Player Information

Name: Aaron

Injured Rider E'lis

Name: E'lis
Pronunciation: Eh - liss
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Preference: Homosexual
Birthing Date: 05.03.2736
Craft: Weaver
Rank: Injured Rider
Physical Description:

Eylis is 5'7" and has milky whitish blond hair and icy blue eyes. His skin is pale and never seems to be able to tan no matter how often he tries. He often has to wear ointment to block the sun or else ointment to heal the sunburns. He is thin, though he is well muscled - wiry, never bulky. He weighs about 130 lbs. His face has no sharp edges, and one gets an impression of softness when they look at him. His ears are smallish, but don't look abnormal. He likes to wear clothing light in color, and he almost always wears pants, even when it is quite warm out. He tends to dress in long sleeves and pants to keep the sunlight off of his skin.


E'lis has always been quiet and reserved, very timid. He is very gentle and a pacifist. He never starts fights except to defend someone he loves or cares about. He will always try to make peace between people who are upset with each other. He does not like to see people be angry or sad and does his best to help them. He is absolutely terrified of being alone, and he will avoid it at almost all costs. Though Lunakath's ever-presence in his mind is enough to assuage this fear in most cases when he is in a familiar place, in unfamiliar territory, he will need a physical presence to avoid panic.

E'lis grew slightly more confident in himself and much more optimistic because of Lunakath's ever-searching for the silver lining of every cloud, enough for him to confess his feelings to a long-time friend. Though after that friend was made to see how deep his feelings were, E'lis lost a good bit of that confidence. He has not been quite the same since Har'ret left Southern Weyr, but he has done his best to find one of Lunakath's silver linings. E'lis tries to be a friend to everyone, and if not a friend, then at the very least, a trustworthy subordinate.


Eylis was born at Telgar Hold to two loving parents in the Weaver Craft. He grew up learning the trade as well, but he never intended to be a Weaver. His childhood was very pleasant, though he didn't make friends quickly, once he had them, he kept them forever. One rather unpleasant occurrence in his fourth Turn stuck with him for the rest of his life and caused his autophobia. On a trip from Telgar Hold to a minor hold within Telgar's borders, he was left behind on the road and was lost for a few hours until his parents and the rest of the caravan returned to find him. Since then, he has been autophobic and will not spend any time by himself except for in his home and in places very familiar to him, or when he is within earshot of other people. When he turned fifteen, he decided to seek to fulfill his childhood dream of Impressing, to never be alone. He sought each and every Searchpair from Telgar Weyr, though he was never fortunate enough to find one willing to give him a token. It was not until later that Turn when he accompanied his father on a trip to the weaver hall in the South that he was Searched by a pair from Southern Weyr.

E'lis Impressed his blue Lunakath just before his sixteenth namingday. Though his weyrling classes were a bit of a physical strain on him, E'lis never gave up. If ever a thought of despair crossed his mind, Lunakath was there to pounce it and erase it with a quick word of encouragement and optimism.

Just after he was searched and moved to Southern, E'lis befriended a candidate named Harrett. Over the few Turns that Harrett has spent standing - he Impressed from a later clutch than E'lis -, he and E'lis became good friends. Though E'lis waited a long while to tell Harrett, he wished that they could be more. At the beginning, he was not attracted to Harrett sexually, but as he got older and grew into more of a man, E'lis could not help but notice how attracted he was to Harrett, and to E'lis, the friendship grew into something more, something very close to love. For the better part of the time Harret stood on the sands at Southern, E'lis was too mortified to tell him how he felt, but Lunakath was insistent that he should tell him, or else how will he ever know whether he feels the same way?

After he told Harrett his true feelings, their relationship changed a bit. They started spending a lot of their time together having sex, and to E'lis, it was a dream come true. He was truly in love with Harrett and wanted to believe that Harrett loves him back, but he was much too insecure to ask or to tell Harrett just how deep his affection for him runs. He spent all of his free waking hours either caring for Lunakath or trying to make Harrett surely love him.

And one day, it happened. He let the words "I love you" escape his lips in a happy sigh, and then everything changed. Harret would not - could not feel the same way. And they could no longer be together, not if it was to hurt E'lis. They tried hard to maintain their friendship, but it was never the same. Not long after, Harret Impressed his beautiful brown Bragith and became Har'ret. Then, E'lis discovered that Har'ret was in a relationship with another man - another man! - one he was willing to break rules for. So, then, it was not E'lis's gender that caused the issue. Har'ret could not be with him simply because he did not feel that way about him. After they graduated, Har'ret and Ei'ri left - and E'lis was sure that it was to get away from him.

A while later, E'lis himself decided to transfer to Eastern. He kept telling himself that it was not because he wanted to see Har'ret again. If he wanted to see him, he could have visited. No, this was because he wanted a change. He needed something different. Of course, Lunakath was happy about seeing Har'ret again - whom he called "Little Brother." But for the first three sevendays, E'lis did his best to avoid Har'ret.

He stayed away until after Vengeth and Ei'ri died. He could not have hidden from Har'ret for much longer, in any case - not in a weyr so small as Eastern. He could not bear to see Har'ret so downtrodden and he finally caved in to Lunakath's urging and approached Har'ret in hopes of renewing their friendship. He would not ask for anything more.

A few months after E'lis's arrival at Eastern Weyr, during Threadfall, Lunakath ran headlong into an erratic clump of Thread. Though Asarene and her green, Syreth, were successful in flaming the clump before it had a chance to eat into Luna's head, the flame seared his face and eyes, permanently blinding him. Though they were unable to fight Thread thereafter - G'ral, wisely, would not even allow them to fly in the low altitude Queen's Wing despite E'lis's emphatic request to. To keep the pair feeling useful, G'ral assigned them to assist the dragonhealers and to keep injured dragons calm during Threadfall. In addition, once Luna had learned to fly and land seeing through E'lis's eyes, they resumed Searchriding - a duty they had not filled since leaving Southern Weyr. Though E'lis was depressed and conflicted by this disability, Lunakath was quick to make the best of his situation.

Blue Lunakath

Name: Lunakath
Color: Blue
Size: 28.25
Wing: None (Injured)
Weyr of Impression: Southern
Age: 9

Lunakath is the colour of the sea under moonlight, dappled with darker patches as if that light had been obstructed by clouds flickering over the surface. He is a strong, smallish blue.

Lunakath's face, from just above where his eyes used to be, to about halfway down his muzzle, is covered by a pale burn scar, lending to the appearance of ghosted eyes.


Lunakath has an immediately obvious distinguishing feature: he's unbelievably optimistic. He seems to have been born that way, just able to find a good point in anything. If you told him there was no food he'd say that he was thinking about losing weight; if you said he couldn't fly because he'd hurt his wing, he'd say that it was ideal as he could spend more time with his lifemate. Whatever the circumstance, he will find the silver lining and run with it. Another peculiarity of Lunakath is his love of the night, and also his tendency to pounce, feline-like. He likes pouncing - he'll pounce random objects; he'll rather strangely enjoy hunting ground game for that very reason, and he can move very quietly and smoothly on the ground as part of all his practice at pouncing. His lifemate might find this endearing to start with, but after the first couple of months this could prove tricky, if not slightly flattening! As he grows older, this will translate to an uncanny ability to pounce-flame tangles in the air which will be a great asset.