Player Information


Wingrider Sif

Name: Sif
Pronunciation: Sif
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 03.05.2742
Craft: Dragonhealer (Sr. Apprentice) - flits
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Sif's a bit of a small girl, and she's running out of time for a growth spurt - but whether or not she does hit one, her current height of 5'3" doesn't bode well for her looking over the heads of any crowds anytime soon. And her height certainly doesn't help how young she *looks* - Sif's face definitely has the structure of a girl rather than a woman, with slightly plump cheeks, a full mouth, round chin, and softly-formed nose and brow. Her eyes are brown and would be nothing particularly special if it weren't for the twinkle that they often display, assisted by a playful, pursed angle of her lips. Sif's hair is light brown and often a bit messy, usually constrained for convenience's sake - and perhaps incorporating a little bit of unconscious 'aren't I cute?' strategy - by leather ties that divide her locks into two low pigtails. The build of her body is just one more area where Sif looks persistently youthful - she is comfortably skinny from her near-constant activity and her limbs are long and slender, but her curves are ... well, they're not here quite yet. But they're coming. She hopes. Her dress is often feminine but rarely flirty - overall, if one went by appearance alone, Sif wouldn't much stand out in the crowd.


As it happens, Sif doesn't always want to stand out in a crowd. In fact, it seems to happen that she often gets noticed a bit more frequently than she would like - though this preference has nothing to do with shyness or being uncomfortable with the spotlight. In fact, Sif rather enjoys being the center of attention, and when she's in a mood to be noticed will make sure that she gets the recognition that she wants. But if people are always looking at you, it's hard to get away with anything, and Sif is a bit of a scamp. While not a true trouble-maker and not one to be obstinate most of the time, Sif does get a certain thrill from breaking the rules, though she often tends more towards motives of adventures and excitement than simple rebellion, and she rarely performs pranks unless she finds them to be truly magnificent in concept and decides she can't resist. Sif is more driven towards simply having a good time with a little bit of risk involved, and will surely be a candidate to at least attempt to sneak onto the Sands the next time a clutch is lain. And she'll likely have company, because Sif rarely has these adventures alone. This is a girl who becomes vibrant and more energetic when surrounded by people, and thoroughly enjoys making friends and drawing people into conversation. However, she doesn't like to be around people *all* the time, and her friends will soon learn not to press the issue when Sif wants to be left alone, because they will find themselves greeted with a sullen, snapping irritation from the usually cheerful, endearing girl.

Or at least, 'cheerful' and 'endearing' is the face that she shows the world. While lacking a deliberate or truly hurtful sense of malice, Sif is a good deal more manipulative than she lets on. It isn't a conscious manipulation, for the most part, but she does tend to unintentionally work things to her advantage, and has a knack for managing to 'convince' someone to go along with one of her plans mostly just by talking them into a corner or laying out the details so rapidly that they're not even sure what they're agreeing to. But of course, that doesn't work on everyone, and Sif tends to become angry when someone actually points out what she's doing. Part of this is so as to not lose face, but part of it is also guilty - she might not be aware of it *as* she's doing it, but she knows of this habit of hers, and feels bad. Just not bad enough to stop.

And Sif's strategy, through all of this, whether it's to get out of trouble, to convince someone to agree with her, or to make friends in the first place? It's simple: just be cute. To Sif, acting adorable is almost like a nervous tic, what she does when she's uncertain and her gameplan to win over anyone and everyone that she can. She learned quickly, growing up, that she could get her way with a wide smile, a giggle, a faux-anxious chewing of one side of her bottom lip, a twirl of her hair … the list goes on, and is ever-growing. What, me? Steal a bubbly pie? Teehee - you didn't really think that was *me*, did you?

… Don't let the perky smile and the batting eyelashes fool you. It was Sif.


