Player Information


Wingrider V'an

Name: V'an
Pronunciation: Vahn
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Homosexual
Birthing Date: 11.07.2742
Craft: Weaver (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

In rather startling contrast to his older brother's staggering height, the first thing anyone notices about V'an is undeniably his diminutiveness. Though still growing, he thus far stands at only 5'1", and it's gotten a little late to hope for a growth spurt to hit. In addition to his tiny size, V'an is also quite a lean fellow - well, "lean" if you're being kind. The right word is really "skinny," because V'an defines that word to a degree that occasionally borders on slightly comical, with his slim torso and thin, gangly limbs. He possesses a surprisingly good sense of balance, but is completely graceless in movement, tending to scramble eagerly through anything he does.

While his petite build makes it certain that V'an will never be able to pull off even close to the ideal in terms of male physique, at least he's a cute little guy. His hair is black and never properly combed, just long enough to somehow manage to look perpetually messy no matter how many times he tries to smooth it down with his hands. His face is oval, and he resembles a much more unfinished and youthful version of his brother, with the same dark eyes, thick brows, smooth cheek, soft jaw, and only slight stature to the bridge of his nose.

(Drawing by Ephemeralciel.)


"Always look on the bright side of life!" would most certainly be V'an's motto, for he is an optimist both by nature and by sheer force of will, and his simple, dogged determination to always see the bright side of life defines his entire personality. When you're always looking for the silver lining in every situation, you learn to appreciate the little things in life, and the ability to get excited about something as small as making a new friend or meeting a handsome bronzerider allows V'an to approach each day with an enthusiasm that is both forthright and genuine. Very clearly a social creature, V'an is very rarely found alone, and when he does feel the need for some privacy he tends to occupy himself with tasks rather than be alone with his thoughts; he never really understood the whole 'introspection' thing.

Quite certainly a chatterbox and almost flamboyantly effeminate in his mannerisms - which are near-hyperactive at times - V'an has no compulsions about being himself, through and through. After all, big brother V'ince said that you should always be true to yourself! And V'an *ALWAYS* listens to what his big brother V'ince says. As a result, he tends to say exactly what's on his mind at any given moment, though luckily this rarely gets him in trouble simply due to the fact that he rarely entertains unkind or offensive thoughts. But it has earned him a reputation as both a master of the obvious and the person who often asks rhetorical questions expecting an actual answer, possessing an almost toddler-like point of view that everyone older than him is somehow omnipotent, and thus … well, they must have all the answers! It certainly is one reason that V'an is bad with responsibility, though not in the ways one might suspect. V'an is indeed distractible, but given some task will be able to conquer that tendency by seeing the task as a mission, something he is doing FOR someone … unfortunately, it's not very hard for him to feel overloaded, and as the first signs of legitimate stress he soon gets so nervous about failing or letting the person down that the very worry becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But he always perks up quickly. He'll do better next time!

Traits snapshot: friendly, energetic, exuberant, enthusiastic, optimistic, naive, emotional, flighty


Mother: Rinchia [+27]
Father: Vaclin ('Vac') [+28]
Siblings: Varin [+5], Rancli [+4], Varince [+2]

Most people wouldn't guess that Vance is actually Bitran. His parents - Vaclin (eternally known as 'Vac') and Rinchia - were well off within the Hold itself, though they were far removed from the major bloodlines; Varince's father had advanced by craft, not blood. Technically, Vac held the rank of Journeyman Harper, but his specialty was the making of customized decks of cards, and when it came to vibrant detail work there was no one better. It was into this situation that Vance was born, the last of four - into a family already harshly commanded by the unforgiving black-and-white views of his five-Turns-older brother, Varin, who would eventually enter the guard profession before being Searched at 19 while on a escorting job and Impressing to a brown at Fort Weyr. His second-oldest brother Rancli, born one Turn after Varin, was awkward and socially uncertain from the start. Varince, born two turns after, soon emerged as the charmer of the group, easy-going and charismatic.

And then came Vance. Varin was none too pleased with the youngest of the brood of four boys. Even from an toddler Vance was almost hyperactively feminine, and where other people were amused by such flamboyance and freedom of spirit at such a young age, Varin was horrified. The only positive of the situation was that, as Vance grew and his demeanor became even more dramatic, he became the more frequent object of Varin's criticisms, and Rancli was spared the abuse he had suffered as the previous black sheep of the family. But Vance was just the way he was, and he was only confused by this puzzling fact of his oldest brother's cruelty … confused, and hurt, sure, but he found salvation in Varince. His older brother took the young boy under his wing, and attempted to shelter him from Varin. But eventually, it began to wear on the youngest boy's spirit, and over the Turns Vance's energy began to dwindle, his weight began to drop, and his eternal grin to fade into a downtrodden bewilderment with his lot. But it wasn't until Varince, at 15, was unexpected Searched that he saw a way out from under his brother's thumb, and for Vance as well. Vac had never been blind to what was happening, and when Varince asked to take Vance to the Weyr with him … the father reluctantly agreed that perhaps that was best. Vance wasn't showing any signs of his flamboyancy dying down, after all, and even if it was cute when he was a child, now that the boy had reached thirteen the Bitran holders weren’t feeling quite so charitable towards him. A Weyr would be a better place for him, where even at Benden 'those kind of people' had an acknowledged place.

