Player Information


Assistant Candidatemaster J'bor

Name: J'bor
Pronunciation: Juh-bohr
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 08.26.2732
Craft: Woodcraft
Rank: Assistant Candidatemaster
Physical Description:

J'bor is on the tall side at 6'2", with the usual muscular build that is a common result of the dragonrider lifestyle. Something is very slightly off about the way he moves - his walk is very deliberate, an attempt to cancel out the slight natural limp caused by a nasty break in his shin bone. The remaining scars are extensive, and he will usually attempt to have some excuse for long pants no matter the weather.

Though being tan is unavoidable for one from the South, J'bor is one that would look better if he hadn't tanned quite so deeply, the rich toffee color of his skin not quite complimenting his features. Regardless, he is pleasant enough to look at that with his confident demeanor the fabled 'dragonrider charm' can be found. Brown hair kept cropped close to his head is just a few shades darker than his skin, and his warm eyes are hazel.


Without his knots someone would likely figure J'bor for either a bronze or a brownrider while he isn't arrogant, there is a certain calm confidence to his demeanor, a steady and reasonably self-assured sense of bearing often accompanied by a warm smile, the sort of likeable leadership qualities that are usually stereotyped to Impress to those draconic colors. And J'bor is, in fact, all of those qualities - calm, steady, confident, friendly, often smiling and those traits are rarely shaken, at least outwardly. Within his own mind and heart, he has his insecurities like everyone else, but keeps them very private, preferring to focus on and help with other's problems. Of course, that doesn't exactly make them go away, and J'bor is rather prone to bottling up his emotions until they get extreme enough that he doesn't know how to deal with them, which can often have explosive results (just ask Tylee about the time he threw a chair across the room). But being an actual 'big brother' to a large amount of siblings, his natural helpful and protective instincts have become ingrained enough to remain with him through adulthood. Anything he can do to help, protect, shelter, he will - to the slightly problematic extent that when someone *doesn't* need his help, he almost views it as an issue to be solved, a personal failing in that he hasn't found some way to assist. Above all else this man needs to feel needed, needs to be necessary and important to others, even in just a supporting role.


Born Jaibor to a small cotholder in Ista Hold, J'bor has found himself in a protective role for as long as he can remember. Four younger sisters and two younger brothers came quickly after him, to a frazzled mother and a father who wanted free labor more than children and didn't really understand the difference. Life was hard but happy until he turned 14, and a green dragon took him away to the Weyr to be a candidate.

What was initially guilt over 'abandoning' his family quickly became a love of Weyr life. It wasn't easy, but for the first time he found true friends outside his siblings, and the sense of community was amazing. And he had plenty of encouragement, eager and excelling in classes, well-liked among peers and teachers ... most of the ACMs figured him destined for brown or bronze, even as he failed to Impress turn after turn.

And then, when he was 16, he found his lifemate. On the hatching sands he was approached by a strong, caring, beautiful . blue. He was delighted, and while the others were more or less happy for him there was disappointment as well. For the first time in his life he truly had failed to live up to what others expected of him, and there was nothing he could do to fix it.

Throwing himself into weyrlinghood certainly helped, and Verth was the greatest comfort of all, of course. But he couldn't shake that odd feeling that no one looked at him the same way anymore, and it soon became apparent that they didn't. Graduation came and he saw the bronze and brownriders slowly being groomed for ranking positions, while he was passed over.

It was easy enough to accept given time. And time he had, learning his 'place' and happy enough with it, dedicating himself to earning back that favor that he'd previously grown used to. It was slowly happening, as the Turns passed until a certain female greenrider interfered.

It was hardly the first bedpartner or even relationship that J'bor had experienced, but it was the first time the steady bluerider had fallen, and fallen hard. The first time he began to truly depend on someone else rather than them depending on him. And for half a Turn the man experienced pure, blinding bliss. What could possibly go wrong?

Another man was what could go wrong, and the discovery crushed him. To add insult to injury, the 'new man' was a bronzer, with all the appeal of the rank J'bor had supposedly been destined for and fallen short of. For once he decided to give in and just run away, and what he'd mused over occasionally over the Turns suddenly became a very viable option. Eastern, where hopefully he could escape both his past and that eternal, subtle judgment.

It wasn't long after arriving that he met Tylee, rider of green Leacoth. His heart was captured almost instantly by her sweet, friendly charm, though he was loathe to admit such intense feelings at first. Still, they wound up in bed together on that very first meeting, and continued to have a sexual but undefined relationship as Verth flew Leacoth in her next flight.

But apparently was having second thoughts of some kind, and slept with a bronzerider named V'ler. The fact of the insult was only made worse by the fact that, again, this was a bronzerider who his woman had turned to when he had somehow failed. Their relationship hit a dive that it may not have recovered from, except for the fact that Leacoth inevitably rose again, and Verth caught once more. It threw the two back together, and they could no longer deny their feelings for each other they agreed to put the past behind them.

Currently, he and Tylee have an infant daughter, and J'bor has never been happier.

Blue Verth

Name: Verth
Color: Blue
Size: 31.25
Wing: Sun Sear
Weyr of Impression: Ista
Age: 12

Verth is a large blue, sizing just below the smaller browns. His hide is hued a deep, soothing navy, almost uniform over his entire form, blending only into a barely noticeable darker shade along his belly and the most distinct curves of his form, such as eyeridges, jawline, and wingbones. This produces the curious effect of hence emphasizing the edges of those areas, making each appear deeper. His form is thick and sturdy, clearly strong and stopping just short of being stout.


Verth is more independent than his rider, but also possesses an instinctual protective, caring nature. While J'bor functions more as a trusted big brother, Verth would be a favorite uncle, wanting to let those he cares about have their space and supporting only when necessary. His sense of protectiveness and concern is often funneled into the situation of fighting thread, resulting in a blue that has a very strong sense of responsibility and duty to others. He has what could be loosely termed ambition, prepared and willing to climb through the ranks, though without the competitive drive so often found in those with similar goals. Though far from simple, his outlook on life is uncomplicated and clear, and while he accepts emotional drama, color ranking, and cruel actions as a fact of life, he sees them all as totally unnecessary.