Sif was born Sifia, and only acquired her current nickname a few months after turning 15, when she apprenticed to a certain dragonhealer named Jastin, a Senior Journeyman specializing in flit care. Before that time, she had been raised at the Weyr - in the crèche, specifically, though she was aware of who her parents were, as they always remembered to at the very least make an appearance on her birthingday. They were both blueriders, and perfectly nice people, if not quite suited to child-rearing with dragons already to take care of. In any case, Sif hardly suffered for being raised in the crèche - the women of the lower caverns knew how to handle children … even one like Sif, who was fast proving, as she grew, to be of the 'scamp' variety. The young girl had a general disregard for the rules, though she wasn’t strictly rebellious, and though she tended to be a source of mild stress for her keepers, she was sweet-tempered and friendly enough to make up for the occasional theft of a bubbly pie or grand adventure to somewhere she wasn't supposed to go.

When she turned twelve, she began to study Dragonhealing, and three Turns later, when it came time to pick a specialty, she selected work with flits - due in large part to a recent fit of adoration she was experiencing over her newly-hatched blue, a present from her parents on her fifteenth birthingday. But Sif also wanted a change of scenery, and asked if she could apprentice to a Journeyman outside of the Weyr - and there just did happen to be one who had asked for more help. And thus Sif met Jastin - and officially became 'Sif' in the first place. She now refuses to be called anything else. Why? Because she likes it, that's why … no, she certainly does NOT have a private crush on Jastin. No, she's NOT blushing at that question.

… Shut up.

It was at the Turn's End Gather that she was Searched, and Sif wasn't entirely surprised - after all, she'd thought about entering the program, which was her right with both parents as dragonriders, but had decided to do full-time work in a craft while she sorted out what she wanted to do. But Sif had always been the impulsive sort, and decided that very day that if the dragons were going to insist, then she was going to do it - she entered the program the last day of the 2757th Turn, and has resolved to never look back.

Also, she'd like to not die horribly, eaten by Thread. Thanks, Faranth, have a nice day.

Oh, and if you've got time, universe, mind sending the best blue dragon EVER her way? As far as Sif's concerned, she got her wish - the pigtailed girl Impressed blue Xuoth from the Eastbound Conquerors hatching on 08.16.2758, and since then life has been a blur. A good blur, to be sure... but also a blur that's taking her and her precious dragon closer and closer to Threadfall, every single day. Maybe she'll have to grow up a little sooner than she'd planned...

Blue Xuoth

Name: Xuoth
Color: Blue
Size: 28.5
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Xuoth is a dragon full of energy and spunk, and he has a hide to match. Most of his slim, fit, and smaller than average - he will grow to only twenty-eight and a half feet in adulthood - form is thickly drenched in a bright sky blue, bold and vivid and jiving well with his personality. But his wings sharply break that continuity. All but the framing bone structure - the 'forearm', 'thumb', and 'forefinger' - of each wing is dark, wingsails and inner wingbones alike stained a navy sapphire hue so rich and deep it could be reasonably mistaken for black in low lights. A band of the same dark color also circles around the base of his neck, sitting just in front of his shoulders and positioned snugly, like a collar. Only at the lowest point of this ring does the tint change, a single thick square of creamy, pale azure nestled snugly at the very base of his throat. The only other remarkable thing about his appearance is the way he moves - he is rarely still unless he is focusing rather hard on something, always tapping his tail, cocking his head, yawning, looking around, or idly scratching an itch in an unconscious soothing of an almost eternally energetic state. Through his life he will retain a limber elasticity to his joints and muscles, keeping him vigorous and agile long out of the dragonet phase, and always keen to indulge in a game of tag or pounce or simple splashing-each-other-in-the-lake-isn't-this-fun. He will have a casual hint of an eternal chuckle to his ever-joking mindvoice, and a manner that is just slightly affected along this vein, prone to a bit of extra puff to his chest and a touch of swagger to his gait. Yeah, somebody's definitely trying to be cool.


Xuoth is a blue who loves the spotlight. Cocky, self-assured, casual, dramatic, and with a rather affected air of acting "cool", he's the type to loves to make a big and slightly overdramatic production out of just about anything he goes about doing, all designed to bring attention to himself. Come on, look at me! In Xuoth's defense, however, it's fairly rare for him to actually be successful at hogging the limelight, which is one reason why he doesn't consider it unfair to try - because while this blue possesses a joking and good-natured charisma, he is far from being a classic leader. That might have a little something to do with the fact that he lacks the ability to shut up. Ever. Oh, and the instinct of what is and is *not* appropriate to say ... he's sort of missing that one, too.