But Varince knew that Vance would forever be a second-class citizen at Benden, and he'd decided on his own that it wasn't the place for either of them. And so, making sure that Varin didn't know, Varince requested a transfer almost as soon as he arrived at the Weyr - it happened to be the middle of winter, and it was easy enough for the boy to fake a weakness of lung and shortness of breath which was most traditionally treated by recuperating in a warmer climate … he and Vance hadn't been at Benden for quarter of a Turn before they'd moved to Eastern, and they've been there ever since, starting a new life on their own - away from Bitra, and away from Varin.

The Turns since Varin's constant battering on his spirit have been good to Vance, and he sees this new Weyr life and its wonderful liberality as the greatest gift in the world. It's a gift that he doesn't intend to waste … when he was Searched, a turn after arriving at Eastern, he eagerly began to count down the days until he could begin to Stand.

Finally reaching his 15th birthday, Vance stood for his first clutch, seeking to attract one of the fourteen precious dragonets that gold Ticiath had birthed after her first mating flight. But no dragon found him on the sands … still, he sees that as quite okay, because it gave him the opportunity to meet Benris, a boy of his own age who he quickly began to bond with after they shared - *gasp* - a KISS after their mutually disappointing hatching. They soon agreed to be cotmates, and as far as Vance is concerned, everything's looking up.

The death of two goldriders and their golds deeply shook up the young boy, but he bounced back from that as quickly as from everything else, even finding a firelizard clutch while out with his friend Tymon and Impressing to a green flit two days after the tragedy. He named the imperious little creature Ethra, and it wasn't long before there was another small milestone in his young life - he asked Benris to be his boyfriend, and to his eternal delight, his cotmate accepted.

It wasn't too terribly long until there was another clutch on the Sands, and Vance was keen to experience his third hatching, both hopeful and excited for both himself, his older brother, and his boyfriend. But to Vance - er, V'an's complete jubilation, not only he but all three of them Impressed! Varince - now V'ince - walked away with a blue and Benris - now B'ris - with a darling little brown, and V'an finally had his green dragon, his precious Nynseth who, in his opinion, is *only* the bestest green dragon ever.

Weyrlinghood was an exciting time for the pair, and life was good... just about up until it was time to graduate. On the last Threadfall they were to fly before graduating into the fighting Wings, an injured brown plummeted from the skies and crashed into Nynseth, leaving her with heavy injuries - with a compound fracture of her left femur, two broken ribs, a broken AND dislocated wing, shredded wingsails, and deep gashes across her abdomen, it was touch and go for several days, and there were serious scares due to infection and general weakness for as long as a month or two into her recovery. It was a full six months before Nynseth was allowed to move on her own, swaddled in bandages and with her injured hind leg supported by a wheeled cart, but the true danger has passed, and with water therapy beginning to slowly strengthen her muscles again, perhaps the bad days are finally over for now...

Green Nynseth

Name: Nynseth
Color: Green
Size: 23.25
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

This is one green who will always range comfortably but not too severely on the small side, measuring out to twenty-three and a quarter feet at her final growth - certainly not diminutive enough to be called a runt, but will still form a sharp contrast in size to even the smallest of blues. Nynseth is drenched in a pleasing but not particularly remarkable grass-green hue, the subtly chartreuse-oriented shade undeniably rich and occasionally strikingly vibrant when she catches the sun at a perfect angle after a fresh oiling - something that will almost always be an accidental occurrence - but ultimately not the most eye-catching thing on Pern. However, her delicate wingsails are slathered with a slightly paler hue, creating a rather charming effect when she happens to spread her wings and angle them just so … though of course this again will be completely accidental whenever it occurs. Her only other marking is an abrupt blotch of rather strikingly lustrous and jewel-toned shadowy emerald green just above her right shoulder, just below the wingjoint, lying like a blurry inkyblot of color before blending back into her usual spring green hue.

More or less average in terms of build upon first glance, a closer inspection reveals that she is, in fact, just a little bit on the weaker side in terms of what she has for musculature, with long, slim limbs and tail and a torso that will forever tend towards a slightly gangly, youthful slenderness. In fact, she *moves* rather like a hatchling, with an apparent tendency towards awkward clumsiness that she just can't seem to manage to outgrow, no matter how many months and, eventually, Turns pass her by. Specifically, she will usually be tripping over her own feet or tail - they just always seem to be getting in the way! Perhaps because of this, there is something that seems almost unconsciously hesitant about the way that Nynseth moves, as though she is aware in the back of her mind that any given motion could lead to her planting her muzzle in the dirt. And yes, she *is* aware of that, but … well, it's just something that she'll have to live with! Luckily, however, this clumsiness will disappear as soon as she gets into the air - she will be no more talented or acrobatic on the wing than the average green of her size and build, granted, but she will lose many of her inhibitions.


