Player Information

Name: Aaron

Wingrider K'nek

Name: K'nek
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 12.12.2742
Craft: Minecraft (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Kennek is just below average height, around five feet, six inches tall, and of a stocky, muscular build. He does not have much, if any, fat on his body, and he seems built for manual labor. His skin is tanned and seems to always be dirty, even just after a bath. One can hardly tell whether he is truly a dust magnet or whether his skin is just mottled with patches of dirt-colored pigment, but the patches almost never seem to be in the same places twice. Kennek's hair is brown, and his eyes are dark, klah-colored. His hands - as well as his feet - are quite large, and his hands are rough from working in the mines. Kennek keeps his fingernails bitten short, and his teeth almost seem to be a bit worn from gnawing.


Kennek... is... slow. He is not stupid, he is not unintelligent. Just slow. It takes him a bit longer to learn things that come quickly to more studious learners, but he is too stubborn to give up on anything he puts his mind to doing. He is kind and gentle despite his rough appearance. He tends to do an awful lot of thinking before replying to any deep, important questions. After all, he would never want to err in haste. Too many errors made in childhood and chastising from his masters has led him to his careful demeanor. Kennek has a deep seated respect for authority and is deferential to any and all with rank and to women.

Kennek suffers a bit of survivor's guilt after the loss of his brother, Ranek. He is having trouble dealing with the reality of death, and he is searching for something, anything to latch onto for comfort now that he is away from everything familiar. For now, duty is all that is keeping him afloat.


Kennek was born to parents in Eastern's protectorate - a father who worked the mines for firestone to supply the weyr, and a mother who cooked in the hold kitchens. He was born the middle child with two elder brothers, one younger, and a younger sister. All of his brothers save the younger worked in the mines before him, and the younger started his mining apprenticeship not but a month before Kennek was searched to Eastern. Kennek's life was plain and simple: work the mines from light until dark, sleep when you were tired, eat when you were hungry, and have fun when you could. He never learned to read and write as a miner's apprentice, as these were not skills necessary to his line of work.

About six months after his sixteenth birthday, Kennek was searched by one of the riders from the weyr. In fact, Kennek was searched perhaps only minutes before the tragedy occurred. When the blue emerged from between in the skies over where the weyr should have been, it was probably already over. The earthquake at the Weyr partially collapsed the mines he had just come from, and his oldest brother, Ranek, died in the cave-in. Though he considered returning home to continue his work as a miner, he ultimately decided that his Candidacy was more important. What good could firestone do without fighting dragons to flame Thread? Kennek takes his duty after being searched to the weyr very seriously, as his father taught him that duty was first always.

Green Nohruth

Name: Nohruth
Color: Green
Size: 22
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Nohruth is on the small side of the scale, as far as greens go. She'll always be a small one, probably being the smallest green in the clutch. As a hatchling her smallness will sadly work against her, because as a hatchling she'll be a bit gangly. Her limbs won't seem to work exactly how she wants them to sometimes, and as a result Nohruth will earn a reputation as a bit of a clumsy person. As she gets older the gangliness will disappear, and Nohruth will grow into her limbs and become a bit more graceful. This doesn't mean, however, that she's any less clumsy. It still seems like sometimes she doesn't quite know what to do with her limbs, and she'll still stumble around occasionally. When she's in the sky she's a complete creature of grace, with no faltering or anything. She'll immediately take to flying, skipping over any prolonged awkwardness when first learning. It's when all four feet are solidly on the ground that she has a bit of a problem.

This green's hide is a light, refreshingly mint green color. It's not too bright, not too dark, and it's very pleasing to the eyes. There are, for the most part, no deviations from this color along her hide, unless you're looking at her tail or muzzle. There are swirls of both a lighter and a darker green all along her whiplike tail, even extending just a bit up onto her haunches. There all fanciful designs stop, and she's just a happy-dappy mint green color. Along her muzzle and up to her eyes these fanciful swirls are apparent as well, with the intermixing of the lighter and darker greens.


This green is cheerful to a fault. No matter what happens, she's always trying to put a happy face on it. For instance, she could get scored in Threadfall, leaving her wing in tatters that need to be carefully sewn back up by a dragonhealer. She could be in mindnumbing pain, and the one thing she would be trying to do is reassure her rider that she's perfectly fine, that she could get back up in the air in a matter of minutes if only they would get off her wing and let her go. For this very reason her rider will have to be particularly watchful, to make sure she doesn't overexert herself.

Nohruth is very much a people pleaser, and will do just about anything to make someone else smile. She has no inhibitions when it comes to talking to other people, being one of the most friendly dragons in the Weyr. She'll do her best to be entertaining, and when she can't come up with something that someone else would find amusing she'll apologize profusely. This green is selfless, or as selfless as a dragon can be, and this very trait is a fault. Tied to this fact is the fact that she has a very thin skin, so to speak. Though she sounds cheerful and acts like nothing is wrong, any harsh words flung her way will be taken to heart. Gullible describes Nohruth as perfectly as cheerful does. She believes anything and everything other people tell her, and she'll definately need a rider that will be able to keep that aspect of her personality in line. Nohruth will need someone to sort out the truth from the lies for her, because this green won't be able to do it on her own.


Name: Sibbie
Species: Flit (Green)

This little lady is undoubtedly lovely, but the saving grace of a lushly-patterned hide won’t entirely make up for the fact that she is large, squat, and stout through just about every aspect of her form, and she’ll tend to read much more appealing to human eyes than to male flits. That being said, her coloring IS beautiful, shades of forest green smoothly blended with pine and emerald in a graceful array of dappled shadows and highlights that cover her from nose to tailtip. Furthermore, she will be graceful and surprisingly spry – which is probably a good thing, because she tends to bustle about at rather high speeds.

This green sees it as her job to take care of everybody - absolutely everybody, and yes, that means you, so get ready to be fussed over and brace for some good-natured nagging. Curious and unafraid to flit (no pun intended) right up to just about anyone and politely point out that they’re doing it wrong, this little green is full of uncommon good sense for her color and species, and those traits couple with a fastidious nurturing instinct to create a very driven little flit. However, her goal of taking care of everybody really means taking care of EVERYBODY, and "everybody" also includes that trundlebug over there, and that kind of scope means that unfortunately, this stout little madam's broader mission is destined to fail. Perhaps that's why she tends to narrow her focus a bit - and it's the trundlebug that's more likely than you are to get her attention. This green is a patron of the downtrodden, and happens to find something rather adorable about the most undignified of life's creatures... even her own prey. A killing pounce from this flit will always be accompanied by a small physic burst of ~Sorry!~, and she actually means it, but that doesn't stop her from digging right in. Surely the thing would feel better knowing that at least someone was enjoying a good meal out of its unfortunate demise... after all, wouldn't you?