Player Information

Name: Aaron

Sr. Journeyman Jesoa

Name: Jesoa
Pronunciation: jeh - SO - uh
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 06.19.2732
Craft: Tailor
Rank: Sr. Journeyman
Physical Description:

Jesoa is always smiling. To some, it might seem endearing, and to others, creepy, but one thing that everyone could agree on is that Jesoa's smile is the smile of a predator. He is tall, about six feet, and slim, and something about his gait and stature makes one feel as though he is being stalked - or at the very least, tracked - while Jesoa walks near. He keeps his black hair cut short, and often wears a goatee or other facial hair, though from time to time, he may be found shaved clean. His eyes are some eerie combination of light brown and light green that almost seems golden at first glance.

Being a tailor and clothier, Jesoa keeps well familiarized with the current fashions and styles of Pern's various halls, weyrs, and holdings -- especially those of Eastern and its protectorate. As a result, Jesoa is always dressed quite snazzily and aims to impress.


While Jesoa's appearance and mannerisms seems predatory, his personality is even more wolfish than he might seem. He is concerned with nothing more than two things: to make fabulous clothing and gear for the riders of the weyr, and to sexually conquer as many of its denizens as possible. The bigger the challenge in getting into a particular weyr resident's pants, the more fun he has in trying. Once he has his eyes set on a particular prize, he can ignore entire crowds of people to focus just on this person, and he will continue to pursue him or her until he has bedded them at least once or until he is absolutely certain they will not relent. Though many may think there must be some sensitive soul beneath Jesoa's prickly exterior, any sensitivity he may show is part of an act. An act designed specifically to get into pants. He is not interested in romantic love or monogamy. Long term relationships are fine, so long as they are nothing more than friendships with grand benefits at most.


Jesoa spent the majority of his life living within Eastern Weyr's protectorate. He was born at Eastern Hold to holder and crafter parents, his father, Noa, a farmer and his mother, Jella, a weaver. He was the third of six children, and he and his siblings grew up helping his father in the fields near the hold, farming tubers, roots, grains, fibers, beans, gourds, herbs, and the like. Jesoa did his fair share of the work, but he always found that he was more interested in the uses of those things they farmed than the farming itself.

He began learning as soon as he was able the skills of weaving fiber into cloth and of cooking. While his mother taught him as an apprentice for as long as she was able, eventually, she provided for him to be trained at the Weaver Hall in South Boll, and he trained there as a tailor - more interested and gifted in creating finished product than simple bolts of fabric - from the age of fourteen turns to twenty-two turns after he walked the tables at twenty turns. After these two turns, he took a position at Eastern Weyr as a tailor and currently works there to provide riding gear and clothing to the residents of the weyr.

Jesoa began his second career of sexual predation as soon as he hit puberty at the ripe young age of twelve Turns. He wasted no time in losing his virginity nor in claiming the virginities of as many of the boys and girls at the hold and at the hall as he could manage and has not slowed down since. Unbeknownst to him (but knownst to us), that first sexual conquest led to the birth of a child, Jesoa's first son. He had no knowledge of the boy for Turns until he approached Jesoa at Eastern Weyr.

Cold and unfeeling as Jesoa was generally toward his spawn and until now, he never claimed any of the brats as his own - he could not help but admire what his son, Lieoro, had gone through to be with him. The boy practically looked like a carbon copy of Jesoa with different hair - better hair, really, if you asked Jesoa - and his resolve and commitment so piqued Jesoa's interest that he decided to not only accept him as his one and only son, but to teach him to be exactly like his old man. He immediately took him under his wing as an apprentice tailor, though he forbade the boy from calling him "dad," preferring to be called instead by his given name.

Shortly thereafter, Jesoa was awarded a long-awaited promotion to senior journeyman. While the promotion may have been seen as early by some, Jesoa felt he deserved it much sooner. But then, Jesoa felt he was already skilled enough to be a master. All this aside, he decided that it was time for a celebration with his son.


Name: Reflex
Species: Flit (Blue)

This blue is remarkably striking in his color, his hide based in a shade of surprisingly rich, deep midnight blue. And yet any shadowy effect this might have had upon his presence is neatly ruined as soon as he spreads his wings his wingsails are a shocking, startling electric blue, the same shade blossoming again just between his headknobs, extending in a thin, delicate line down the length of his spine, to his very tail-tip. And just in case that neon hue wasn't enough to draw your eye, this flit moves with a rather hyperactive brand of energy, always in motion somehow or another, whether tapping his tail rapidly against the ground, drumming his claws, stretching his back, flexing his jaw and so on.

Besides his pet, this blue will have only a single love in his life: women. Whether human, flit, dragon, canine, feline, whenever a difference is easily discernable, be sure that he will automatically and instantly defer to those of the fairer sex. He is completely fascinated with the opposite gender, though only his pet will be privy to the true zeal with which he pursues his passion of forming lasting attachments and catering to every female that he comes into contact with. He would feel awful making a woman uncomfortable, and so outwardly he is nothing especially out of the ordinary polite, gentle, even tentative but within, he can become almost desperate to win the favors and affections of said lovely ladies, his own feelings of self-worth dependent upon their opinions. His pet will likely be the only one who can coax him out of his disappointed sulks when they've reason to occur, and also the only one who will be able to distract him from his pervasive fawning in the first place.

Oddly enough, it is not egotism, insecurities, nor even a simple sociable nature that gives him this obsession this blue is genuinely a good guy at heart, and he honestly only wants to help, in whatever way he can. He will not willfully snub males, nor become overly competitive with them, though he will defend a female from a male in almost any circumstance. His amorous tendencies will have him chasing almost every green or gold that he is aware is rising, but for once, the pretty promises made during flight are genuine, and his sincerity will likely shine through, putting him quite often in the position of 'proud papa,' something he couldn't be happier about.

Oh, and by the way? Don't even try to train him. Because the sheer scope of what this blue is willing to flirt with makes it almost impossible to hold his attention long enough to actually make him focus on a task. It isn't that he doesn't *want* to be a good flit, but - hold on, pretty green, be back later.