Player Information

Name: Aaron

Wingrider A'rail

Name: A'rail
Pronunciation: Uh - RAIL
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Preference: Homosexual
Birthing Date: 11.18.2730
Craft: Farmcraft
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

A'rail is strongly built at a respectable height of 5'10" with broad shoulders, solid musculature, and a liberal covering of body hair - able to grow a full beard even at a very young age. He does his best to keep his facial hair trimmed and respectable, but it seems as though it grows fast enough to give him a five-o'-clock shadow at a mark past noon. He has a lightly-tanned skin tone and a bit of a gruff appearance and the calloused hands of a man who does manual labor, despite his winning smile. While he is moderately handsome, he cannot match the stunningly fair looks of his eldest brother. He has black hair always kept cropped short with astraight hairline, and he has the characteristic golden brown eyes shared by his mother and siblings. Like his family, he takes great pride in his appearance, always keeping his uniform cleaned and pressed.


While A'rail pays all the proper respects to those in positions above him with impeccable precision, it is not hard to see in the way he treats those he assumes are gay and those who defy his view of traditional gender roles that A'rail is a grade-Aarsehole. A well-placed passive aggressive sarcastic comment here and there, a condescending smile and tone - the man drips with contempt for any and all who eschew his view of tradition.

Those whom he merely views as weak or who do not live up to his ideal standard, one admittedly set by his father, simply attract his pity and some measure of his sense of duty. A'rail sees many of them as lost causes, but some can be fixed at least to a certain degree, and he takes them on as pet projects - as long as he feels they are trying their hardest. Despite his flaws, A'rail is dedicated wholly to whatever he perceives as his duty and performs any assigned task above and beyond the expected standard. When he has no assigned duty, he takes his own initiative, striving always to advance himself to the highest possible station on merit, eschewing political maneuvering.

A'rail is hopelessly, irrepressibly sexually attracted to men in the strongest way, but he would never admit this fact to a single soul - perhaps even to himself. He pays special, downright evil attention to those he perceives to behave effeminately or observably homosexual, and while the weyr put a bit of a damper on his tendency to occasionally use his fists to do the bullying, the verbal abuse still runs rampant. Perhaps he believes that he can be especially convincingly straight if he is outwardly hostile toward anyone who might even possibly be gay. He plays upon his holder sensibilities to explain why he is not loose with the women of the weyr, but if he were put into sucha position with a woman, he would be embarrassingly unable to perform.

A'rail is somewhat remarkably self-sacrificing, given all his other tendencies. He knows he is stronger and better, and that along with his sense of duty lead him to give of himself - his time, his belongings - to those he perceives as weaker or in greater need. Even his bullying tendencies are couched in his own mind in terms of bettering, strengthening, or purifying his victims. They need his help, and it is his duty to give it. Not everyone can naturally be as excellent as he is, obviously.

A'rail is certain that Arktoth has never caught a female-ridden green. While this does provide some much needed relief of sexual tension for A'rail, he is furious to find himself in bed next to another man, and he always leaves without saying a word and reacts very poorly if the greenrider tries to speak to him then or later.


Father: Othnail, 55, Holder of Cold Rocks Hold, Beholden to Southern Hold
Mother: Crissandre, 50, Holder

Brothers: Trissail, 34, Heir Apparent for Cold Rocks Hold (Married, Two Sons) ...

Sister: Harissa, 32, Holder

Nephew: Lan, 16, Candidate at Eastern Weyr

Andrail was born a younger son of a Holder, one who had little hope to ever inherit, and he strove to win his father's attention even from a very young age, though it seemed to him that the man's gaze was ever fixed on his eldest brother. Trissail was the golden child. He could do no wrong. He was more handsome, stronger, bigger, and better at everything. Everything. There was nothing Andrail could do to prove himself better than Trissail, so he began to spend all of his time and energy proving that he was better than every-flaming-body ELSE.

