Player Information

Name: Aaron

Assistant Candidatemaster B'ris

Name: B'ris
Pronunciation: Beh-riss
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Preference: Homosexual
Birthing Date: 05.03.2741
Craft: Tanner (Apprentice) - cobbler
Rank: Assistant Candidatemaster
Physical Description:

Benris is somewhat awkward, like a little puppy who will some day soon be a big canine. He has large hands and feet that seem to outgrow his boots every other month, and he seems to grow another inch taller almost as often.

Benris's hair is mahogany brown, and his eyes are hazel with flecks of green about the center of the iris near the pupil. His skin is tanned from exposure to the sun, and his color is naturally dark enough such that he does not burn after just a few hours in the sunlight.

Benris generally wears clothing light in material and color during the summer months in order to keep cool and darker, heavier clothing during the colder winter months. Benris never has been one to keep up with fashion, nor does he care much for what others think of him. He wears a uniform when required, and he wears conservative, plain, inexpensive dress otherwise.


Benris is the type to sit back and gain a good insight into the dynamic of a group before he becomes part of it. He observes all of the rules and nuances of the clique and learns how to change his attitude and behavior to match them before he truly becomes a member. Benris is always either a member of the popular crowd or is seeking to insert himself into the popular crowd regardless of whether he truly agrees with the way they behave.

Though he is 'cool by association' while he is a member of these cliques, he is always a follower, never a leader. He will never speak out against what the group is doing - at least not where they might hear. While alone with someone he trusts, he may agree in principle that he really has no place running with a particular crowd, when faced with the decision to withdraw from that group, he will almost always remain.

Benris is completely secretive about almost all of his true feelings and his true personality - he always mirrors the behaviors of his crowd while in public. Benris has never participated in a romantic relationship because he is attracted to other boys, and he is absolutely unwilling to let this become public knowledge. He has never revealed it to anyone, not even the people he claims to trust the most. It would take a drastic change in his life to force him to admit it.


Benris was born to extremely average, normal, run-of-the-mill parents at Southern Hold. His mother, Jendie, was a cook, and his father, Bahris, a tanner - specifically a cobbler. His parents got along splendidly, teenage sweethearts, and they never quarreled without quickly resolving their problems. They brought him up with strong Pernese values - serve the Hold, learn your Craft, and tithe to the Weyr.

Though it was never explicitly required of him, Benris always felt compelled by his parents to follow his father's footsteps into the footstep making business. He apprenticed to his father as soon as he was old enough to hold and use the tools required for the job. Benris never told his parents, as they always taught him not to go against the grain, but he always wanted to be a dragonrider.

Not long after his fifteenth naming day and not long before his father intended to send him to continue his apprenticeship at the Tanner Hall at Igen in the North - where Bahris walked the tables and became a master, of course - Benris was searched by a rider from Eastern Weyr. Though his parents were not happy with his decision, they could not deny that service to the weyr was required if service to the weyr was requested - at least according to the rules they always taught to Benris.

Brown Anberth

Name: Anberth
Color: Brown
Size: 32.5
Wing: Sun Sear
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4

Anberth's coloring at first seems deceptively plain, though it is certainly a pleasing enough sight - this brown is hued an attractive but not overly striking shade of rich, warm tan, the healthy and well-saturated color drenching him from nose to tailtip. It won't be until this brown opens his wings that one particularly distinctive marking comes properly into view - there is a faint stain upon the underside of each wingsail, far from symmetrical but somehow in their random patterns each nevetheless giving the vague impression of the many delicate petals of a blooming flower, a subtle but surprising effect. This brown will always be small, among the smallest in the Weyr but never achieving that title himself - he will measure a full thirty-two and a half feet as his final growth. In terms of build this brown will be just a touch skinnier than average, always maintaining just a slight hint of a half-grown, youthful look to him, but both his small size and his structure will make him an exceptionally fast brown in Fall.


Anberth is one brown who, based upon first impression of personality alone, might be a bit more likely than his more comical or charming or exuberant brethren to be overlooked but that would be a particular shame, because a complicated soul lies beneath the pleasant but slightly reserved exterior of this dragon. At first, he is quiet, polite, observant but reserved, clearly intelligent but he has no alpha or entertainer instinct, and while he is quite capable of having just as much fun as anyone else, he will definitely be the one joining in on the game rather than starting it. There is something about this brown's approach to life that seems careful, almost calculated, but it is only a mild trait, and it is a circumspection born of simple caution rather than any malicious intent. In fact, cruelty of any kind will be refreshingly absent within this brown - he is generous and kind-hearted, but in the directness of his straightforward solutions may not always consider every implication of his actions. But he does have a good, solid dose of common sense to him, and even if his methods may seem a little amateur, he has a beginner's luck and good natural instincts for problem-solving.

Also due to his steadfast but sanguine view of the world, Anberth will have a tendency to not consider more malicious possibilities in terms of other's intentions - though he will not necessarily be easily led, and will possess no particular tolerance for those that treat him badly. But if someone is truly a good actor with him well, he may be as perceptive as any dragon is, but he does have a tendency to assume that people are being honest and good-natured unless the evidence proves otherwise, and will be more likely than someone more suspicious-minded to make excuses for other people's behavior - within reason, that is. 'Within reason' describes many things about Anberth's social behavior, for he possesses a well-adjusted, clement personality; he has no tendency towards temper and will seek non-confrontational solutions whenever possible, feeling no need to be sensitive about his pride unless the insults are both direct and severe - and even then, he is more likely to outwit his adversary with wit or scathing truth than stooping to anything more juvenile.

Though there is something innocent and almost a bit childlike to the simple clarity of this brown's worldview, he isn't entirely without some wisdom of his own. This appearance of a newfound maturity will appear most often in times of stress or turmoil - this brown is built to handle pressure surprisingly well, and will weather emotional storms with a particular reliability, feeling no less pain than anyone else but managing to not let it disarm him. His own tendency towards calm is lucky for him, because he particularly dislikes feeling out of control - and his usual method for feeling in control is to be supportive of others and work towards a solution. And so on the rare occasions when he feels completely helpless, the times when he can't fix it well, he has difficulty dealing, and in those times will turn to others for support of his own. But even in good times Anberth never objects to accepting compassion when it's offered, and will be a surprising snuggler - with any color, as it happens, considering that he sees it as a completely platonic activity. It just makes sense to him, in an almost childlike way - who wouldn't want to fall asleep with the safety and warmth of someone you love beside you? Anberth will most likely get attached to a special few - and to those he grows close to, he can sometimes be just a little needy in his want for attention and company, though never intentionally so. It's just that he values the relationship so much that he's determined to keep it flourishing - and considering the tenacious loyalty and quiet affection he brings to every friendship, it is a small enough thing to overlook.