Player Information

Name: Aaron

Master Gabril

Name: Gabril
Pronunciation: GAY - bril
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Preference: Homosexual
Birthing Date: 08.05.2722
Craft: Beastcraft
Rank: Master
Physical Description:

Gabril is average. Just about everything about him is ordinary, plain. He is about 5'10", 180 pounds, and has curly, jet black hair that he keeps about halfway past his ears. He is neither handsome nor ugly. Just plain. There is almost nothing particularly striking about his appearance except his icy blue eyes, and he blends into crowds easily. Gabril's skin is light tan, and is beginning to show signs of his constant exposure to the elements as he spends a good majority of his time outside with the weyr's beasts. From time to time, he grows a goatee, more often now than he used to, as he feels it makes him look more his rank. Still, for all formal occasions such as Gathers and hatching feasts (when he can manage it), he appears clean shaven. Gabril is well muscled and fit, especially in his legs.


Gabril is quiet. In public, he rarely speaks unless spoken to, though he is always listening. In childhood and adolescence, his silence often led his teachers to believe that he was unintelligent, though he is no less intelligent that any other man. With his subordinates, he takes a very fatherly manner, and even those who usually do not care about what anyone thinks of them find themselves upset if they find out they have disappointed him. When he feels comfortable with someone or when he feels responsible for someone, he will speak more freely or more candidly with them, though in crowds and among strangers, he has little to say. Though his romantic encounters have been few and far between in the past, he has always been fiercely loyal and loving with his partners. There is one with whom he will speak freely and truly about any and everything, and that is his son, Liam.


Mother: Gailya, Kitchen Drudge
Father: Jebril, Master Beastcrafter
Children: L'bril, Bronzerider and Journeyman Beastcrafter

Gabril was born at Ruatha Hold, the son of a kitchen drudge and a Journeyman Beastcrafter. He grew up under his father's tutelage and was always expected to follow in his footsteps in the Beastcraft. Gabril did not disappoint. He apprenticed to the craft and learned under his father for several years at Ruatha. During this time, he befriended a young woman named Mikaila. Though he was not attracted to women, she fell deeply in love with him. He always considered her his best friend and he used her as his cover. After he could progress no longer at Ruatha, Gabril transferred to the primary Beastcraft Hall in Keroon, leaving Mikaila behind.

Gabril's masters always recognized that he had a very strong affinity for runner beasts, and they focused his training on them. After he was tapped to become a journeyman, Gabril was assigned to Fort Weyr to help manage the runner stables. During his time at Fort Weyr, Gabril met a boy, Liam, that he soon learned was his son by Mikaila. He was upset that she never told him of the boy, but found out a matter of months later that she sent Liam to live with him because she was dying. Though Mikaila did not entirely understand her condition, she was afflicted with chronic pulmonary embolism - blood clots, caused by breast cancer. On her way to the main Healer Hall, she stopped at Fort, knowing that her time was short, and said goodbye to Gabril and Liam.

Gabril had progressed to the rank of Senior Journeyman at Fort Weyr, and though the Fort Weyr leadership did not like the idea of losing him, they gave Gabril their blessing to transfer to High Reaches Weyr along with Liam, who had apprenticed to the Beastcraft Hall to be like his father, in order to help manage the stables there. Gabril was increasingly uncomfortable with the memories that Fort Weyr sparked of Mikaila and her goodbye there at the weyr, and it was this that finally drove him to request the transfer.

Gabril loved High Reaches Weyr. Everything about it was perfect. Though it was cold, it was a challenge that he enjoyed. Were it not for the tragic death of Liam's boyfriend and his own charge - after all, it was he who was training the boy to be a proper apprentice, not leaving him to a drudge's fate in the kitchen - he may have been happy there at High Reaches forever. Still, he could not help but blame himself for Haygen's death. After all, if he had done his job properly, the boy would have been able to handle his runner, and he would not have been killed in a training accident. During a riding lesson, Haygen lost control of his runner, was thrown from his saddle and stepped on, and died nearly instantly. Before long, once again, Gabril asked the weyr leadership and his beastcraft superior for authorization to transfer to the South, to Eastern Weyr, and they granted it. Liam remained for a time at High Reaches Weyr, as blamed Gabril for his boyfriend's death, and for the better part of an entire Turn was on less-than-friendly terms with his father, though they have since reconciled, and Liam has joined his father at Eastern Weyr.

Gabril served at Eastern Weyr under the Master Beastcrafter Dogreahn for almost five Turns before Gabril himself ascended to mastery and Liam also walked the tables. It was shortly thereafter that Dogreahn, despite his close ties to and love of the weyr, retired to return to the Hall at Keroon in order to teach, as he felt he was getting too old to do his job at the weyr. When Dogreahn left, Gabril was appointed as the weyr’s master beastcrafter.


Name: Coalblack
Species: Runner

Coalblack is a large, strong runnerbeast with a fiery temperment. Though he is quite unmanageable to most, leaving him unsuited to a good bit of work around the weyr, he is as gentle as a lamb with Gabril and Liam and will allow them both to ride him. In order to avoid having to sell him off, Gabril purchased Coalblack himself. Gabril is convinced that he can fully break the runnerbeast and spends much of his free time working with him.

Coalblack is, as his name would suggest, jet black all over from nose to tail. He is larger and stronger than most of the weyr's other runnerbeasts, though he is slower than many of the smaller ones. Coalblack is nearly two Turns old.