Nynseth, it is most important to note before examining any other aspect of her personality … really, really means well. This statement applies to almost any situation that this green will find herself in - friendly, optimistic, and good-natured, Nynseth possesses a strong empathic streak, and will approach almost every interaction with the instinctive, unconscious goal of either creating or fostering the warm, loyal friendships that are her ideal concept of a relationship. Because this green isn't really all that complicated, at least not from her perspective - she really just wants everybody to get along, and be happy, and safe, and have fun, and that isn't so much to ask, right? Why it doesn't come about naturally she won't really understand, and the nature of many conflicts and the 'why' behind cruelty will initially both puzzle and upset her, but once she begins to grasp the concept and have her sunny outlook at least marginally tempered by experience, she will adopt a slightly adjusted and more realistic worldview - and once she has, those who are mean-spirited towards others will be faced with a surprisingly stern little Nynseth. Even if her bark isn't particularly harsh, and her bite … er, what bite?

Oh yes, Nynseth certainly has excellent intentions … it's really a shame that she just can't seem to get anything right. Somehow, this particular green will always seem to be trodding on her own tail and tripping herself up - and in the process managing to fall in such a way, for example, to get her hatchling head stuck between two rungs of a chair. Or perhaps she will simply be the rare dragon who managed to get her tail tangled in the netting that sections off the weyrling section of the lake and needs to be cut loose. Now, Nynseth isn't a *total* screw-up, to be sure, and for the majority of the time this dragon will be perfectly competent - steadier than most greens in terms of temperament, she lacks the classic violent emotionality but remains both endearing and excitable, always ready to meet new people or join into a game with her clutchsiblings. But she does have this remarkable habit of managing to make particularly embarrassing mistakes or get into undignified, improbable accidents with *just* enough frequency that it will always just subtly affect her - for as soon as she's forgotten about the last incident and relaxed her caution, the next one will occur. This results in a dragon who is just a mite skittish, easily startled by the unexpected and always just a little wary and indeed, perhaps *too* ready for the next awkward twist of fate, always in the hope that maybe once, just once, she could actually see it coming and prevent it …

This tendency towards mistakes and mishaps will also mean that Nynseth can never trust herself fully, and will always suffer from a slightly lower-than-average self-esteem. Luckily, she is affirmatively a social creature, one who isn't afraid to either give or ask for comfort whenever it is needed, and the fact that she deliberately tries to be optimistic even in the face of her misfortune means that she is fairly easy to cheer … at least outwardly. No one but her rider will ever know just how deep Nynseth's private insecurities and sorrows can go, but luckily the disappointments with herself that bring them out in the green will rarely - but not never - managed to survive long in the face of her sunny determination.


Name: Ethra
Species: Flit (Green)

This flit certainly has a striking appearance, and her markings are contrasting and unusual enough to fall somewhere in the grey area between comical and simply distinctive. Over the majority of her large, sturdy - and slightly plump, if truth be told - body she is a bright and healthy emerald green with three definite markings breaking up the monotony of that jeweled tone. A collar of pale tea-green is wrapped around the lower half of her neck, leaving a bare patch of her normal vibrant forest green down her throat. A darker pine green has settled over her headknobs, and spreads also over her spine and spreads out over her wingsails to form what looks like a heart shape when her wings are extended. This green tends to move with a lot of energetic purpose and force applied to whatever she is doing, flying with great, powerful beats of her wings and moving at something between a strut and a swagger when on the ground.

EXCUSE ME! That's right, everyone be quiet! The *queen* is about to make an entrance ... hey! Hey, why isn't everybody looking at me??

Oh yes, this green is most certainly one to demand the spotlight, and once she has someone's attention she is loathe to let it go. After all, one is only as important as you can make others believe you are! That, this green is sure, is the great secret to the universe ... and she certainly isn't sharing it with anyone else! She's just going to employ it to take over the world one step at a time - that'll surely work, right? She just needs to yell at everyone until they listen to her and do what she says. And if they *still* don't listen to her, what'll she do? She'll ... well ... she'll sulk, that's what! But someday she won't have to sulk - *someday* she'll have enough power to *make* people pay attention to her! And on that day, it won't be sulking in a corner ... it'll be 'off with their heads'!

The only thing that will pacify her other than being in the spotlight is being actively pampered - she does happen to consider abject worship to be a suitable substitute for being the center of attention. Temporarily, of course. She'll return to the spotlight just as soon as she's finished freshening up once more.