Player Information

Name: Aaron

Journeyman Fesset

Name: Fesset
Pronunciation: FES - et
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 13.10.2733
Craft: Smithcraft
Rank: Journeyman
Physical Description:

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs.

Fesset is not terribly over-large as some smiths grow to be. While he is muscular and fit, he never filled out to quite the same extent as his father and eldest brother. His hair is light blond, a thick mop of curls that covers the top half of his ears, though he never lets it grow into his eyes. His features are soft, rounded, blunted - nothing sharp, nothing pointed. His nose is broad and low across the bridge and rounded - almost cutely at the tip. He can wiggle his nose and his ears. His eyes are somewhat narrow and a deep, sapphire blue, a striking color, and they sparkle with intelligence, despite the common stereotype that the deaf are stupid. His hands and feet are somewhat large, especially in comparison to the rest of him. His skin is light, but not pale, and most of him is covered in a fine, thin layer of the same light blond hair, very soft, not course.


Fesset is a smart man. He has learned to read lips, to read written language, and to sign. He has devoted a good portion of his time for the majority of his life learning as much as he could. He reads almost constantly in his free time, spending very little of it with people. Fesset is extremely self-conscious about attempting to speak aloud. He could likely do it, and moderately intelligibly with only a little practice, but because of the teasing he received as a child - and any child knows when he is being laughed at - he has never attempted to do so again. Because of this, he only communicates in writing and signs, and because of this, very few have the ability to listen to him. Fesset is very lonely. He has long since given up trying to make people understand him. Nonetheless, Fesset is extremely friendly and eager to make friends, eager to have friends, eager to be liked, to be loved. If anyone displays even the slightest interest in learning to read his signs or trying to read his lips, he is more than happy to teach them. He has learned to be extremely patient. Still, he has all but given up on hoping for anyone ever to spare the time to do this for him.


Fesset was born to a Master Smith at the main Smith Hall in the South and his wife, an accountant for the Crafthall's headwoman. From a very early age, it became apparent that Fesset was deaf. His father, Ferran, made a determination that he would spare no expense in getting for his son the best education possible. He hired a private tutor, a specialist in teaching the deaf, who taught Fesset to sign - and the rest of his family as well - and all of the other things a child needs to learn. Though he still suffered from teasing and ostracism as a child and a teenager, and he never had more than an acquaintance for a friend, he grew up learning his father's trade. Fesset has a very unique feel for metal. Because he cannot hear, he has developed a keen ability to feel the vibrations involved in smithing, and this has given him a strong natural talent for shaping metal. He has specialized in fine metal working - jewelry, belt and strap buckles, belt knives, and other such things. Fesset always knew that he would one day have to leave the hall for an assignment. He knew that once he walked the tables the day would be that much closer. Fesset did not want to leave his family, because they were the few people he could talk to - really talk to. But the day finally came. He was sent to Eastern Weyr. His abilities were well suited to smithing for the weyr's needs, and it would afford him invaluable experience - first and foremost, it would teach him to interact with other people outside his family. Fesset has lived at Eastern Weyr for four Turns, since one Turn after he walked the tables.