Player Information

Name: Aaron

Guard Sergeant Kodah

Name: Kodah
Pronunciation: KO - da
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 02.15.2734
Craft: Guard
Rank: Guard Sergeant
Physical Description:

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 200 lbs

Kodah is large. Not enormous, but large. His muscles are toned and hardened from his physical training as a guard, and he is in peak physical condition. He has a hard look about him, despite the roundness of his face and the breadth of his nose, nothing about his appearance could be described as soft. His hands and feet follow the same suit; though his fingers could not quite be described as sausage-sized, nor the width of his hand quite dinner-plate-sized, one might resort to these descriptions in hyperbole. Despite his imposing appearance, there is something warm about him that, when he is not angry, makes most feel safe.

Kodah's hair is mahogany brown, and his eyes are hazel, bright and round, somewhere between leaf green and klah brown. His skin is bronze, rough from hard labor, and he is moderately hairy. He wears a neatly trimmed goatee.

When not in uniform, Kodah dresses warmly and conservatively, usually in neutral or earthy tones.


Kodah is a very traditional man, a family man. He believes that every man's role is to serve his family first, then his community, whether weyr, hold, or hall, with all his heart in order to serve the greater community of Pern. He believes that it is every man's role to protect and serve women and children first - he is a strong proponent and practitioner of chivalry - and then to serve his fellow man with whatever talents and ability with which he was born. All of these things he was taught by his father, who he respects more than any other man on Pern.

He is not terribly intelligent or clever, nor is he witty or sharp. However, he is wise and has a firm grasp on common sense. He is a simple man who thinks simply, carefully, and considerately - a military minded man. Kodah is honest and disciplined, respectful of rank and position, and kind to the less fortunate.


Kodah was born the youngest child of four, three boys and one girl. Though his father loved each of his children, he had a special place in his heart for his youngest boy, as he was born to him in his old age. He doted on the boy, but he never became lax in expecting Kodah or any of his children to show the proper respect to his elders, especially his parents and those with rank. Kodah's father was the Captain of the Guard for Eastern Weyr until his 50th year, when he was retired, and Kodah was born the year after.

All of Kodah's siblings loved him as much as did their father, and they felt no jealousy toward him, as they were all grown adults by the time he was born. They all instilled in him his strong love of family and sense of duty, and he could recite (if not properly sing) all of teaching songs by the time he was twelve. By the time he had grown old enough to join the weyr guard himself, his dragonriding brother - who had been Searched and Impressed at Eastern Weyr - transferred to Southern Weyr to seek an open Wing Second position.

Though his father had been retired as a guard, he still assisted with training - something of a drill instructor - until his death, and he, along with the actively serving guard, trained Kodah. He learned very quickly, as his mind was well suited to martial service. He was well physically capable of performing the job well, and his attention to detail and perseverance soon saw him promoted to the rank of corporal at the age of 18 Turns. As a gift in congratulations for his promotion, his brother, K'liah, bought him a wher egg, and soon after it hatched, it Impressed to Kodah, and he trained it as a watch wher.

Soon thereafter, just after his twenty-fifth birthday, Kodah was promoted to sergeant and given command of his own squad of guards on the night shift. His father lived just long enough to pin the rank knots onto Kodah's sleeves himself.

Important People:
Father - Kohler, 76 (Guard Captain, ret.), Deceased
Mother - Deliah, 62 (Baker), Eastern Weyr
Brother - K'liah, 46 (Brownrider, Wing Second), Southern Weyr
Brother - Dohsen, 40 (Master Smith), Eastern Hold
Sister - Kallie, 38 (Baker), Eastern Weyr


Name: Sniffit
Species: Wher (Brown)

Sniffit is stocky and heavy, wider than tall, like his bonded. He is just barely three and three quarter feet at the shoulder, and his hide is deep, rich brown - nearly black, though about his muzzle, paws, and his underbelly, there is something of a reddish tint, almost as though he were lying face down in rusty water. His tail is short, and his snout is blunt.

Sniffit is smarter than most people give him credit for. He is simply stubborn. He rarely responds to any verbal cues from any human other than his bonded. To him, he responds without hesitation. He is so deeply enamored of his bonded that he wants above all else to please him. As for anyone else? Burn 'em. He has no interest in obeying them. He is fiercely loyal, and he picks up on loyalty from his bonded, as well. Still, there are those, who, if he trusts enough (based on the amount of trust afforded them by his bonded), he would guard as fiercely as he would his own. Part of this eagerness to please and loyalty includes a strong work ethic, and so long as he and his bonded are on duty, he does his work as meticulously as one with the mind of a three year old can manage.