Player Information

Name: Aaron

Weyrling D'kesh

Name: D'kesh
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 08.12.2743
Craft: Lower Caverns
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Dak is unremarkable in height or stature, though his work handling supplies for the lower caverns has given him a toned musculature. His average-ness allows him to blend in to any crowd, and he is frequently overlooked enough to be able to do his job without causing any distractions. He has something of a familiarity about him, a face that anyone might suppose that they have seen before, even if they cannot quite remember where. He has a mop of dark brown hair with the slightest hint of curl, and he rarely bothers to care for it beyond washing and a quick comb through with his fingers as he wakes in the morning. He is as of yet unable to grow much of a beard, and it lends to a bit of a baby-faced appearance, though he does keep sideburns, and his hair is long enough to cover his forehead, though he cuts it often enough to keep it from his eyes. Despite frequently expressed irritation from his mother, Dak keeps his fingernails bitten short, and boredom or nerves tend to drive him to nailbiting as well. Dak's ears are rounded, though usually covered by his hair, and his eyes are bright - on the green side of hazel. Though he has his father's eyes and hair color, he otherwise looks like a male version of his mother. Like her, Dak is almost always smiling just a hint of a smile, unless he is truly happy, and then his real smile shines, infectious and somehow familiar to everyone.


Dak is mild mannered, not terribly outspoken. He is a listener, an observer. He has grown up in that role as a quartermaster, taking inventories, counting heads, figuring accounts, and it has given to him a keen situational awareness. He never forgets a face, and he can often quote word for word a partial conversation he overheard in passing yesterday. Dak treats everyone as though they are a friend, friends as though they are best friends, and enemies as though they are angry friends. He has a selfless streak to him, and his job of service to the weyr has emphasized the necessity of duty to him enough to bring that selflessness out. He is non-confrontational and in most cases submissive, though he is adamant about following the Headwoman's rules. Rules are meant to be followed, and he does not have the mischievous streak necessary to contemplate breaking them. His passive personality tends to see him frequently walked over by any who know he is easily exploited, but it also invites trust from those who know he is worth it. He may not have the leadership potential necessary to be Headman himself someday, but he will always be an excellent asset for the holder of the office, a perfect right hand.


Important People:
Father - D'kol, +28 years, brownrider (Jaxth)
Mother - Eshara, +27 years, crecheworker

Dak was born to a crecheworker who once served to relieve the frustrations of a brownrider after a lost flight. She had not intended to play that role, but serendipity found her in the man's bed. Though she expected him to discard her as a used thing, he continued to see her, to be interested in her, and before long, he had convinced her that he truly had come to love her. Not long thereafter, she found herself pregnant with his child. Dak's father preferred a more easily elided name than the simple "Dak" proposed by his weyrmate, and they agreed to name him "Dakesh." However, as he grew up, neither Dak nor his parents ever used the full name.

Dak grew up with a girl named Zira - though he cannot remember ever once calling her anything but Zee - the daughter of good friends of his mother, who spent a Turn away from the Weyr for a work intensive temporary assignment at the Hall. Zira came to foster with Eshara during that time. Though she was outgoing and boisterous in contrast to Dak's usual quiet, introversion, she brought out his brightest smiles, and he was always happy when he was near her. They grew to be inseperable friends, though it would not always be so. One day when Dak was 13, and a clutch lay hardening on the Sands, Zira made plans to sneak in while the gold was away feeding. She invited Dak with her, but he refused to go. To her surprise, Zira was intercepted before she could make it onto the Sands, as Dak had told his father of her plans. Though Dak only betrayed her trust out of fear for her life - a queen dragon could have seriously injured or perhaps even accidentally killed her if she found her on the sands without permission - Zira still took the betrayal to heart and began to avoid Dak.

Dak never even knew that he had a name beyond Dak until his father brought it up along with a suggestion that he join the Candidacy as was his right when he was 15 Turns, though Dak disappointed his father by showing no interest in the Candidacy. He did, however, impress the teachers with his uncanny memory and knack for numbers, something in which he showed much interest. Soon, with a recommendation from the teachers, Dak joined the lower caverns staff as a quartermaster. Once their paths diverged, to Dak, Zira's memory of him seemed to dissolve along with their friendship. He saw her three times daily at each meal as he counted heads, but as a fixture of the dining hall, few ever noticed Dak - including, it seemed, Zira.

Blue Gisbonth

Name: Gisbonth
Color: Blue
Size: 27.12
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

While Gisbonth might not exactly take much notice of it, this blue is a bit fat. Not badly so - but he does carry a bit of extra pudge around his belly! As he grows it won't really fade nor will it hinder him, but on this blue's body it will seem more pronounced than it really is and can often spark a conversation between this blue and his rider. But few are too worried about it, given how the blue is always in motion. In fact some just chalk it up to "Well that's just how he is when he's fit". In truth, only Gisbonth may know the truth of that statement. But whatever it is though, don't think of him as a small dragon! It's clear that when he's fully grown he will be the biggest of all of his blue brothers from his clutch, and larger than a normal blue. Yes, even with his pudgy body. However he will possess strong and clearly defined leg muscles and powerful wings as well, making him quick and agile in the air.

One thing that tends to confuse onlookers about Gisbonth is the strange, dark hairlike patch that runs down the back of his head and over most of his neck. It seems like some of the wilder hairstyles that were worn in a previous generation by youth, if anything. Too bad he's a bit late for the trend, but older viewers will at least recognize the style. The rest of his body is of a dark blue, the kind of blue that comes from the fading of dusk or at the edges of a glow light at night. He'll meld perfectly into shadows, if only that was his goal. But it'd only work if he kept his wings closed (which he rarely does). Upon the dark pattern of his wings are lighter spots and lines, that when waved about can appear almost like flashing lights. This will be something his rider will likely comment on about the party dragon looking like a permanent party whenever he moves.


What do you mean I have to go to bed? There's still some energy left in this group! And this blue will be right at the heart of it. He loves nothing more than to be the center of attention, swaying about and stamping his feet. Particularly with harpers around. Whether his rider likes it or not, this blue will follow the sound of any music to listen in, as though it's the core of his being. And if he can get away with it he'll join in the singing but usually it's just dancing.

That dancing continues in the air. He'll be a natural at flying and his size will give him a stamina in falls that will be hard for others of his color to best. He'll also be a sight to behold. He'll twist and turn, following an internal rhythm that only he seems to hear, diving and dodging with a hard core, powerful pattern. He may not be particularly excellent at it, but he'll never cease to stop trying harder and harder moves. It's not for showing off really -- while he does like showing off once in a while, it's more about the feeling he gets inside from attempting such hard things and winning. On the down side, he's prone to trying a bit too hard -- he doesn't know when to stop, both in talking and in trying, and can overdo it with a strained wing pulled leg muscle from too much dancing to a harper's playing. If you let him know he's likely to complain about having to stop, but he'll grudgingly accept and go off to do whatever else is required until he can return to the fun times of parties, harpers, and friends.

This blue will also be very social. Hanging out with others is great, but while he's good at making friends, he'll often just prefer to spend time with one, or two at a time rather than in a group. It gets hard to appreciate what may be going on if there are a bunch there! A side effect of this is that his rider will have no choice but to be social, when he runs off to talk to another dragon, sure to want to do something that may not quite be something he should be getting into. It may get him into trouble, but he has a good heart.