Player Information


Journeyman Tulli

Name: Tulli
Pronunciation: Tull-ee
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.15.2733
Craft: Tailor - dressmaker
Rank: Journeyman
Physical Description:

Tulli is a rather classically handsome fellow, with Roman features that fall just short of the adjective 'chiseled'. Standing at a respectable height of 6'2", he is just a touch lanky in build, as if nature had intended him to be a few inches shorter and the extra height has stretched him a bit. Just fit enough to have his body be attractive in his own mind, he isn't overly muscular by any means, but neither does his form hold the softer pudginess of those more sedentary than he. The shock of hair upon his head is a golden brown, cropped fairly short, with just enough length to each strand for him to ensure that it can appear roguishly mussed when that's the effect he wishes to create. Cobalt-blue eyes are almost always sparkling with good humor, and his skin is tan, slightly weathered from the sun. He tends to dress in brighter colors, everything always neatly tailored but deliberately hued to draw attention rather than be flamboyant.


Tulli is a born charmer, and doesn't he know it. A consummate ladies' man, no one has managed to claim an exclusive hold on his heart, and likely no one ever will. A smile, a wink, a grin – whatever it takes to win this or that fair lady's heart, but once gotten, it isn't something that he just tosses away. Any hurt feelings that he causes are completely unintentional – while Tulli may wind up courting many ladies at a time, the feelings that he has for each one are genuine and often very powerful. Tulli *is* a polygamist, and it’s born of many things – a larger than average heart, a generous personality, a need to make others happy … and a complete lack of self-control or discipline. He isn't out to cause tears, just to enjoy life and fall in love. A complete intimacy addict, he prefers not to sleep alone and will seek to find a connection with almost every female he meets, born out of a strong and urgent need to connect. And if the relationship winds up being a bit unorthodox and he can't promise handfasting and a happily ever after with children, well, he was clear about that from the start, wasn't he? Whether in the capacity of friend or lover, he is both a gentle and a gregarious man – even if he is a bit of a wuss who tends to be surprised into flinching and often backing down when a situation gets heated enough for loud words or, Faranth forbid, fists – and is always up for something new. Wanderlust previously tended to be one of his most pervasive problems, but the sheer variety of personality and experience at the Weyr has helped to quell that urge … well, for now.


Tulli – full name Tullivan – was born at Southern Hold, and almost since the time he took his first steps his name was shorted to the more playful nickname. It suited him as well then as it did now, fitting the happy and charming child that he was – and still is, at heart. The middle child in a rather large family, responsibility wasn't so great a burden that he didn't have more than enough time to cause playful trouble, and through his teenage Turns he was a notorious prankster.

It wasn't until he was twelve that he picked a craft, nearly at random, and discovered his passion quite by accident. Tailoring came as naturally to him as breathing, having a natural eye for pattern, color, and drape – especially on the female body, which he adores. As he trained he grew into the line of doing custom work, something which gives him a rather convenient excuse to get into close proximity with his customers – all for the sake of measurements, of course!

At the age of eighteen he lost one of his band of friends to the Weyr when Lei was Searched. A bit miffed at being 'abandoned,' it nonetheless put a thought in his head that hasn't faded since. The Weyr, hmm? And Lei's letters since then have certainly emphasized how much she'd been enjoying *herself* there … once he'd earned his Journeyman's knots just a month before his 20th birthingday, he decided to give it a go himself, and transferred to Southern Weyr barely a sevenday after he'd walked the tables.

There he remained for the next four Turns, and he did have a wonderful time - but his Master got an opportunity for a transfer and a promotion at Eastern Weyr, and *had* been feeling a little stifled lately... besides, he was keen to make Senior Journeyman sooner rather than later, and the main southern Tailorcraft Hall was at Flax Hold, in Eastern Weyr's protectorate. Closer to fashion, closer to his mentor, and a highly desired change of pace... to Eastern he went.


Name: Leolin
Species: Flit (Bronze)

Leolin is a graceful, handsome fellow, middling in size but sleek-bodied and streamlined in every gleaming curve of his form. He is a pale, sandy bronze that gleams a lustrous khaki in the sunlight, tipped at his claws, headknobs, neckridges, and tailspade with a deeper, well-burnished green-bronze hue. He is a very vocal flit, and his tenor voice is sweet and melodic.

Possessed of a natural sense of friendly, warm charisma, some might say that Leolin is the very perfect bronze for Tulli, and perhaps they're right. Tulli certainly adores his little bronze fellow, and Leolin adores his pet right back, with an affection that is innocently oblivious to the tailor's many faults. For even though he is highly empathic and becomes very upset at the distress at others, his memory for detail is also worse than a green's – and so he can't help but be baffled when there's suddenly an upset girl in the room, and he'll not understand in the least how Tulli could be at fault. He's intelligent enough to understand the basics of premises and promises of human relationships, but they're far too specific for him to recall unless a very large deal is made of them, and ultimately he's left with only a very general impressions of occasions. Which is why he REALLY isn't sure why you're crying, but he's very sorry you're sad, and wouldn’t you just like a nuzzle and to smile and feel better? After all, everyone was so happy the last time you were here...