Can we say 'inferiority complex,' anyone? Whenever anyone else seems to be getting the sort of praise and hero worship that Xuoth wishes the universe would send *his* way, he takes to complaining and sulking - in a rather obvious and attention-seeking fashion, generally, with much huffing and puffing and muttering about how *that* guy isn't so great. Perhaps unexpectedly, though, he tends to keep any disparaging sentiments about anybody else between himself and his rider, because despite really really REALLY wanting a place on the pedestal, Xuoth isn't about to go knocking anybody off to make room for himself. He's a bit high-maintenance in his need for praise and attention to support his hypothesis that he's awesome, he's also quite willing to give that praise and attention to others if he thinks that they could use a little pick-me-up.

Xuoth isn't the type to form very complex or deep attachments to many other than his rider. It isn't that he doesn't like people – he does, actually, and will get into a conversation with just about anyone who's willing to listen. It's just when it comes to getting into the mushy feeling stuff that he gets a little awkward, not quite sure how to act when things stop being a joke and start to get serious. And greens? Well, he likes them fine, but he also happens to think that they're a bit crazy, a notion which in some cases is partially true, but is also born out of the fact that he tends to assume that everyone in the world will just welcome his company with open arms. He's a cool guy, right? Of course. And if somebody doesn't like him? Weeeeell ... they just need a little convincing.

In terms of perspective, Xuoth is a stalwart optimist … most of the time. 'Most of the time' meaning 'in between sulks,' or, perhaps more accurately, 'when it comes to other people.' He'll be forever encouraging others to just look on the bright side and cheer up, but when something happens to *him* it'll be a different story. Because, *then*, of course, it's just the lamest thing that's ever happened, there's no point in trying … man, this is so *not* *cool*!


Name: Rascal
Species: Flit (Blue)

Rascal is a bit on the small side for a blue, not a true runt but most certainly not a flit about to be winning any contests regarding size or brute strength. He has a soft and rather cuddly rather than streamlined or graceful look to his build, always retaining just a little bit of the pudge he possessed at a hatchling, though not enough to hinder him or cause concerns of health, but it does round his joints and features just slightly. His coloring isn't blaringly attention-grabbing from a distance, but is quite remarkable and distinctive up close - a dark, rich sapphire blue over most of his body gives way to a creamy wash of pale blue over his belly, paws, throat, muzzle, the tip of his tail, and in a single splash over his right eye that spreads up to engulf that headknob, at well. Over his wingsails an odd, almost speckled pattern emerges that adds the illusion of a texture to that thin membrane.

Rascal is aptly-named, for this flit loves trouble - but that particular trait is tempered by other aspects of the blue flit's nature. While he does indeed love impromtu adventures as much as Sif and is often enough the inspiration for some new scheme, he isn't a particularly brave little creature. He is afraid of Threadfall and is easily cowed by golds and bronzes of his kind - not that he won't make funny flit-faces at them behind their backs if they've been mean to him. He'd just be mortified if he was actually caught. The general instinctive quality of blues to respect and obey authority has bred true in him - but he is also a clever little creature, with a knack of impulsively coming up with ways to bend the rules so that he can do what he wants without actually having to disobey a direct order. He much prefers other chromatic flits for friends, and views interaction with 'shinies' as more of a game to see if he can secretly outwit them.

Friendly and sometimes insistently eager to please, Rascal is undeniably endearing, prone to snuggling up to strangers who he's decided need cheering up or who simply deserve a cuddle. Rather like his pet - and in truth, he may have unconsciously learned the trick from her - he tends to use his cuteness to get out of trouble when he's caught at some small mischief, from stealing buttons to irritating a dozing dragon by trying to get it to play with him. Come on, you can't *really* stay mad at him, can you? Just look at those big, jeweled eyes. You *know* you wanna pet me ...