It did not take Andrail long to learn his own proclivities as a child, when he began to experience certain physical reactions in entirely the wrong situations. Why did it happen when he was in class with his MALE teachers and not when he was in the kitchens with the FEMALE bakers? Why did it happen when he was in the fields with his MALE workers and not when he was at the laundry with the FEMALE workers? He could not explain it. He only knew that he had to ignore it, and he had to hide it. And he had to make sure that no one ever suspected, because it was UNNATURAL, and he was NOT defective. He would not be defective.

Andrail often isolated himself in the face of his inconveniently inescapable reaction to hot, sweaty, toiling men, taking on duties like simple repairs and upkeep of the hold's farming equipment and structures to keep himself gainfully occupied without putting himself in the awkward position of hiding an unexpected physical reaction to the sight of the working men.

When he was 15, his older sister got herself with child by some nameless dragonrider at a Gather, and this made Andrail furious. He would find that useless, sister-defiling tunnelsnake, and he would make him pay for ruining his perfectly good sister. After the bastard kid was born, Harissa completely lost herself in the wineskin, and that made it all the worse. Andrail took it out on the boy himself. He was probably gay, anyway. Andrail was almost sad to lose the opportunity to torment the bastard kid when the Searcher finally came, but he was not about to pass up THAT opportunity. At the weyr, he could gain rank. High rank. Wingleader. WEYRleader. He would get his bronze, and then he would show his brother which of the two of them was perfect. Plus, it would give him the chance to find the tunnelsnake who broke his sister.

Turns later, it just so happened that A'rail learned in passing that it was, in fact, his wingleader who impregnated his sister. And he barely even remembered it. If not for the fact that he had to respect the man... But he could follow him. He thought about telling the bastard kid - after all, he had come to the weyr, too - but A'rail decided that knowing who his father was would give the boy too much joy, and kept it from him. When E'neas, the wingleader, went to Eastern Weyr, A'rail followed him. He would never stop following him until he had his chance to make him pay... And besides - browns catch queens at Eastern Weyr.

Brown Arktoth

Name: Arktoth
Color: Brown
Size: 35
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Southern
Age: 7

Arktoth is massive. While he is of the average length for browns, he is built like a rock, a boulder, and it almost seems a wonder that he can lift himself from the ground at all. There is nary an ounce of fat on him, though; every inch of him ripples with muscle, and one can see it moving beneath his skin as he walks or flies. His tail is thick, his wings broad and as strong as the rest of him, his legs and even his headknobs short and stumpy. His hide is areddish, cinnamon brown tone throughout with tiny streaks of slightly varying color that look almost like fur up close, darkening a bit around his shoulders, chest, and head almost like a mane.


Arktoth is every bit as zealous for perfection as is his rider, and he is as driven and ambitious to reach the highest ranks. He knows he can be the best wingleader, the best weyrleader even, if only he can seize the opportunity. And make no mistake - Arktoth is not waiting to be GIVEN an opportunity. Oh, no, opportunities like that must be taken. It was A'rail's strong sense of duty and ambition and even his hidden-but-overcome insecurity that attracted him to the otherwise unlikable man.

Arktoth is chivalrous toward females, though somewhat territorial with other males (he does not like to share!). This usually manifests in Arktoth's reluctance to share sunning or bathing space with other males, especially if he is already sharing it with one or more females, though it seems the sentiment does not extend to the hunting grounds. In most cases, he is friendly enough toward other males, though he seems to be slightly stand-offish and unwilling to form true friendships - only professional relationships - with browns or bronzes. After all, those males are his rivals. If he has friends, they are certainly blues or females.

Arktoth is also extremely driven to win flights. He will chase almost without fail in every flight he has the strength to fly. And he is loath to admit that he needs rest. He will chase in as many greenflights as he can unless A'rail forces him to rest, which he certainly must. To A'rail's chagrin, however, it seems that Arktoth is most enamored with and flies the hardest to catch greens ridden by men.