Player Information

Name: Aaron

Wingrider F'as

Name: F'as
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.28.2741
Craft: Minecraft (Sr. Apprentice) - mason
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

F'as's hair is brown, cut to about three inches in length, combed forward. His skin is a dark tan, with the occasional acne blemish of adolescence. F'as's eyes are blue in contrast to the rest of his dark complexion. He is not amazingly gorgeous, but he could be described as cute. He has a boyish look about him that will always remain, even as he ages. F'as cannot grow a full beard; there are patches missing, so he is always clean shaven. F'as is about 5'10" tall and 180 pounds. He is well muscled and strong from his work as a stone mason. F'as has noticeably large hands and feet, seeming to be a bit too big for the rest of his body.


F'as is incredibly talkative and sometimes lacks a bit of tact, though he is almost never purposefully rude. He is a very friendly person and will attempt to speak to almost anyone who seems lonely and tries his best to befriend any and all those who seem that they have no friends.

Still, many might describe him as not quite knowing when to stop talking. He can be annoying to those who are not used to him, though many find him to be endearing. He characteristically speaks in run-on sentences until he simply cannot speak any more, at which point he takes deep breaths and then continues as if there had been no pause, or else he finishes his thoughts as succinctly as he can before he needs to breathe.

Though he is not attracted to men, he has no problem with those men who are. F'as is submissive, eager to please, and hungry for close friendship, even so much to the point that he could find himself in a relationship - platonic for him - with another man. He is no leader, but he can follow orders precisely and completely, unwilling to give up at whatever task he has at hand until it is completed beyond mere success.


Mother: Illeas, 36, Cook
Father: Finnoram, 40, Master Harper
Siblings: Illeam, male, 12, Apprentice Harper; Filea, female, 8

Finn was born at Eastern Hold and grew up there. His parents were fairly well off, his father a Harper, and his mother a cook. His childhood was unremarkable, and he suffered no particular hardship and was raised with open-minded but wholesome values along with his younger brother and sister. At 12, he apprenticed to the master stone mason at the Hold. Though his father was mildly disappointed that Finn did not follow him into the Harper's trade, his attempts to train Finn's ear musically were largely unsuccessful. It seemed that the boy was simply tone deaf. Finn's brother, Illeam, however, would apprentice to their father four years later.

During his time under the master's tutelage, Finn made his fair share of friends and inevitable enemies who could not bear to listen to him ramble, and he progressed fairly easily as he seemed to have a knack for fitting stones together as a puzzle -- or making them fit with the proper tools if their shapes were not quite right -- and his frame and body type lent well to his muscular development. His master simply would not tolerate his long-windedness and made it a standing order that Finn would speak only when spoken to. If not for his incredible ability to perform the trade, he might have dropped him as an apprentice all together.

At 15, Finn was Searched by riders from Eastern Weyr. He never thought he would have the opportunity to become a dragonrider, and it never even occurred to him to hope for it. The bluerider and dragon that searched him seemed to be certain that he would Impress and asked him to come back with them to the Weyr, though the rider wondered if he might regret it after Finn talked his ear off the whole ride back with nothing but the black of between for a pause.

Finn has enjoyed the challenge of Candidacy, having no trouble with the physical aspect, and if he did not make it as a rider, there was always his craft to fall back on. Even weyrs needed new stables, new walkways, and other structures built from time to time, after all. He spent his 16th namingday shortly thereafter at Eastern Weyr and has been standing there since.

Green Vulanath

Name: Vulanath
Color: Green
Size: 24.5
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4

Vulanath is one green that will likely always draw a bit of attention, whether she means to or not. It's not because of any size - or lack there of, as she measures around average size for a green. Nor is it for any markings - indeed, her hide is completely even in color, to where one would almost expect to be able to look right over her. But it's hard to look over such pale, dusty pastel green hide. It stands out amongst her darker and brighter siblings, making her seem almost like a pale green ghost of a dragon. Her lean and delicate build doesn't help matters any either.


The first thing one realizes about Vulanath, as if her pasty hide didn't give it away as it was, is that this little green is...well, a bit on the odd side. If she ends up isolated, she'll actually be fine with it, not caring what others - family and otherwise - think of her. She has a love for unique things, and may start a bit of a collection. She'll no doubt press her lifemate to wear some of the more unique pieces of her collection, not in attempt to draw attention, but purely because she thinks the pieces truly do look good.

Vulanath is a dragon of strong faith - faith in herself, in her rider, in other humans, and other dragons. Faith in the way things work, in the strength of will, in the idea that a person or dragon really can change something if they try hard enough. It takes very little to convince Vulanath that something exists, whether it does or doesn't. She tends to speak of creatures that don't exist, or at least others don't tend to believe in. Imagine the surprise when the "Hornsnargle" she had been talking about in the days before, that everyone said was a figment of her imagination, turns out to be a trundlebug with a rather impressive horn!

Despite her...oddities, Vulanath is a kind dragon, if a bit quiet, and when she forms friendships, she forms incredibly strong ones. She's incredibly loyal, standing by those who bother to get close to her through thick and thin.

She's a bit distractible, and while she'll be a good threadfighter, it may be hard to keep her commentary on the fight. Instead, she's likely to be chattering away to her rider about other dragons, their lifemates, pretty cloud formations, and...wait, doesn't that thread look a bit like a tunnelsnake? Huh...

Despite her behavior in threadfall, and her lack of stamina, she'll be an asset to any wing, her creativity and lithe form giving her the capability to do any number of maneuvers safely to protect those in her wing, and the rest of Pern.


Name: Eggie
Species: Flit (Bronze)

Eggie is two-toned - a light, brassy bronze over most of his body, with a dark, chocolaty bronze along his spine and covering his tail, covering his face, including around his eyes, and his muzzle, down his throat, along the ribs of his wings, the bottoms of his forelegs and hind legs, and in a sort of figure-eight pattern along his chest and belly. He is not incredibly large for a bronze, but neither is he too small. He is quick and lithe, and nearly always moving.

Eggie is a very curious, inquisitive fire lizard. He wants to know what each and everything is and its purpose. Everything, to him, does SOMETHING - he just has to figure out what it is. Even every person does something. He spends much of his time watching and observing human and dragon behavior to determine what it is that particular person or dragon does; however, his hyperactivity makes this less of a passive observance and more of an active inspection - constantly moving to view from all angles. Though he tends to be a little scatterbrained when he is without a purpose of his own, if ever given a task, he sees it through with obsessive-compulsive, meticulous finality. He loves to have a purpose of his own, and though he is always interested in the "why" of each task, a simple "I need this to be done" is often enough to placate him.

Eggie is not much of a ladies' lizard, more often than not more interested in cuddles with just about anyone or anything, lady or no - though his cuddles are usually more like a series of quick caresses, as he hardly stays still long enough to cuddle properly unless he is quite tired. Despite this, he chases for nearly every flight he can manage. He simply has too much energy and curiosity not to try his best to find out what lies at the end of a mating flight.