to go to the weyr. His father was at the weyr, and if he could find him, everything would be right. It was a long two Turns, and Lan passed much of it by apprenticing to and learning with the Healers, but when he was finally old enough to Stand, his first clutch was moved to Eastern Weyr because of a flood in the Southern Hatching Cavern. A disaster on the Eastern sands saw the two clutches laid culled to the size of one clutch only, and though he did not Impress, after two Turns of unsuccessfully searching for his father at Southern, Lan took the opportunity to stay at Eastern Weyr to escape A'rail once again. Then, as if only to torture Lan, A'rail, too, moved with his former wingleader to Eastern Weyr.

Grandfather: Othnail, 55, Holder of Cold Rocks Hold, Beholden to Southern Hold
Grandmother: Crissandre, 50, Holder

Uncles: Trissail, 34, Heir Apparent for Cold Rocks Hold (Married, Two Sons)
A'rail (Andrail), 30, Brownrider at Eastern Weyr

Mother: Harissa, 32, Holder

Family for Hatching: Othnail, Crissandre

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Bronze,Brown,Blue,Green